Ruby's room

After entering Ruby's room, Beth quickly applied a very light makeup and tied her into a low bun.

After applying a light lipstick when Beth checked herself in the mirror, she nodded her head in satisfaction and started wearing her heels.

Just then Beth's phone buzzed. When she saw who it was, her heart skipped several beats.

This was the first time Beth was going on a date. This was actually the first time she was feeling something towards a guy and she was very nervous.

After taking a few deep breaths, Beth received Songpa's call.

" Hey."

Songpa smiled and said," I am waiting for you outside."

" I'll be there in a minute." Beth said before hanging up the call.

After hanging up the call, Beth grabbed her purse and house keys before dashing out of the apartment.



" Songpa why did you cancel the reservation?" Zechan shouted.

Songpa sighed and said," Stop shouting. I want to take Beth to a special place."

Zechan frowned and said," Fine do whatever you want but keep the guards close to you."

" I got it Zechan. You don't have to worry." Songpa said before hanging up the call.

" Pass me the keys." Songpa said.

The two guards widened their eyes in shock and said," Songpa Boss-"

" Give me the keys I'll drive. You both follow us in the other car." Songpa said.

As Songpa was busy talking to the guards, someone patted his shoulder.

Turning around when Songpa saw who it was, he widened his eyes in shock.

" Let's go." Beth said.

Beth was wearing a light blue deep neck, knee length dress. She had very little makeup on. Her already kissable lips were looking extra pink and juicy.

Subconsciously licking his lower lip, Songpa said," You are looking beautiful."

Helping him fix his tie, Beth said," And you are looking handsome."

Removing a strand of hair from her cheeks, Songpa said," Lets go." Before opening the car door for her.

After Beth entered the car, Songpa gently buckled her seat belt and quickly entered the driver's seat.


Inside the car.

" Ready?" Songpa asked.

Beth chuckled and asked," You are gonna drive?"

" Yes. Don't worry I am a very safe driver." Songpa said.

Beth chuckled and said," I am not worried. You are my saviour."

Songpa smiled and said," Let's go." before starting the engine.

" Songpa where are we going?" Beth asked.

Songpa smiled and said," Well you'll see. Take a nap if you want to because that place is quite far."

Beth shook her head and said," I am fine."

" So How was your day?" Songpa asked.

Beth sighed and said," It was a bit tough today."

Songpa frowned and asked," Do you work on Sunday's too?"

Beth nodded her head and said," Yeah I just do the morning shift but today I did a mistake so the manager scolded me."

Songpa helplessly shook his head and said," You shouldn't work so hard Angel."

Beth chuckled and asked," Angel?"

Songpa nodded his head and said," Yeah you are my angel."

" Why? I mean I call you my saviour because you saved me twice but I haven't done anything for." Beth asked.

Songpa smiled and said," You have no idea what you've done to me."

Beth blushed and lowered her head. This man. This overly cute handsome man knew how to make her blush and feel giddy at the same time.

After driving for almost an hour, Songpa stopped in front of a huge landscape.

Unbuckling his belt, Songpa said," Wait." Before getting down from the car.

Quickly walking towards Beth's side, Songpa opened the door before stretching his hands towards.

Beth chuckled before placing her hand on his big one's.

Beth gasped when she saw the huge stretch of land.

" What is this place?" Beth asked.

Intertwining their hands together, Songpa said," Let's go I'll take you to my special place."


After walking for quite some time, Songpa stopped in front of a small lake.

" It's beautiful." Beth exclaimed when she saw the sparkling water.

Songpa chuckled and said," Look up." Before lifting her chin upwards.

Beth's eyes sparkled when she saw the sky covered with beautiful stars.

" This is-"

" Peaceful and beautiful right?" Songpa asked.

Beth nodded her head.

" Wait." Songpa said before rushing towards the two guards who were coming towards them with a basket and bag in their hands.

" Give it to me. You both can go and sit inside the car. I have kept some food for you both. Eat it and do not disturb. Did you understand?" Songpa asked.

The two guards obediently nodded their head and left.

Taking the basket and bag in his hand, Songpa started walking towards Beth.

" Picnic?" Beth asked.

Songpa chuckled and said," Night picnic under the moonlight. Isn't it much more romantic than sitting inside a fancy restaurant and quietly sipping wine?"

Beth smiled and nodded her head.

Spreading out a medium sized sheet, Songpa said," Here you go, a clean place for my angle."

Beth chuckled and said," Well Thankyou my saviour."

Taking of her heels, Beth sat down and said," Come sit."

Taking off his shoes, Songpa quickly sat beside her.

" How did you discover this place?" Beth asked.

" This place is actually very special to me. My parents used to bring me here along with my sisters every Sunday and we use to have a small family picnic here." Songpa said.

" Where are your parents now?" Beth asked.

Songpa smiled and said," They are no more."

" I am sorry. I d-"

Songpa chuckled and said," Silly why are you saying sorry? It's fine."

Pausing for a while, Songpa said," I never brought anyone here not even my boss who is like my big brother. You are the first one."

" Why me?" Beth asked.

Songpa smiled and said," Because you are special."

Moving closer, Beth hooked her hands around his arm and placed head on his shoulder," Thanks for doing all this."

Startled by her sudden action, Songpa could feel the blood rushing down his body. Beth was sitting so close to him that he could smell her pleasant fragrance.

" Nobody has ever done so much for me. You are the first one." Beth said.