Wrapping his hands around her waist, Songpa smiled and said," When I saw you for the first time, I just can't express how I felt. I had never felt like that for anyone. It was a different feeling but felt so right. You know I couldn't sleep properly for the whole night thinking about you."

Beth chuckled and placed her hand against his firm chest.

" Hmm but I was heartbroken when I saw your twin sister the very day next who said that she doesn't know me and she also said that I wasn't handsome. Though I found her really very weird."

" Why? We have the same face and almost same everything. Why did you find her weird?" Beth asked.

" I just don't know. Yes she has the same face as your but she is not you. I mean" caressing her cheeks, he continued," she doesn't have your soft skin" touching her hair, he said," Your soft hair." Tapping her nose, he said," You cute little nose and" kissing her forehead,he said," Your innocence and beautiful fragrance. She lacks all of these."

" So if Julia comes to you saying that she is me, you will understand that she is not me?" Beth asked.

Rubbing their nose together, Songpa said," In one glance."

Tip toeing, Beth hooked her arms around his neck and buried her face on his neck," Then I don't have anything to worry about."

" Beth." Songpa said.

" Hmmm."

Kissing her nape, Songpa said," I love you."

Beth chuckled and said," I love you too."

Songpa raised his eyebrows and asked," Hey why are you laughing?"

Pulling his cheeks, Beth said," Because you are too cute."

Cupping her face, Songpa inched closer and closer until there was only a tinie tiny gap between their lips.

Brushing their lips together, Songpa asked," Is it still funny and cute now?"

Clutching onto his shirt, Beth closed her eyes when she felt his warm breath against her lips.

Placing his forehead on hers, Songpa said," If you are not comfortable yet then we can do it some other day."

Clutching onto his shirt tighter, Beth pressed their lips together.

Songpa widened his eyes shock but within a second he composed himself and wrapped his arms around her waist and deepened the kiss.

Beth moaned when his warm wet tongue entered her mouth.

After several minutes of intense kissing, they finally let each other go.

Burying his face on her neck, Songpa chuckled and said," It was much tasty and wonderful than I had thought it would be. I promise that I'll never break your heart and I'll stay with you no matter what happens."

" I promise the same." Beth said and then they sealed their promise with a long passionate kiss.


Li Mansion.

" Ling is staying with Yufan at their new place. She did not come back home." Yutang said.

" Hmm it's good if they spend sometime together. It's tough for both of them." Singtan said.

Yutang nodded his head and said," Yeah they weren't ready to have a child anyway. I mean Ling is just 20 ready to turn 21 next month and Yufan is also just 21."

" They still have a long way to go." Singtan said.

" I was planning to talk to everyone about this. I mean why don't we ask Yufan and Ling to get engaged? I mean they are going to get married in the future so why not get engaged now and seal the deal?" Yixi said.

" That is a great idea." Ming said.

Yutang thought for a while and said," I'll talk to mom and dad about this."

" Did you tell aunt and uncle about this?" Singtan asked.

Yutang shook his head and said," No I didn't and I don't think so I will. I don't want to ruin their vacation and everything is okay now so why to trouble them."

" Hmm that is right and woah." Ming said holding her stomach.

Singtan panicked and asked," Ming what happened? Is it paining? Do you want to go to the hospital? Let me get the car."

Grabbing his hand, Ming said," I think that baby just moved."

Yixi excitedly clapped her hand and said," I wanna feel too." before placing her hand on Ming's stomach.

Just then Anna and Mike entered the mansion.

" What is happening there?" Anna asked.

" The baby just moved." Ming said.

" An is it normal? Should we take her to the hospital?" Singtan asked.

Anna rolled her eyes and said," Yes take the to the hospital and then wait for me there Okay?"

" You come and check her once." Singtan said.

" Ahh I felt it I felt it." Yixi said.

Mike quickly rushed forward and said," I wanna feel too."

Placing his big hand on Ming's baby bump, Mike said," Baby move for your uncle Mike."

" I will feel too." Yutang said.

Anna chuckled and said," It's normal to feel the foetal movement. Ming is in her 23rd week right now so the baby will also start kicking and troubling her a lot."

" Ahh." Everyone shouted.

" I felt it."

" I felt it too."

Ming chuckled when she saw Singtan sulking beside her," Alright now everyone step aside and let the father feel his baby."

Grabbing Singtans arm, Ming placed it on her baby bump and said," Here you go."

Singtan eyes brightened when he felt and slight movement.

Bending forward, Singtan kissed the baby  bump and said," Little monster don't trouble my wife a lot."

" Robbin isn't her yet?" Mike asked.

" Someone is missing me." Robbin said.

Yutang chuckled and said," Oh look lover boy is here."

Linda tightened her grip around Robbins hand and asked," Why didn't you tell me that boss would be here too?"

" Who Yutang? Well I thought you know and-hey ouch."

" You he is your friend but he is my boss." Linda said.

" Baby its fine. This is not office so no boss and no employee." Robbin said.

" Ahh Ms Linda is also here." Yutang said.

Giving a a weak smile, Linda respectfully bowed down and said," Good evening boss."