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 'Miscarriage' ' Three weeks' ' Injuries' were the only things that Yufan heard.

After the doctor left, Yufan stood their daze. He could feel his legs turning weak.

When Carl saw Yufan stumbling, he quickly rushed towards him and said," Boss you have to control yourself. The lady boss needs you."

When he heard Lings name, Yufans heart ached. What would he tell her that they lost their baby because he could not protect her from his enemy? That they lost their first child together because of his had taken things too lightly?

Understanding what Yufan was thinking, Carl shook his head and said," Sir it's not your fault so please stop blaming yourself. Lady boss needs you right now."

After 45 minutes Ling was pushed out of the operation theatre.

When Yufan saw her, he quickly rushed towards her and held her hand.

" Don't worry. I am here with you." Yufan said.

Tightening her grip around his hand, Ling slowly closed her eyes.

When Yufan saw tears pouring out of her eyes, he lowered his head and quietly followed her towards the room.


Inside the room.

After everyone left the room, Yufan sat beside her and said," It's fine we-"

Clutching onto his shirt, Ling buried her face on his chest before bursting into tears.

" I am sorry. I did not know that I was- I am very sorry. I couldn't keep our baby safe. I am sorry."

Wrapping his arms around her, Yufan let out a low chuckle and said," Silly you are alright and that is all that matters to me."

Ling shook her head and said," I am sorry. Our baby- that was our first baby together and I couldn't- I didn't even know about it's presence."

Yufan closed his eyes to control his emotions. He couldn't break down in front of her. Who would handle her if not him? He understood how she was feeling right now because he was feeling the same. Though he had never ever thought about having a baby with her anytime soon but suddenly losing one, shattered his heart into tiny pieces.

Wiping off his tears, Yufan quickly composed himself and said," Didn't you hear what the doctor said? She said that we both are very young now and can always have a baby in the future." Cupping her face, Yufan chuckled and said," And if you like babies so much, I can give you as many as you want in the future."

When Ling saw his red eyes, she couldn't stop herself from breaking down again.

Wiping her tears away, Yufan kissed her forehead and said," Hey hey stop. Stop crying. I don't like seeing you like this and this hospital is going to drown if you keep shedding your precious tears like this."

Just then Singtan and the rest entered the room.

" Princess." Yutang said before giving Ling a very sweet smile.

When Ling saw her brother, she couldn't stop herself from bursting into tears again.

Stepping aside, Yufan decided to give some room to the brother and sister pair.

Patting Yufans shoulder, Singtan said," We met the doctor outside. It's fine."

Yufan took a deep breath and nodded his head.

When Sebastian entered the room, Yufan asked," Where is he?"

Sebastian shook his head and said," We lost him."

Yufans eyes turned cold. He was about to leave the room along with Sebastian when Father Xie caught his arm and said," Explain."

Yufan closed his eyes and said," Dad please don't talk to me right now. I am really not in a stable state of mind right now."

Father Xie frowned and said," You-what is going on? You have to tell me. Who were the people who took Ling with them? And-"

" Father let it be for now. Yufan will tell you everything later." Singtan said.

" But-"

Ignoring his father's rants, Yufan rushed outside along with Sebastian.


Patting Lings back, Yutang sighed and said," It's fine you don't have to sad over it."

Burying her head on Yutangs chest, Ling sobbed and said," Yufan is sad. I can see it in his eyes. He is sad because of me."

Yutang shook his head and said," Yufan would never blame you this."

" But he is sad." Ling said.

" He is sad because you are sad." Yutang said.

Just then Mike entered the room and said," Everything is ready. We are ready to shift."

Everyone mutually decided to shift Ling to Mikes hospital for safety and other purposes.

" The Ambulance is waiting outside." Singtan said.

" Dina you accompany Ling to the hospital. Everyone is already waiting there for her arrival." Singtan said.

Dina nodded her head.

Soon Ling was pushed out of the room in the stretcher.



" Where is Yufan?" Ling asked.

" I'll call him." Mike said.

Soon Yufan arrived along with Sebastian.

Caressing Lings cheeks, Yufan said," Go there and take some rest okay and don't cry anymore."

Grabbing his hand, Ling asked," You are not coming with me?"

Kissing her forehead, Yufan said," I'll be there after sometime."

Turning towards Dina, Yufan said," Take care of her." Before turning around.

Lings eyes welled up again when she saw his indifferent behaviour.

Singtang patted her head and said," Don't overthink and go and take rest over there. Ming, Yixi, Grandma Li and Anna, everyone is waiting for you there."

Ling nodded her head left.


After Ling left, there was a very awkward silence between the men.

Tapping his fingers on the cold wall, Yufan kept on staring at the ceiling.

Turning towards Singtan, Yufan said," I want to use all your sources."

It wasn't a request or a plead, it was a command or an order.

This overbearing attitude is Yufan was too much for anyone to handle. They weren't used to seeing Yufan like this.

The boy who used to almost pee his pants thinking about how is father would react if he would discover his real identity was now opening showing his real self right in front of his father's face. The boy who never raised his voice in front of his elders had been shouting anyone who would try question him or talk to him.