" Ah that is such a romantic encounter." Ruby said.

Beth chuckled and said," And he is taking me out for a date tomorrow."

" Oh that's nice. Your brother and I are going to another city for a night. We won't come home tomorrow so may be you can take advantage of that and bring him here after the date." Ruby said.

Beth blushed and said," Sister-in-law what are you trying you say."

Ruby chuckled and said," You very well know what I am trying to say."

Patting her head, Ruby said," This is the first time I am seeing you like this. It's good that you've found someone for yourself. Your brother will also be very happy if he hears this."

" Sister-in-law please don't tell brother about this." Beth said.

Ruby smiled and said," Silly okay I won't tell him anything. Now let's go I'll show you the dresses."


" You shouldn't have done this." Simon said.

Junjop chuckled and said," It's your fault for not giving me the information."

Slamming the table, Simon shouted," You are not suppose to target the Xies."

Junjop shook his head and said," You are not suppose to target the Xie's whereas I can."

" Enough whatever happened I am ready to let it go but you will not touch any member of the Xie family." Simon said.

Junjop chuckled and said," And what makes you think that I'll listen to you? And anyway whatever I did, didn't you enjoy? I mean you had lots and lots of fun with that woman didn't you?"

Simon thought for a while and said," You are going to regret this Junjop."

" Well come one Simon aren't we partners? You hate the Li's, I hate the Li's. We both hate the Li's." Junjop said.

" What is your plan?" Simon asked.

Junjop smirked and said," Now that's like my good partner."


Shopping Mall.

Songpa dragged Zechan to the mall early in the morning.

" Songpa its just 10 am." Zechan said.

" There are many things I have to do. First I have to buy a beautiful pendant for my angel then I have to get a nice haircut. Oh and I also have to try my new suit which I have already ordered." Songpa said.

Zechan chuckled and asked," So Songpa What are you planning to do during the date? I mean how are planning to take things further?"

Songpa tilted his head and asked," Further?"

Hooking his arms around Songpa's shoulder, Zechan said," Well you know further I mean all the intimate things."

Songpa frowned and said," Intimate? Hey I did not even tell her that I like her and she is not even my girlfriend. How can I think about doing intimate things? That is wrong."

Zechan rolled his eyes and said," You are slow Songpa. Girls these days like taking things fast."

Songpa shook his head and said," No my Beth is not like that. She is pure and innocent and I'll take things further very slowly."

" What if she comes up and tells you that she wants do those intimate things?" Zechan asked.

Songpa shrugged his shoulders and said," Well now that will be a different thing then but I know Beth is not like other girls."

Zechan helplessly shook his head and said," You are useless."

" Now let's go fast and choose." Songpa said before dragging Zechan inside the store.


After buying a beautiful diamond heart pendant for his Beth, Songpa quickly got a haircut.

" How do I look?" Songpa asked.

" You look great." Zechan said.

Running his hands through his hair, Songpa said," Now let's go. I have get ready and then pick up Beth at 6."

" Well you still have 4 hours left." Zechan said.

Songpa widened his eyes in shock and shouted," Only four hours? Oh my God let's go fast. I haven't even seen my suit what If it's not good and I have change it." Before dragging Zechan outside the salon.


Peters place.

" Alright these are the keys and I have left some cash for you. Lock the doors properly before sleeping and-"

" She is not a kid Peter. She will be okay." Ruby said.

Peter sighed and said," We will be back tomorrow or day after tomorrow. Be safe and if Julia tries to contact you-"

" Brother don't worry about me. I'll be fine okay." Beth said.

Peter nodded his head and said," Okay then we will leave but if anything happens,  call me immediately okay?"

Beth nodded her and said," I will."

Before leaving Ruby have Beth a hug and said," I have left my makeup on my dressing table. Apply some before leaving and have fun."

Beth chuckled and nodded her head.


After Peter and Ruby left along with Jacob, Beth quickly rushed towards the washroom to take a long nice bath.

After patting her hair dry, Beth started applying her usual sweet pea body butter.

As she was about to comb her hair, her phone buzzed.

Beth frowned when she saw who it was.

" What is it?" Beth asked.

Julia frowned and asked," Y-You how could you leave me alone and go away with that bastard."

" Julia watch your language. Don't forget he is your brother too." Beth said.

Julia rolled her eyes and said," Come back home fast. I am hungry and I haven't eaten anything since morning."

" I am not coming home. You have to do everything on your own now. I'll pay the rent for the next three months for you till then find a nice job for yourself." Beth said.

" You bitch did you forget about the promise and-"

" I have done enough for you Julia but now you have to do everything on your own. Don't call me in the future. No matter what, you are still my sister so I am not cutting my ties with you." Beth said before hanging up the call.

Looking at the watch, Beth gasped when she saw it was already past five.

Picking up the dress that she had chosen, Beth slipped into it and rushed towards Ruby's room.