Han Zihao nodded his head and said," Yeah you are right."

Zechan shook his head and said," But still Boss shouldn't neglect us like that."

Han Zihao nodded his head and said." You are right."

" Zihao order lunch for everyone." Singtan said.

" Yes Boss." Han Zihao said before rushing outside.

" So Songpa how do you feel when you see her?" Mike asked.

Songpa smiled and said," I don't know but it's a weird kind of giddy feeling." Pointing towards his stomach, he said," I feel-"

Robbin chuckled and said," You feel butterflies in your stomach."

Songpa nodded his head and said," Yes rat, I feel butterflies."

" So what is your plan?" Yutang asked.

Songpa tilted is head and asked," Plan?"

" How are you going to woo her?" Mike asked.

Songpa shook his head and said," I don't know."

" What do you mean by you don't know?" Robbin asked.

Songpa narrowed his eyes and said," You don't know the meaning of don't know? I don't know means that I don't know anything."

Singtan sighed and said," Will you all stop irritating him. Songpa will figure out everything when time comes. Now let's have lunch first."

After having lunch, Zechan and Songpa left.

" Zihao cancel all the upcoming meetings for today. I'll go home now." Singtan said.

" Hmm let's go together." Mike said.

Singtan chuckled and said," You really want to go with me? I mean I have to stop at almost seven places today. Ming wants to have many things today."

Mike sighed and said," Anna has given me a list too."

Yutang chuckled and said," Poor you I guess I'll be the first one to get home and eat the delicious cake baked by the three most beautiful ladies."

" After six and seven months, we will have two cute beautiful daughters or handsome sons in our arms. While we carry our child around, you can carry the cake." Singtan said before walking outside.

Mike chuckled and asked," You've trying right? But what happened? Still no baby? Why don't you come to the hospital tomorrow and get your tool checked?" Before following Singtan.

Yutang frowned and said," Hey my tools are fine and its only been a week since we are trying to get pregnant."

" Whatever dude you are still the last one." Mike shouted.



" What about this?" Ling asked.

Yufan shook his head and said," No."

" This."

" No."

" This one is good."

" No too revealing."

Ling rolled her eyes and said," It's a bikini Yufan. It is meant for revealing certain parts of a woman's body."

Yufan shook his head and said," You know how many people will be there at the beach tomorrow? I don't want anyone to ogle at my girlfriends sexy body."

" But beach without Bikini is no fun." Ling said.

" Wear something that will cover up everything." Yufan said.

Ling frowned and said," You want me to walk around the beach wearing your boxers and t-shirt?"

Yufan nodded his head and said," Yes you can do that."

Ignoring him, Ling chose a red colour bikini and gave it to attendant and said," Please bill this for me."

" Ling that is-"

" Shut up or sleep on the couch tonight. Choice is yours." Ling said.

When Yufan did not say anything, Ling took out the card from her bag and gave it to the attendant.

After taking the bag and card from the attendant, Ling grabbed Yufans hand and said," Come let's go."

" Hmm but where are they?" Yufan asked.

" Dina wanted to buy scented candles so may be they are downstairs." Ling said.

" Hmm let's go down then. What do you want to eat tonight?" Yufan asked.

Ling chuckled and said," You."

" Well you will get an opportunity to eat me tonight but before that you have to eat something nice and healthy to strengthen your stamina. Your stamina is like 1/4th of mine." Yufan said.

Rolling her eyes at him, Ling said," You are a freaking monster."

" But you still love what I do." Yufan said.


Outskirts of New York.

Inside an abandoned ware house.

" Sir the people from country S have sent us an update. They know what Smiths real identity is. They are asking for the money." A subordinate said.

Jarred smiled and said," That was fast. Send them that money and ask them to send me the details fat."

The subordinate nodded his head and left.

After an hour the subordinate came back with a folder in his hand.

Passing the folder to Jarred, the subordinate said," We have got the details sir."

Pausing for a while, he continued," We were right sir. Mr Smith has been using a fake name. His real name is Xie Yufan. He happens to belong from one of the influential family in country S. He is the only son and the future heir of Xie Corporation. He is currently preparing himself to take over the CEO position from his father Mr Xie Chuang."

Jarred smirked and said," Xie Yufan huh interesting."

" The strange part is that sir, the Xie family doesn't have any ties with the underworld and happens to the only clean influential family of country S. May be this is the reason why Mr Smith, I mean Mr Xie Yufan has been hiding his real identity and  name here in US." The subordinate said.

" Hmm anything else?" Jarred asked.

The subordinate nodded his head and said," Yes Sir. I also did check the authenticity of this report and everything happens to be true. Mr Smiths, I mean Xie Yufans photos can be found all over the Internet and he also happens to have a girlfriend."

Jarred raised his eyebrows and asked," This ruthless man also has a girlfriend?"

" Yes Sir. Their relationship has been publicly announced by Mr Smith himself. The lady's name is Yang Ling. She is also from one the influential and prominent Yang family of country S. They have been in a relation for more than five to six months now and Mr Yufan seems to be very serious about her. Their are some photos of them publicly displaying their affection for each other." The subordinate said.

" Hmm so this is reason why the entire head base has been shifted to country S." Jarred said.

" Yes Sir." The subordinate said.

Jarred smirked and said," Prepare everything we will leave for country S as soon as possible. Let's give Mr Smith, oh I mean Mr Xie Yufan a taste of his own medicine."