After Peter left, Beth quickly picked up a blood red backless knee length dress and rushed towards the washroom.

Meanwhile Songpa was rushing here and there along with the two guards.

" You not there place it somewhere else." Songpa shouted.

" No no not there."

" I don't like the angle."

" No not happening."

" You two idiots can't to find a perfect angle."

Exhausted and irritated by Songpa's nagging, the two guards finally gave up and said," Boss this is just a table. You are just gonna sit here and eat with lady boss so it doesn't matter where we place it."

Songpa shook his head and said," No everything has to be perfect. Come on now stop slacking and work."

From flowers to the wine everything was checked by Songpa personally.

Spreading out the table cloth, a guard said," I don't know why Songpa Boss is making us do all this."

" Yes we are underworld guards not waiters." The second guard said.

" Hmm but we have stay with Songpa Boss all the time wherever he goes." The guard said.

" Now you both stop talking and finish your work fast. We have to go and try the suit as well." Songpa shouted.


Li mansion.

Singtan did not even allow Ming to enter the kitchen forget about preparing dinner for everyone.

After coaxing him for several minutes, Singtan allowed her to make a simple fruit salad but she would not touch the knife. Singtan would cut all the fruits and she would just add the cream and other ingredients.

Folding his sleeves, Singtan started cutting different kinds of fruits.

Poking his stomach, Ming said," Mr Li."

" What is it?" Singtan asked.

" I want to sit on the slab." Ming said.

Lifting her up, Singtan placed on the kitchen slab and said," Be good and don't move much."

Swaying her legs too and fro, Xie Ming said," Singtan grapes Ahh."

After washing the grapes, Singtan placed a small one into her mouth.

" Singtan banana."

" Singtan strawberry."

" Singtan grapes."

Whatever Ming asked for, Singtan obediently placed it into her mouth.

The maids could not help but chuckled amongst themselves.

" Young master is just like old master and Master." a maid said.

" You are right." another maid said.

Caressing her stomach, Ming chuckled and said," Singtan baby wants a kiss."

Singtan laughed and asked," Does baby wants it or baby's mother?"

Ming thought for a while and said," Hmm both of us want a kiss."

Giving her a quick peck on her lips, Singtan said," Here you go."

" Do you want more fruits?" Singtan asked.

Ming nodded her head and said," Yes I want more strawberries and grapes."

After cutting the strawberries into four halves and the grapes into two, Singtan said," Let the maids make the fruit salad. Let's go outside and enjoy your fruits."

Ming nodded her head and said," Okay."

Passing her the plate, Singtan said," Hold this."

When Ming took the plate from his hand, Singtan scooped her into his arms and started walking outside.



Taking a grape from the plate, Ming shoves it into his mouth and said," You should also eat fruits."

" Hmm but I prefer eating you." Singtan said.

Shoving a strawberry into his mouth, Ming chuckled and said," No you eat fruits."

Just then Yixi and Yufan arrived. When they saw Singtan and Ming giggled and flirting with each other, Yixi rolled her and said," Ah did I come here for a get together or to eat dog food."

" Oh you people are here." Ming said.

Walking towards them with Ming in his arms, Singtan asked," Is Robbin coming?"

Yutang nodded his head and said," Yes he is."

" Fruits?" Ming asked.

Yixi chuckled and said," Look at you behaving like a baby."

Sticking her tongue out, Ming said," Well I am Mr Li's baby. Right Mr Li?"

Singtan nodded his head and said," Yes."


Outside Beth's apartment.

When Beth came downstairs, Songpa widened his eyes in shock when he saw his girlfriend. She was looking very sexy and hot and Songpa couldn't help but drool at her appearance.

Loosening his tie, Songpa said," You look hot."

Beth chuckled and said," Well Thankyou."

Stretching his hand towards her, Songpa said," Lets go."

Placing her small hand on his big one, Beth smiled and nodded her head.


Eastern Melbrone Resort.

Songpa had booked a private space in a resort which was owned by Zechans friend.

Songpa wanted to make this date special for both of them. So he decided to take care of everything.

After getting down from the car, Songpa guided her towards the resort and said," I hope you will like everything."

Hooking her hands around his arm, Beth said," I'll like everything that you will do for me."

When Beth saw the beautiful decoration and the red flowers, she smiled and said," This is beautiful."

" Hmm I glad you liked it." Songpa said.

" You decorated all of this?" Beth asked.

" Hmm but I took some help too." Songpa said.

" This is beautiful Songpa. Thank you so much." Beth said.

Caressing her cheek, Songpa smiled and said," I can do anything for you."

Beth blushed and lowered her head.

Intertwining their hands together, Songpa said," You have no idea how beautiful and meaningful my life had become after I met you."

Pausing for a while, Songpa said," I don't have a simple past. My past is very complicated and I don't like talking or thinking about it. I-It was my boss who saved me that time. He gave a new hope to live and become someone in life. My boss is my everything. My father, my mother, my mentor, my big brother. He was the only most important person in life until I met you."