Li mansion.

Taking the cake out of the oven, Yixi said," Alright pregnant ladies step aside and let this trying to fall pregnant lady do this dangerous task."

Ming chuckled and said," So you really started trying."

Yixi nodded her head and said," Yes. I had to literally blackmail him for this. He was saying that he is not ready and all."

" Singtan said the same thing few months back and yesterday he told me that he wants three or four kids. Oh no he was like ' As many as you can healthily give me'." Ming said before bursting into laughter.

Anna chuckled and said," You know Mike never got a chance to complain because I got pregnant" snapping her fingers, she continued," like this."

" That is nice actually. The moment men start thinking, things start getting complicated." Ming said.

Yixi sighed and said," I don't understand why I am not falling pregnant. Hey do you think we are doing something wrong?"

Anna smacked Yixi head and said," How will know whether you both are doing it right or wrong. It's not like we have seen it."

" Yixi you'll definitely fall pregnant when time comes. Don't stress over it." Ming said.

" Exactly it isn't like our pregnancy was planned." Anna said.

Ming chuckled and said," I didn't even realise that I was pregnant for a really long time."

Caressing her stomach, Yixi said," I just hope-"

" Ahhhh I smell delicious chocolate cake." Yutang said before entering the kitchen.

Yixi chuckled and said," You came back so fast."

" Hmm I am here to eat the delicious cake baked by my delicious wife." Yutang said.

Ming and Anna frowned and said," Hey she isn't the only one who baked it okay. Ming did more than half of the work and I whipped the cream. Yixi only took it out of the oven."

Wrapping his arms around her waist, Yutang said," Well that is the most tedious and responsible thing to do."

Ming rolled her eyes and said," Just wait till Singtan comes I'll ask him to-"

" What happened?" Singtan asked before rushing towards Ming.

Pouting her lips at him, Ming said," Darling Yutang is trying to bully me that also inside our house."

Yutang widened his eyes in shock and said," You- when did I bully you? Singtan she is lying."

Singtan frowned and said," Ming never lies."

Ming nodded her head and said," Yes did you hear that. Ming never lies."

Pulling her into his embrace, Singtan asked," How are you feeling now?"

" Much better." Ming said.

" What happened?" Anna asked.

Ming shook her head and said," Nothing serious. I was feeling a bit nauseous in the morning but now I am okay"

" Seems like the little one hasn't stop troubling you." Anna said.

Caressing her baby bump, Ming said," It's fine."

" I bought all the things you wanted." Singtan said.

Giving him a quick peck on his cheek, Ming said," This is why I love you."

" Singtan Where is Mike?" Anna asked.

" He is coming." Singtan said.

Gesturing a maid to come inside, Ming said," Please cut this cake and bring it outside. Oh and don't forget to save some for you all well."

The maid nodded her head and started cutting the cake.

" Let's go outside." Ming said.


Departmental store.

" Is my hair okay?" Songpa asked.

The two guards nodded their heads and said," Yes Boss."

After taking several deep breaths, Songpa got down from the car and entered the store.

As soon as he entered the store, Songpa froze when he saw Beth talking to a a guy.

Clenching his hands into a fist, Songpa glared at the man with bloodshot eyes. Only if he had his favourite plier with him, he would've pulled out all his nails and even peel his skin off.

After standing there for exactly sixty seconds, Songpa stormed his foot and left the store angrily.

Startled by the loud thumping sound when Beth saw Songpa angrily leaving the place, she quickly excused herself and rushed after him.

" Songpa wait." Beth shouted.

After hearing her sweet voice, Songpa's anger subsided by 10%.

" What are you doing here?" Beth asked.

Songpa frowned and said," Oh did I disturb you both? I am so sorry if I did."

Beth raised her eyebrows and asked," Who both? Bryce and me? Oh no it's nothing like that."

" I was standing there looking at you for sixty seconds but you did not even notice my presence because you were busy talking to that Bryce." Songpa said before turning around, all ready to leave.

Grabbing his sleeves, Beth said," Don't go like this. It's nothing like you are thinking. He is just a colleague and we were just casually talking. He doesn't even have my number. You are the only man who has it."

90%. After her soft fingers brushed against his skin, the remaining 90% anger vanished in thin air.

Letting go his sleeves, Beth said," I am sorry. If you don't like it, I'll not talk to Bryce in the future."

Pinching her cheeks, Songpa chuckled and said," You have no idea how cute you are."

" But you don't look cute when you are angry. You look scary." Beth said.

Songpa sighed and said," I am sorry. I promise that I'll never do that again."

Beth shook her head and said," I never told you anything when you told me that we were going to meet someone important and here you were leaving angrily just because I was talking to Bryce."

Songpa chuckled and said," Silly who do think that important person is? The important person was my boss."

Beth lowered her head and said," Ohh."

Taking a step towards her, Songpa said," Even you are the only woman who has my number. Did you understand?"

Beth blushed and nodded her head.

While the two of them were busy flirting with each other, the two people standing right next to them could not help but cough out blood.

Too much. This is was too much for them to handle. Too much dog food is not good for health specially when the dog food is being fed by Lui Songpa.

" Hey do you think anyone will believe us if we tell them about this?" A guard asked.

The second guard shook his head and said," I don't think so."

" But I think that the girl also likes boss. What do you think?"

The second guard nodded his head and said," Yes. I think it will be easy for Songpa Boss to woo her."

" Look at them, they are totally into each other." The first guard said.

" Keep your voice low. Don't forget what happened last time and don't look at Ms Beth." The second guard said.