Quanci rolled her eyes and said," I am a married woman now. Forget about that I am about a great-grandmother now. We all are old now can't you just stop all your games and lead a healthy life?"

Junjop frowned and said," I still cannot forget what happened several years back."

Quanci sighed and said," I love Mosen. I loved him then and I still love that old man. Can't you just accept the fact and chill? It's been so many years and you are still into that matter. This revengeful attitude of yours will lead you no where. Not just Mosen but my grandson will also not spare you if you try to harm anyone who is close to the Li's."

Helplessly shaking her head, Quanci said," I don't understand you men. Why is it so hard for you people to accept a woman's rejection?"

" You don't know that truth." Junjop shouted.

Quanci smiled and said," I don't care what the truth is and you too should stop lurking around the past and start leading a healthy life."

As Junjop was about to say something, a family built bodyguard stepped forward and said," Madam, young Madam and others have been looking for you since a very long time. Young Madam seems very anxious and I don't think it's good for her and the baby if we-"

" Hmm let's leave." Grandma Li said.

" We haven't done talking." Junjop said.

" Do you think that I really care?" Grandma Li said before walking out of the cafe.

Slamming the table, Junjop gritted the his teeth.

" Sir I have already taken the photographs." A man said.

" Good now send them to the Li Mosen." Junjop said before walking out of the cafe.


Outside the cafe.

" Grandma." Ming said before rushing towards her.

" Ah child you shouldn't run like this." Grandma Li said.

Giving grandma Li a hug, Ming said," Thank God you are okay."

Patting her back, Grandma Li said," Silly what will happen to me? I was taking a walk. Did you all finish you shopping?"

Ming shook her head and said," No we didn't."

" Ahh come Grandma will help you chose." Grandma Li said before walking into the store with Anna and Ming.


Li Mansion.

By the time Rose, Ming and Grandma Li arrived at the mansion it was past 6 in the evening.

Passing the bags to a maid,Ming said," Please keep these in my room and where is Singtan?"

" Young master is in the study room along with elder master." The maid said.

Lifting Ben in her arms, Rose said," Big sister you should take some rest now. I'll send some soup in your room."

Ming nodded her head and left.

" Rose go and take rest along with Ben. I'll send soup for both of you." Grandma Li said.

Rose smiled and said," Thanks Grandma."

Patting her head, Garndma Li said," I'll prepare some tonics for you as well."

" Grandma I-"

Grandma Li chuckled and said," What do you think that I don't know that you and Quin are trying to have a baby?"

Rose chuckled and said," Ya we are. Quin finally agreed when Ben told him that he wants a cute little brother or sister to play with."

" That's good. The Li Mansion will look so lively with so many small babies around." Grandma Li said.

" We are trying but I don't know when will we have one." Rose said.

" Don't stress over it." Grandma Li said.


Study room.

" You brat stop laughing." Grandpa Li shouted.

Singtan who was currently clutching is stomach, trying very hard to stop himself from laughing.

Annoyed by the behaviour, Grandpa Li started hitting him.

" Hahah I am sorry haha but your face-I"

Glaring at the photograph which he had received few hours ago, Grandpa Li could not help feel extremely jealous and insecure.

Getting up from the floor, Singtan took few deep breaths and said," Okay now no more laughing."

" Good now sit down." Grandpa Li said.

" So Grandpa what will you do now? What if Junjop already told Grandma about your shameless act?" Singtan asked.

Grandpa Li frowned and shouted," What shameless act?"

Singtan chuckled and said," Now you very know what I am talking about."

" You brat shut up and go away from here." Grandpa Li said.

Singtan chuckled and said," Junjop is trying to provoke you and make you jealous. He is also trying to threaten you is I would suggest you to tell grandma everything as soon as possible."

Grandpa Li frowned and said," Who is jealous? I am not jealous and what does this Junjop think that he can take away my wife from me? Huh that fool as if Quanci will leave me."

" Now now if you are so confident that grandma won't leave you, why don't you tell her the truth?" Singtan asked.

Grandpa Li frowned and said," You go away from here. Your presence is very irritating."

Singtan helplessly shook his head and left.


After Singtan left, Grandpa Li took a deep breath before placing the photograph inside the drawer.

Just then Grandma Li entered the room and asked," What are you doing here?"

Grandpa Li shook his head and said," Nothing."

" Hmm I met your best friend today." Grandma Li said.

" Hmm."

" Seems like Mr Li already knows. Are you spying on me?" Grandma Li asked.

Grandpa Li chuckled and said," We are already so old. Why would I spy on you?"

" Anyway he was talking rubbish as always." Grandma Li said.

" Hmm."

Sitting beside Grandpa Li, Grandma Li asked," Mosen are you hiding something from me?"

Grandpa Li shook his head and said," No."

" Good because if you are then you better spill the beans now otherwise" placing her hand on his chest, she continued," You know what will happen if I find out about it later right?"

Grandpa Li gulped and nodded his head.


Singtans room.

When Singtan entered his room, Ming was drinking her soup.

" What did you buy?" Singtan asked.

" Few maternity clothes and baby clothes too." Ming said.

Singtan chuckled and said," Baby clothes."

Ming nodded her head and said," Yes baby clothes."