Shopping mall.

After an hour, all the ladies gathered at the entrance of the mall.

" Isn't it's too early for me to get maternity clothes?" Anna asked who was about to enter the fourth month of her pregnancy.

Ming chuckled and said," You'll need it later so you can do the shopping with me."

Yixi frowned and asked," Why did you people call me here?"

" Everyone is here so I thought it would be fun if you were here too." Ming said.

Yixi sighed and nodded her head.

" Yixi what happened? Why do you look sad?" Grandma Li asked.

Anna chuckled and said," Our Yixi is trying to fall pregnant but-"

" You should not stress over things like this. Let's go inside now and later when we reach home, grandma will give you some homemade tonics which will enhance the chance of you falling pregnant." Grandma Li said.

" Homemade tonics?" Yixi asked.

Grandma Li nodded her head and said," My mother-in-law used to give me those tonics when your grandpa and I were trying to fall pregnant."

" Grandma if you have such tonics then why didn't you give it to me?" Ming asked.

Grandma Li chuckled and said," I would've if you had not fallen pregnant by now."

Grabbing Ben's hand, Grandma Li said," Now let's go."

After the group of ladies entered the mall, a man stepped out of a black car and kept on staring at them.

" They are surrounded by huge number of guards. Each lady have their own personal guards and in addition to that they have few guards unanimously guarding them." a man said.

Junjop smirked and said," Let's go inside."

" But Sir-"

Ignoring the man, Junjop entered the mall.


Inside the mall.

" Grandma I'll go and buy the toys that Ben wants." Rose said.

" Oh I'll accompany you." Yixi said.

After Yixi and Rose left, Ming and Anna who were suppose to buy clothes for themselves started buying clothes for their baby.

" Isn't it too early for this? And we don't even know whether it is a boy or a girl." Ming said.

Anna chuckled and said," Let's buy both. Now see let's do something. If I have a girl and you have a boy, I'll give you all the boys baby clothes that I'll buy today and you can do the same."

" What if we both have a little boy then?" Ming asked.

" We can keep the girl clothes and later give it to Yixi or Rose but you don't have to worry because I feel that we will give birth to two different genders." Anna said.

" Well I want a boy but Singtan wants a girl." Ming said.

Anna chuckled and said," Same but I am good with anything until and unless it's healthy."

Pausing for a while, Anna said," Hey Ming if I give birth to a girl and you give birth to a boy, why don't we you know-"

Ming raised her eyebrows and said," Betrothal?"

Anna nodded her head.

Ming chuckled and said," Well Mr Li would never agree to such arrangements but still wouldn't it be exciting if we become in-laws in the future?"

Anna nodded her head and said," Yeah it would be very exciting."

" Not a betrothal but if our kids ever show any kind of interest in each other then we can always boast them and persuade them to be one. What do you say?" Ming asked.

Anna nodded her head and said," Yeah we can do that. Oh my God I am so excited."

" Let's go and tell grandma about it." Ming said before dragging her towards the couch where grandma was sitting.

Ming frowned when she realised grandma wasn't there in fact Grandma was not there in the store.

" Where did grandma go?" Anna asked.

" Let's go and look for her." Ming said.


Inside a cafe.

Crossing her arms, grandma Li was sitting on a chair staring at a particular someone whom she hated with all her heart and soul.

" So you are not dead. I knew it and I even told Mosen that a disgusting person like you cannot die so easily." Quanci said.

Junjop smirked and said," Feisty as always."

Quanci rolled her eyes and asked," What do you want Junjop?"

Junjop shook his head and said," I don't want anything. I just wanted to see you. Why are you scared that I'll harm you?"

Quanci chuckled and said," Harm? You cannot even touch a single hair of my body because if you do, you know that you won't walk out of this cafe alive."

" It's not like I cannot but I don't want to. I cannot harm you." Junjop said.


Few minutes ago.

As Grandma Li was busy reading a magazine, a man sat beside her and said," You still look so young and fresh. Mosen is really keeping you well."

Lifting her head up when Quanci saw who it was, she smiled and said," Yes that is reason why I chose Mosen and not you."

Junjop gritted his teeth and said," You don't know who Mosen really is."

Without taking her eyes off the magazine, Grandma Li chuckled and said," You don't have to tell me how my husband is because no one better than me knows how he is."

" I want to talk to you." Junjop said.

" And What makes you think that I will?" Grandma Li asked.

Junjop smiled and said," Well your guards are all over this place. My guards are also all over this place. If they start attacking each other, what do you think will happen?"

Grandma Li chuckled and said," My guards will crush your guards like ants."

" Yes you are right but what do you think will happen if your pregnant granddaughter-in-law gets hurt? You don't want that do you?" Junjop asked.

Not paying any heed to his threats, Grandma Li kept on reading the magazine and said," Threats are gonna work. If you wanna talk, you have to ask politely and nicely."

Junjop smiled after hearing her words. She was just like before and that is reason why he was into her several years back.

" Quanci-

" Mrs Li. I like it when people call me Mrs Li." Grandma Li said.

Junjop frowned and said," Mrs Li can I talk to you for sometime outside?"

" Go and wait for me outside. I'll be there after I finish reading this page."

Junjop gritted teeth and left.