Giving the employee a polite nod, Yushen said, "Good evening."

When Jennifer didn't take the cotton candy, Yushen asked, "What happened? You didn't like the flavour? Do you want me to get another one for you?"

The colleague's eyes widened even more when she heard the way Yushen was talking to Jennifer. It sounded so intimate and casual that anyone would think Yushen and Jennifer shared a different kind of relationship.

With her head still lowered, Jennifer bit her lower lip and shook her head. How could she ask Yushen to stop acting that way without her colleague misinterpreting things? She could vaguely guess what the colleague was thinking but what could she do? She didn't want fake rumours about Yushen and her relationship to spread in the company.

"Then do you want something else?" Yushen asked.

When Jennifer shook her head, Yushen said, "Hmm then let's go, the movie is about to start."

The colleague awkwardly scratched her forehead and said, "I'll get going too, have a great movie." She couldn't wait to meet her friends and tell them about the secret relationship between Jennifer and their Jr.Boss.

After the colleague left, Jennifer groaned in frustration. "Oh God, now what do I do?"

Yushen frowned and asked, "What is it?"

"What? Didn't you see? She is my colleague and she saw us together."

Yushen shrugged his shoulders and asked, "Ya, so?"

"So? Now she will go around telling everyone that she saw us." Jennifer added.

"Ya, so? We are together and she saw us, what is there to worry about? It's not like we are doing something bad." Yushen has always been a practical and straightforward person. He was nothing like this father or his big brother. Since he liked Jennifer, he didn't mind expressing his feelings or getting caught. So what if an employee had seen them? It meant nothing to him but it wasn't the same for Jennifer.

Yushen's casual and carefree attitude was making Jennifer go crazy. Firstly, she didn't understand why he was giving her an extra special treatment. Secondly, she still wasn't sure why he suddenly urged on bringing her to the movies and now that an employee had seen them together, shouldn't both of them panic?

Not wanting to lash out at her boss, Jennifer took a few deep breaths to calm herself down. "Look, I don't know why you are doing all of this but-"

Cutting her off, Yushen asked, "What do you mean by all of this?"

"Like this, bringing me for movies, taking me out for brunch and then this cotton candy. And now my colleague saw us together and she definitely thinks that something is going on between us which is wrong." Pausing for a while, Jennifer continued, "Look you rich people have a different mindset but it's not the same for us. Maybe you'll forget about this and bring some other woman for movie's tomorrow but I have to answer everyone's questions and face the criticism of having an affair with my boss or even worse, climbing his bed. This may not be a big deal for you because you are sitting high up there ordering people but it is different for me. I am sorry but I can't be one of your one time flings. I have worked really very hard for this job and I am trying very hard to get along with my colleagues too and-"

Cutting her off, Yushen asked, "So that is what you think of me? A rich brat womaniser who goes out with any kind of woman he likes? And a fling? So you actually see yourself as a fling?"

Jennifer was about to say something when Yushen mockingly chuckled and added, "You know what? I am sorry, I shouldn't have been extra sweet to you and also taken you out for a brunch. I would've never done that if I knew you were only a fling kind of material. I am very sorry for ruining your image in front of your colleagues."


Taking out the tickets, Yushen crumbled it before throwing them into the trash can. "I think you are right, we should prolly leave."


"And don't worry about the rumour, I'll make sure that it doesn't spread. Your image will remain as it was and no one will say a word. I apologise for everything I did." Yushen said before walking away.

Slapping her forehead, Jennifer cursed herself for saying too much. She then turned around and quickly followed him.


Parking lot.

"Get into the car, I'll drop you home." When Jennifer hesitated for a while, Yushen added, "Don't worry, I usually drop all my flings home so you aren't the special one."

Not liking his tone and rude behaviour, Jennifer slightly frowned before entering the car.

During the entire car ride, Yushen did not utter a single word.

Not liking the suffocating silence, Jennifer decided to apologise for being rude but as she was about to say something, Yushen's phone buzzed.

"Mom I am driving right now." Yushen said.

"Hmm I am coming home....No nothing happened...oh that is great news, I'll be there soon." After hanging up the call, Yushen said, " Tell me where to stop."

"Right there near that big tree."

Following Jennifer's instruction, Yushen stopped the car. Passing her the cotton candy, he said, "Keep it if you want to otherwise throw it inside that trash can."

"Yushen I-"

Cutting her off, Yushen added, "Just go."

Pursing her lips, Jennifer tightened her grip around the cotton candy and got down from the car.

As soon as she got down, Yushen drove away at full speed.

Looking at the cotton candy, Jennifer sighed and slowly made her way towards her apartment.



Yumi frowned when she noticed a slight difference in Zixin's behaviour. "What happened?"

Zixin vigorously shook his head and gave her a smile. "Nothing happened, I am just excited to meet everyone."

Touching his forehead, Yumi asked, "Are you feeling feverish? Or pukish? Do you want me to call the doctor?"