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 When the metal door opened, Ming saw Siquans frail and weak figure lying on a small bed. He was wearing shabby clothes and a thin blanket was draped around his body. The extraordinary charm and aura that the young master of the Chen family use to have was no where to be seen. He looked like a normal man.

" Siquan." Xie Ming said.

When Chen Siquan heard a familiar voice, he quickly opened his eyes but when he saw who it was, he lowered his head and did not utter a word.

Regret, embarrassment and guilt. These were the three things he had been feeling since the very next day he was brought inside the cell. He regretted joining hands with Yurin and abandoning Ming during their wedding. He was guilty for being blinding by lust and obsession and trying to hurt Ming and her unborn child. He was guilty and shameful for each and everything he had done in the past.

When Singtan heard Xie Ming call Chen Siquan out, he felt a prick in his heart.

Zechan who was standing right beside Singtan saw his ugly expression, he helplessly shook his head. His big boss was getting jealous again.

" I am here to talk to you." Ming said.

Siquan lowered his head and said," Ming I-"

" Come forward." Ming said.

Thinking for quite sometime, Siquan got up and took four big strides towards her.

" How are you?" Ming asked.

Siquan lowered his head and asked," I-I how can you ask me that? After what I did I- why are you here?"

Pausing for a while, Siquan said," I don't know how much it is going to help but I am sorry for everything I have done. I am sorry. I shouldn't have done those things. I really don't know why I did all of that. You are so nice and I-" tears started rolling down his eyes. He was really very ashamed of whatever he had done.

Taking out a handkerchief from Singtan's front pocket, Ming gave it to Siquan and said," There is no point crying over something that has already happened. The past doesn't matter anymore, only the future does. We are all humans and we are bound to make mistakes in our life but the important part is that we should learn from our mistakes."

Siquan nodded his head and said," Yes I have learnt my lesson. You are such a nice person and I deceived you and even tried to harm your baby. I don't know how will I ever forgive myself for doing-"

Ming chuckled and said," I am not angry with you because if not for you, how would I meet this handsome husband of mine?"

When Singtan heard what Xie Ming had said, his ugly and gloomy expression immediately changed into a bright and shine one.

" You have forgiven me right?" Siquan asked.

Ming nodded her head and said," Yes I have. Now I want you lead a very healthy life without keeping any regret, guilt or shame in your mind. Lead a nice and happy life Siquan because you deserve it."

Siquan smiled and nodded his head," You really have a very big heart Ming and Mr Li is lucky to have as his life partner."

Turning towards Singtan, Ming said," You hear that Mr Li, you are lucky."

Glancing at Ming's stomach, Siquan asked," How old is it?"

Caressing her stomach, Ming said," Five months. Siquan Yurin-"

Siquans expression darkened and he said," I don't wanna talk about her."

Ming sighed and said," Okay it's fine. I'll go now. Take care of yourself and have a great life ahead Siquan. I wish you all the happiness in the world."

Siquan smiled and said," I wish you the same."

Wrapping his arms around Ming's shoulder, Singtan guided her outside.

" Zechan will escort him directly to the airport tomorrow. We have already informed Mr and Mrs Chen about this." Singtan said.

Leaning against him, Ming sighed and said," Thankyou."

Scooping her into his arms, Li Singtan chuckled and said," You can thank me later by you know letting me do an additional round."

Burying her face on his chest, Ming said," Is not like I mind."

Kissing her forehead, Singtan said," It's okay if you want to cancel the get together."

Ming shook her head and said," No I want to have fun today."

" Alright then I'll make all the arrangements. What do you want to eat now?" Singtan said.

" Is it okay if I eat you?" Ming asked.

Singtan helplessly shook his head and said," You are lucky that we are here and not at home."

Ming chuckled and said," Take me home then."

Quickly placing her inside the car, Singtan asked the chauffeur to drive towards home.


Yang Mansion.

"Honey start getting ready. We have to leave fast." Yixi said.

Wrapping his arms around her waist, Yutang asked," Yixi do you think something is wrong with me?"

" What do you mean?" Yixi asked.

" I mean Singtan and Mike got their wife's pregnant so fast and now Yufan and Ling also got pregnant but we-"

Yixi chuckled and said," So you think something is wrong with your tools."

Yutang sighed and nodded his head.

Yixi chuckled and said," Silly. We did not fall pregnant before because we never tried and we were always very careful. We never forgot to use protection."

" Hmm."

" Now stop overthinking and get ready. I am go early and help Ming." Yixi said.

Kissing her nape, Yutang said," We are still early so one round won't harm right?"

Turning over, Yixi hooker her arms around his neck and said," No it won't."


Flexi compound.

" I am sorry Ling I couldn't help you and-"

" Dina it was not your fault. Nobody knew something like that was going to happen. Now everything is over so relax." Ling said.

" I've prepared some chicken broth for you and also your favourite pork ribs. I'll go heat them and bring it." Dina said.

" Thank you Dina." Ling said.

Dina smiled and left.