Sebastian gulped in nervousness and said," I don't have one."

" Will anyone pass me fucking gun?" Yufan shouted his lungs out.

Walking towards his car, Mike took a gun gun and gave it to Yufan.

Shoving the gun inside his pocket, Yufan left the place along with Carl saying,"Sebastian get some backup. Carl will send you the address."

Father Xie who was standing there in daze, quickly composed himself and shouted," Xie Yufan come back here and explain what is the meaning of this."

When Yufan left without giving father Xie any face, father Xie panicked.

" Singtan he-"

Singtan sighed and said," Father please come with me. I'll take you home."

Father Xje frowned and said," I don't want to go home. First you tell me what is going on? Why is Yufan behaving like that and that gun? Why did he take a gun with him? Why does he need it?"

Singtan frowned and said," Why didn't anyone tell me that Ling and Yufan were returning today? This is clearly everyone's fault not just Yufans."

" What Yufans fault? Did anything happen to Ling? Is she alright? God will you people say something." Father Xie shouted.

Sebastian took a deep breath and said," I'll go and follow Yufan with some backup. Please take of Dina till then." Before rushing towards his car.

Father Xie widened his eyes in shock and shouted," Why backup? What are you all talking about? Someone will please explain all this to me."

" Father you come with me." Singtan said before guiding him towards his car.


In an abandoned warehouse.

" Sir What do we do now?" Jarreds subordinate asked.

Jarred shook his head and said," I don't know."

" But Boss Smith surely know by now that-." The subordinate said.

Jarred gulped in nervousness and said," Kill her and then we will run away from here."

The subordinate widened his eyes in shock and said," Boss this wasn't the part of our plan."

Jarred nodded his head and said," I know."

After Jarred who arrived in country S, he met Junjop and told him about his plan.

He wanted to kidnap Ling and Dina and then call Yufan and Sebastian and make them kneel and beg in front of him.

Jarred was also planning to hurt Ling and Dina but he knew his limits but things changed when Mo Junjop refused to help him in the last minute.

With his four or five men, Jarred tried his best to stick to his plan but could only capture Ling who was still lying unconscious on the floor in front of them.

" Wake her up and then kill her." Jarred said.

Pouring a bucket full of water on her, the two men steeped backwards.

Ling started coughing vigorously when the water entered her ears and nostrils.

" Who are you people?" Ling asked.

A man widened his eyes in shock and said," Look she has something inside pocket."

Jarred narrowed his eyes and said," Take it out."

A man quickly shoved his hands inside her skirt pocket and took out her cell phone.

" S-Sir its a phone." The man said.

Jarred frowned and shouted," Didn't I tell you all to check her properly before bringing her here?"

" B-Boss It's being tracked." a subordinate said.

Jarred shouted in frustration. Rushing towards Ling, Jarred started kicking her mercilessly," You bitch."

Clutching her stomach, Ling groaned in pain.

A subordinate who was standing right beside Jarred took few steps backwards and said," Boss Smith."

Stopping his leg midway, when Jarred turned towards the entrance he jumped in fear.

" Boss let's leave." The subordinate said before dragging Jarred along with him.

When Yufan entered the warehouse, he saw Ling lying on the floor groaning in pain.

Rushing towards Ling, Yufan lifting her up and said," Ling it's okay I am here now it's-"

Clutching her stomach, Ling groaned louder and said," Yufan it's hurting a lot."

" Sir Jarred is running away with his men." Carl shouted.

" You still care about him? Go and get the car ready. We have to take her to the hospital." Yufan shouted.

Carl quickly nodded his head and rushed towards the entrance.

Lifting her up in his arms, Yufan tightened his grip and said," Its fine I'll take you the hospital.

Clutching onto his shirt, Ling slowly nodded her head.

As he was about to leave, Sebastian entered the warehouse along with their men.

" Jarred just left along with his men. I want him." Yufan said before rushing outside.

After boarding the car, Yufan pulled Ling into his embrace and said," Nothing is going to happen. I am here."

Without wasting anymore time, Carl quickly started the engine and started driving towards the nearest hospital.

On the way, Yufan received a call from Singtan. After telling him everything, Yufan tossed his phone away.

Ling who was still clutching onto his shirt, helplessly shook her head and said," It's paining a lot."

"DRIVE FASTER" Yufan shouted.



After arriving at the nearby hospital, Yufan quickly jumped out of the car and carried her towards the emergency room.

" Carl get my phone." Yufan said before entering the hospital.

When Carl opened the back door, he frowned when he saw a pool of blood on the back seat.

Lowering his head, Carl took a deep breath before grabbing Yufans phone and rushing inside.


Inside the hospital.

Yufan was anxiously waiting outside the operation theatre.

As soon as he brought Ling inside, she was quickly pushed inside the operation theatre.

After waiting for quite sometime, the doctor came out and asked," Are you her husband?"

Yufan slowly nodded his head.

The doctor sighed and said," The patient has received various minor injuries and she also had a miscarriage. The foetus was just three weeks old so it could not hold on. Luckily her uterus did not get damaged. I am sorry for your loss but I think you should inform this to the police. She has been probably kicked by someone in her lower stomach and various other places."

Patting Yufans arm, the doctor said," You both are still very young so there is no need to be upset. She is still unconscious. We will shift her to the room after she wakes up. You can go and meet then."