" Yufan you-"

Interrupting Singtan, Sebastian said," There is no point explaining or telling him anything. Just give him what he wants and let him do whatever he wants."

Singtan took a deep breath and said," Okay."

" Sebastian call Harred Hui and tell him come here right away." Yufan said.

" He is already on the way. He will be here within an hour or so." Sebastian said.

Walking towards Yufan, Father Xie cupped his face and said," Son why are you behaving like this? Y-You aren't like this. What is wrong with you? And why do you want to use Singtans sources? Whoever did that we can handover him to the police and-"

" Sir something is wrong." Carl said.

" What is it?" Mike asked.

" Madams phone is still being tracked and is moving from one place to another. The strange part is that this isn't the direction where Madam has headed to." Carl said.

Taking off his coat, Yufan took out the gun from its pocket and said," Let's leave Carl."

Singtan caught Yufans arm and said," Don't get agitated like this. We need that person alive. Someone has helped him enter country S. He is an outsider so it's impossible for him to do all this. We can get information from-"

Yufan mockingly laughed and said," Do you think that I care about information right now?"

" Yufan Singtan is right don't-"

" Did anyone of you lose a child? No right? Then you all have no fucking right to comment." Yufan shouted.

Grabbing Singtans shoulder, Yufan asked," No you tell me brother-in-law what if something like this happens with elder sister? Will leave everything behind and care about the damn information? Will you? Do you have any idea how I am feeling right now? Do you all know how I felt when I saw her breaking down like that?"

Singtan pursed his lips and did not say anything.

" Carl let's leave." Yufan said before walking out of the hospital.

" I'll go with Yufan." Yutang said before following him.

" I think we should go too." Mike said.

Singtan and Sebastian nodded their heads.

" Father you should go home and take some rest." Singtan said.

Father Xie shook his head and said," No I want to go with you all. We have to stop Yufan."

" But-"

" I am coming." Father Xie said.

Singtan helplessly shook his head and said," Okay."


Mike's Hospital

After running few test on Ling, Anna sighed and said," She indeed had a miscarriage but everything else is good. The reports of the other hospital are accurate."

" How old was it?" Ming asked.

" Most probably three weeks." Anna said.

Yixi sighed and said," This is not good."

Grandma Li took a deep breath and said," Now let's not mention this in front of Ling. We cannot make her more sad or depressed. Yufan and Ling both are very young so it's fine. They can always have another child in the future. Now come let's go and cheer her up a bit."


Inside an abandoned house.

" They will never be able to find us here." Jarred said.

The subordinate nodded his head and said," Yes Boss. You should take some rest while and try to get some information about what is happened after we left."

After sometime, the subordinate came rushing towards him and said," Boss Mr Smiths girlfriend had a miscarriage."

Jarred frowned and asked," How do you know that?"

" I just called Mr Mo and told him about the situation and he gave me this information." The subordinate said.

Jarred laughed and said," Haha now that Smith knows how it feels when you lose something. This is actually much better than killing his lover."



" It's right there Boss. That house." Carl said.

" Yu-"

Before Yutang could say anything, Yufan stepped out of the car.

Carl quickly opened his briefcase and took out two guns and shoved it inside his pocket.

" Why are you taking two guns with you?" Yutang asked.

Stepping out of the car, Carl said," You will know soon sir."

Just then Singtan and the rest arrived at the spot.

When Father Xie saw Yufan rushing towards the house, he shouted," Yufan." before rushing towards him.

Sebastian widened his eyes in shock and said," Singtan bro we cannot let uncle be there. We cannot let him see that."

" Let's go." Singtan said.



When Yufan stepped into the house along with Carl, Jarred Hui was standing right in front of him happily laughing along with his subordinates.

Jarred Hui's breath hitched when he saw Yufan standing right in front of him but he quickly composed himself and said," Oh look who is here? It's Mr Smith or Mr Xie Yufan."

Looking at him with an expressionless face, Yufan did not say anything.

Seeing him so calm and composed, the subordinate knew what would happen next. The subordinate shivered in fear.

" Boss don't provoke him more." The subordinate whispered.

Ignoring him, Jarred took a step towards Yufan acting all bold and Barve," So How does it feel losing a child? Does it hurt? Oh yes it does."

When Father Xie, Singtan and the rest entered the house, Sebastian quickly stepped forward and stood beside Yufan.

" On look even Mr Wu is here. Too bad we could not do anything to your beloved girlfriend. Just say that she was lucky and-"


In one swift motion, Yufan took out his gun from his pocket and shot one of Jarreds subordinate right between his brows.


Another subordinate collapsed on the ground.

Throwing the gun away, Yufan stretched his hands towards Carl.

After passing him another gun, Carl and Sebastian Both took a step back. And then-







After firing uncountable series of gunshot at Jarred, Yufan stretched his other arm towards Carl.

Passing him the second gun, Carl took away the first one and again stepped aside.

Just like before, a series of uncountable gunshots echoed throughout the room.

Singtan, Mike and Yutang helplessly shook their heads. But what could they do or say? They knew that if something similar ever happens with them, they would do the exact same thing what Yufan was doing right now.

While Yufan was expressionlessly firing gun shots at Jarreds dead body, Father Xie almost stumbled and fell down on the ground. If not for Sebastian who rushed towards him and supported his body, Father Xie would've fallen down on the floor.

Each and every bullet that Yufan was firing was like a deep stab in his heart. Looking at his son mercilessly killing a human being without any kind of guilt or remorse in his face, he knew that this wasn't the first time he was doing this. The thing that he was scared about had turned out to be a living reality. The world from which he wanted to keep his family miles apart, his son was already an active part of it. Seeing Yufan like this broke Father Xie heart.

When Singtan saw father Xies miserable condition, he stepped forward and snatched the gun from his hand and said," Stop now. He is already dead."

Passing the gun to Carl, Singtan took out his handkerchief and said," Wipe your face."

Taking the handkerchief from Singtans hand, Yufan wiped off Jarreds blood and said," Carl get me a new shirt."

" It's in the car sir." Carl said.

Unbuttoning his shirt, Yufan said," Lets go to the hospital."