Half and hour ago.

" What? Yufan? How? I mean when?" Ming asked.

Singtan sighed and said," When he was in US."

Narrowing her eyes, Ming said," You knew about this but still you did not tell me."

Singtan gulped in fear and said," I-"

" Now since when did you start hiding things from me?" Ming asked.

Singtan shook his head and said," No no I don't hide anything from you. I swear just this one."

" You- don't talk to me." Ming said before dashing out of the room.

" Baby wait." Singtan shouted before rushing towards her.



Xie Mansion.

" Dad open the door it's me." Ming said.

After waiting for quite sometime when Father Xie did not open the door, Ming sighed loudly and said," Baby I think grandpa doesn't want to meet us and we Ahhh-"

When Father Xie heard Ming's scream, he quickly opened the door and said," Ming you-" he stopped when saw Ming standing right in front of him caressing her stomach.

Ming chuckled and quickly entered the study room.

Father Xie frowned and said," You- don't you have sense? You scared me."

" Well it's not my fault that you care about your grandchild more than your daughter." Ming said.

Father Xie sighed and helplessly shook his head.

Wrapping her arms around his waist, Ming asked." Sad?"

Father Xie shook his head.

" It's fine. No matter what he is still our little prince." Ming said.

" You know?" Father Xie asked.

" Singtan told me just now." Ming said.

" I never thought he will- your mother-"

Cutting him off, Ming said," If he is happy with whatever he is doing, then let him be and it's nothing wrong dad."

" Ming-"

" Even Singtan is a part of it and my husband is not bad at all and neither is my little brother." Ming said.

Pausing for a while, Ming said," Its not like he is doing something bad."

" Ming he is killing people." Father Xie said.

Ming shook her head and said," Bad people. He is killed someone who killed his child, your grandchild and the Xie families blood and he did nothing wrong."

" But What about other people?" Father Xie asked.

Xie Ming sighed and said," Listen to me Father, our Yufan would never hurt an innocent person. I know my little brother. I know his character very well."

" But it's wrong your mother-"

Ming shook her head and said," Mother would never stop us from doing something that we want. Even if she was alive, she would never stop Yufan from entering that world if he wanted to."

Pausing for a while, Ming said," You did not enter that world, that was your choice but you can't enforce your decisions and you cannot expect Yufan to follow your footsteps. He is big enough to take decisions and he also has the right to do so."

Father Xie and nodded his head.

" Now don't lock yourself up or behave like this. It's very tough for Yufan to handle all this right now. He needs you. He needs your support." Ming said.

Patting Ming's head, Father Xie said," You sound just like your mother."

Ming chuckled and said," Hmm I know I am wise and intelligent just like her."

Father Xie smiled and said," I'll talk to him tomorrow."

" Hmm he is quite upset. You know how he is right? He tries to act all brave and strong but he is just like a baby." Ming said.

Father Xie sighed and said," Let's go down."



When uncle Chen saw Ming and father Xie coming down happily talking to each other, he breathed a sigh of relief.

" Oh Chuang you really scared me today." Uncle Chen said.

After talking for a while, Singtan and Ming left.

Just then a maid stepped forward and said," Master Mr Go Jeffrey is here to meet you."

Father Xie sighed and said," Alright let him in."

" Chuang this-"

" I'll be fine Seini. You don't have to worry about me." Father Xie said.

When Go Jeffrey entered the mansion, Uncle Chen and Yulin left for their room.

" Let's go somewhere else and talk." Father Xie said.



Father Xie laughed and said," You must be really happy today."

Grandpa Go shook his head and asked," And what makes you think like that?"

" I have always despised you for what you do and now my own Son is-"

Grandpa Go chuckled and said," Yeah that is true but I never hated you Chuang. You are my son-in-law and I have always liked you. It was only you who pushed me away everytime."

Pausing for a while, Grandpa Go said," My daughter never hated me. Yes she did hate what I did but not to extent of breaking all ties with me but still after she left us you broke all ties with me and you did not even allow me to meet my grandchildren. But I still did not say anything. By the way I have nothing to do with this Yufans thing. He stepped into this world by himself. It was completely his choice."

" Why did you come here today?" Father Xie asked.

Grandpa Go cleared his throat and said," Well since now even your son does something similar to what I do, don't you think you should allow me to stay here with you all so that I can live a peaceful life."

Father Xie chuckled and said," Alright But you have to pay a hefty amount every month:"

Grandpa Go frowned and said," You will take money from your father-in-law."

" You are rich so why not? It's not like you are poor." Father Xie said.

Grandpa Go sighed and said," Okay."

Pausing for a while, Father Xie said," Father."

" Hmmm."

" Your blood is really thicker than mine."