Xie Enterprise

After finishing the meeting, Yufan entered his office to take some rest.

He was a really and headache since morning. First the long flight to country S, then the three hours long meeting and Jet lag.

Exhausted and too tired to even stand still, Yufan had just lied down on the couch when he received a call from Dina.

Yufan quickly got up when she heard Dina's panic stricken voice.

" Calm down and tell me what happened." Yufan said.

" Ling-that few men took her away and then chasing me. I am currently hiding and I couldn't get through Sebastian-"

Rushing towards the door, Yufan asked," Where are you right now? And where is Ling?"

" I don't know. It's this place not too far away from our apartment and they took Ling with them and they are chasing me right now." Dina said in between her sobs.

Yufans face darkened when he heard that," Stay there. I'll track your phone."

Without looking at anyone, Yufan rushed towards the elevator.

Father Xie who was coming towards Yufans office to give him some documents, stopped when he saw Yufan walking towards the elevator with a very dark face.

" Where are you going?" Father Xie asked.

Ignoring Father Xie's question, Yufan quickly stepped into the elevator.

When father Xie saw Yufans cold and dark face and red eyes, he frowned. He felt something different about his son. Something different and dangerous.

After boarding his car, Yufan quickly called Sebastian.

" Ling is missing and Dina is being chased by few people. She is currently hiding somewhere. I am going to fetch her. I'll send you the address." Yufan said.

Sebastian clenched his hands into a fist and said," I'll be right there."


Yang Mansion.

Yutang was having breakfast along with a Yixi when he received a phone call.

" What?" Yutang shouted.

" Yes sir. As soon as we received the news about young miss returning back we quickly contacted her. She asked us to come to a departmental store near the new place that she is staying in but Sir by the time we arrived there young miss was already missing and the other lady-"

" What happened to the other lady?" Yutang asked.

" Sir the other lady is with us right now. She was being chased by some men." The man said.

" Send me the location." Yutang said before hanging up the call.

" What happened Yutang?" Yixi asked.

Gritting his teeth, Yutang said," Ling is missing. I am going to kill Yufan today."

Yixi frowned and asked," Why Yufan? So you think this is Yufans fault?"

" Yes it is his fault. He was suppose to take care of her but he-"

" So you mean Yufan purposely allowed someone to abduct our Ling? So that is what you want to say?" Yixi shouted.

Pausing for a while, she said," Yufan is feeling exactly how you are feeling right now or may be worse. This isn't the right time to blame anyone. Go and look for her."

Picking up is phone, Yutang called Singta before walking out of the mansion.


When Yufan arrived at the location, Dina was drinking water and was surrounded by few other people.

" Dina." Yufan said.

When Dina saw Yufan, she quickly rushed towards him and said," I am sorry I couldn't do anything. Ling that-"

Wiping her tears away, Yufan said," Calm down and tell me what exactly happened."

" After you left us in the morning we both took some rest and decided to cook something for you and Sebastian. When we arrived at the departmental store, few men stepped out of the car and rushed after us. They killed the two guards which we had brought with us and started chasing her. One man grabbed Lings hair and caught her. I wanted to help her but Ling told me run and call you." Dina said.

Yufan closed his eyes to control his overwhelming emotions.

" The two guards are not dead. We have sent them to the hospital." a man said.

Just then Sebastian, Yufans assistant Carl, Yutang, Singtan and Mike arrived at the same time.

Sebastian quickly rushed towards Dina and pulled her into his embrace.

Yutang wanted to bash Yufan but Singtan stopped him saying," This isn't his fault and this isn't the right time to fight. We have to find her."

" Did Ling carry her cell phone with her?" Yufan asked in a very hoarse voice.

Dina nodded her head and said," Yes."

" CARL." Yufan shouted.

Carl quickly took out his laptop and started typing different kinds of codes.

" What are you doing? We have to find Ling? Didn't you say that you will protect her? Where is she now? Where is my sister?" Yutang shouted.

Punching the fist on a pillar, Yufan shouted," What the fuck do you think that this is easy for me? You have no idea what I am feeling right now. Nobody has any idea how I am feeling right now. She is my life and I love her. What do you think will happen to me if I lose?"

This was the first time Singtan, Yutang and Mike has seen Yufan like this. They could see anger, frustration and sadness in his eyes. He was panting and breathing heavily. Only Sebastian Wu knew that what this behaviour of Smith actually meant. Someone was gonna die tonight.

Just then Father Xie who had been following Yufan arrived at the place.

When he saw Singtan and the rest, he furrowed his brows.

Stepping down from the car when father Xie started walking towards them, he widened his eyes in shock when he saw Yufans bleeding knuckles.

Taking out his handkerchief, Father Xie quickly rushed towards him saying," How did this happen?"

When Father Xie touched Yufan's arm, he quickly retrieved his hand back. Yufans skin was burning hot.

Sebastian and the rest widened their eyes in shock when they saw Father Xie.

" Sir we found her." Carl said.

" Sebastian pass me your gun." Yufan said.

Sebastian stiffened when he heard that," Yu-"

" I said pass me your gun." Yufan shouted.