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Sitting beside Ling, Ming was busy comforting her," It's completely fine. You both are still very young and you can always have a child later in the future. Don't cry now. Yufan will be very sad if he will see you like this."

Quickly wiping her tears away, Ling said," Yufan told me not to cry."

" Yes now don't cry anymore." Ming said before patting her head.

"Yes now no more crying. Cheer up." Yixi said before giving Ling a hug.

Just then Yufan entered the room along with Carl.

Walking towards Ling, Yufan smiled and asked," How are you feeling now?"

Ling nodded her head and said," I am okay."

" Yufan can you follow me to my cabin? I want to talk to you about few things." Anna said.

Yufan nodded his head and said," Ya sure."

" Ming you can come too." Anna said.

Ming nodded her head and followed Yufan and Anna.


Anna's cabin.

Passing Yufan a glass of water, Anna said," I know it's equally difficult for you as well but you have to strong for her."

Placing her hand on her brothers hand, Ming squeezed it a little and said," It's okay."

Anna sighed and said," You don't have to worry about anything else because all her vitals and reports are normal. Apart from the minor injuries there is nothing to be worried about. Losing a child is a really painful and emotional thing so you have to keep her happy and motivate her. She also had to eat healthy things to recuperate her body."

Yufan took a deep breath and nodded his head.

" An can you give us a moment please?" Ming asked

Anna nodded her head and left.

After Anna left, Yufan sat on the floor and buried his head on her lap before bursting into tears.

Ruining her hand through his hair, Ming said," It's fine cry it out."

Tightening his grip around her legs, Yufan sobbed louder.

When their mother died, Yufan was very small. It was Ming who took care of him. Yufan did not remember his mom but he remembered everything that Xie Ming used to do for him. For him, Xie Ming was his mother.

Xie Ming knew that Yufan did not like showing his weak side to anyone other than her. She knew he was heartbroken too but was controlling himself for Ling.

Rubbing his back, Ming said," It's okay you don't have to be so upset."

" I could not save my baby. I couldn't protect Ling properly. All this happened because of me." Yufan said in between his sobs.

Ming shook her head and said," Stop blaming yourself because it isn't your fault. No one is blaming you."

Pausing for a while, Yufan said," You both are still very young and I am very sure that in the near future, you both will give me tons and tons of nieces and nephews to play with. You are capable of doing that right?"

Yufan slowly nodded his head.

Ming chuckled and said," Now stop crying like a small baby. What will your employees say if they will see their boss crying like this?" Lifting his head up, Ming wiped away his tears and said," No more crying now. You are my strong little brother right?"

Wiping his tears away, Yufan slowly nodded his head.

Giving him a peck on his forehead, Ming said," Now go and accompany Ling. She needs you the most right now."

Yufan nodded his head and got up. Hugging Ming for quite sometime, Yufan left.

Rubbing her templets with her fingers, Ming sighed and closed her eyes.

Just then Singtan entered the cabin and asked," Tired?"

Walking towards him, Ming wrapped her arms around his waist and slowly nodded her head.

Wrapping his arms around her, he pulled her closer and said," There is something else that you have to take care of."

" What is it?" Ming asked.

Singtan sighed and said," Father."


Lings room.

When Yufan entered the room everyone was laughing and talking amongst themselves.

" Okay now let's go home and let Ling rest for a while." Grandma Li said.

" We will come again tomorrow." Yixi said.

Yutang smiled and patted Lings head and said," Take care Okay."

Before leaving Yutang patted Yufans shoulder and said," Take care of her and don't stress over anything. What is gone is gone. Focus on the future and the next time you do things, don't forget to use protection."

Yixi smacked Yutangs arm and said," Why are you being so shameless?"

Yutang puffed his cheeks and said," What? I am just giving him a suggestion." before walking out of the room along with Yixi.


After everyone left, Yufan closed the door before walking towards Ling.

Holding her hand, Yufan said," I am sorry. I could not protect you properly."

Ling shook her head and said," It isn't your fault and weren't you the one who save me later? You are my hero, my saviour."

Kissing her hand, Yufan said," I'll be careful in the future."

" I want to hug you." Ling said.

Taking off his shoes, Yufan sat next You her and pulled her into his embrace.

Placing head on his firm chest, Ling breathed a sigh of relief.

" Sleep for a while. Anna sis said that you can go home tomorrow. I'll drop you at the Yang mansion and-"

Ling shook her head and said," No I want to stay with you at our place."

" Ling-"

Cutting him off, Ling said," It was my fault for not taking enough guards with me. I promise I won't repeat the same mistake again. I don't want to stay away from you." Ling said.

Yufan sighed and said," Okay now be a good girl and sleep."

" You won't go anywhere right?" Ling asked.

Yufan smiled and said," No. I'll be right here."


Xie Mansion.

When Ming and Singtan arrived at the Xie Mansion, uncle Chen and Aunt Yulin we're sitting in the living room.

" Ah Ming thank God you are here. I don't know what happened to Chuang. He has looked himself inside the study and is not opening the door." Uncle Chen said anxiously.

Glaring at Singtan with bloodshot eyes, Ming headed towards the study.

After Ming left, Singtan sighed and helplessly shook his head.