When Father Xie narrowed his eyes and pursed his lips, Singtan added, "There is an international annual meeting of all officials next week in our country and Yumi's husband has been invited for the meeting."


Cutting him off, Singtan explained, "Don't worry dad, I'll take care everything and moreover Yumi is no more a kid now so I am sure even pshe knows how to deal with everything." There was no way Singtan would let Yurin do anything to Yumi or anyone else.

"Hmm, I'll leave it to you then."

"Dad, let's not tell Ming about this okay? I'll ask Zian to deal with this." As usual, Singtan didn't want to trouble his wife. He knew that if Ming finds out about Yurin, she would panic and wouldn't be able to stay at peace.

Just then Singtan received a call from Ming.


Before Singtan could say anything, Ming Ming excitedly said, "Our son proposed Mian yesterday and the kids have decided to get married very soon. Come home fast so that we can discuss other things and we also have to go and pick up Mr and Mrs Mo. Oh and we have to go and see Zixin as well. There are so many things to do and-"

Cutting her off, Singtan chuckled and asked her to calm down. "Calm down honey, I'll be there as soon as possible but till then, find take any stress okay? Zian will take care of everything."

"Why Zian? Our son is getting married Singtan so we have to take care of everything. We can't let the kids take the stress of all the preparations as well. Will they enjoy their big day or make preparations?" Ming asked.

"Okay, I will be there soon and then we discuss eveything."

"Where are you right now?" Ming asked.

"I am with dad right now."

"Oh, I think you should bring dad here too. We can have a little celebration along with the kids. I'll ask Ben, Sam and Nuan to come back soon. Oh and then Qiang and Yushen are out too."

Hearing his wife's excited voice, Singtan's lips curled upwards. Even after so many years, she still hit super excited just like a small kid. "Alright, do whatever makes you happy okay? But don't stress yourself too much."

"Ahh what are you saying? My son is getting married and since Zixin is back now, I am sure that Yumi will get married very soon. Both my son and daughter are getting married so how can I not get excited? PYour other son likes someone too." Ming said.

After talking to Singtan for sometime and after he assured her that he would come back very soon, Ming decided to hang up the call.

"She sounded very excited and happy, did something exciting happen?" Father Xie asked.

Shoving his phone inside his pocket, Singtan smiled. "Your grandson isn't getting a granddaughter-in-law for you."

"Zian finally proposed Mian?" Father Xie asked.

When Singtan nodded his head, he excitedly got up and shouted, "What are we doing here then? Let's leave."



"Honey we can't until Mian assured me that it's safe to take you home."

Zixin pouted his lips and complained, "But I am tired and bored after sitting inside this room all day. I wanna go out and meet everyone too. Grandma, Grandpa, uncle Singtan, aunt Ming and everyone else. I haven't even seen brother Ben and Sam yet."


"Please, can you talk to Mian? All I do here is sit all day so I can do that at home as well right?" Zixin asked.

Yumi thought for a while and was about to call Mian when a nurse entered the room. "Ms Li, Dr Zhang has already made preparations for Mr Mo's discharge. I want you to come down and sign the papers."

Zixin grinned while Yumi still called Mian to confirm everything. When Mian told her that it was safe to take Zixin home but he still needed to take rest, Yumi left along with the nurse to take care of the procedures.

Just then Zixin's phone which was placed on the table buzzed. Picking up the call, Zixin asked, "Is everything done?"

"Ehh yes boss and that man came up with two designs. I have sent you the pictures it both. You can check and let me know which one you like." Andre explained.

"Hmmm okay, I'll be there with her in an hour. Make sure everything is perfect and nothing goes wrong okay?"

Andre vigorously nodded his head and answered, "Ehh yes boss, don't worry."

After hanging up the call, Zixin quickly got down from the bed and rushed towards the washroom.


Inside the movie theatre.

"Okay so do you want cheese popcorn or caramel?" Yushen asked.

"Can I get cotton candy instead?" Jennifer asked.

When Yushen smiled and nodded his head, Jennifer added, "The blue one okay?"

"Alright madam, let me get one for you." Yushen said before walking away.

Jennifer was waiting for Yushen when she bumped into one of her colleagues. "Hey Jen, what are you doing here?"

When Jennifer widened her eyes in shock and gave here an awkward smile, the colleague frowned and asked, "Are you alright?"

Jennifer vigorously nodded her head and gave her a weak smile. "Yeah I am alright. Wow I wasn't expecting to bump into anyone so-"

"Ah it's not just me, others are there too. Let me call them-wait, why don't you join us?" The colleague asked.

"Oh no, I-I cannot. I am here with my friend actually and-"

"Here you go, your blue cotton candy and this white one is for me." Yushen said.

Jennifer closed her eyes and cursed her bad luck under her breath. She didn't want anyone to see her with Yushen. Apart from the fact there was nothing going on between them, Jennifer didn't want to be seen as someone who was trying to gain benefits by leeching off her superior.

The colleague widened her eyes in shock and quickly greeted Yushen. "G-Good evening boss."