Hardware store

" Do you want a two inch tape or a three inch tape?" Beth asked.

Songpa who was busy staring at her, smiled and said," Both."

" Hmm." Beth said before placing both the tapes inside the basket.

" And do you want nails?" Beth asked.

" Yes."

" Hammer?"

" Yes."

" Rope?"

" Yes."


" Yes."

" Strawberries?"

" Yes."

" Ice cream?"

" Yes."

" Chocolate?"


" Do you hate me?"

" Yes."

Beth frowned and said," So you hate me?"

Songpa widened his eyes in shock and said," No no I don't hate you I like- I mean I- I don't hate you."

Beth frowned deeper and said," Songpa pay attention. You can't say yes to everything. Think carefully and tell me."

Songpa cleared his throat and said," Oh okay."

" So now tell me do you want ice cream?" Beth asked.

Songpa nodded his head and said," Yes umm I mean no. I mean how will we get ice cream in a hardware store?"

Beth chuckled and said," I was checking whether you are paying attention or not but it's good that you are. Now let's continue."


Zhang Mansion.

" Anna don't." Mike said.

Rolling her eyes at him, Anna took a big bite from the pizza and said," I already did."

Mike frowned and said," It's junk. You can't eat junk early in the morning. It's not healthy."

Ignoring him, Anna kept on taking bites from the pizza.

Mike sighed and said," You never listen to me."

" But I love you." Anna said.

Taking the pizza box away from her Mike said," And I love you too and that is why I am asking you not to eat this because it's not good for you and the baby. You should eat healthy things like soup."

Thinking for a while, Anna asked," Mike you are healthy right?"

Mike nodded his head and said," Yes I am very healthy."

Booking her arms around his neck, Anna asked," Can I eat you then."

Mike chuckled and said," Does pregnancy make you cheesy as well?"

Pulling him closer, Anna said," Pregnancy does many other things. Wanna try?"

Quickly taking off his shirt, Mike said," Have I ever said no?"

Glancing at the watch, Anna said," Ah no not now. I have to go and meet Ming and Yixi at the Li mansion. We have plans to bake a cake." Before pushing him away and getting down from the bed.

Mike widened his eyes in shock and said," But An-"

" You also have to go to Singtans office remember?" Anna said before picking up her towel.

" Drop me at the Li Mansion." Anna said before walking inside the washroom.


Outside the hardware store.

After paying for the things, Songpa asked the guards to take the bags away.

" Your tool box is going to look very lively today."Beth said.

Songpa smiled and said," Hmm it will because you helped me chose everything."

" So where will you go now?" Beth asked.

Songpa nodded his head and said," I have to go and meet someone important."

Beth frowned and said," Oh okay you should leave then. You don't want that important person to wait right?"

Songpa nodded his head and said," Yeah I'll go now. Bye."

Without saying anything, Beth turned around and entered the store.

Finding her behaviour weird, Songpa scratched his forehead and was about to run after her but the guards stopped him saying," Boss Zechan Boss is waiting for you at the base. We have to go."

Songpa thought for a while and nodded his head.


Li Corporation.

When Singtan entered the office after his meeting, Robbin, Mike and Yutang were sitting on the couch sipping tea.

" What are you three doing here?" Singtan asked.

Mike frowned and said," You- didn't you ask us to come here today?"

Looking at Han Zihao, Singtan asked," And when did I ask you to call them here?"

Han Zihao cleared his throat and said," Sir I wasn't sure whom you wanted to see so I called everyone."

Singtan sighed and said," Han Zihao I had asked you to call only Songpa."

" Why only Songpa?" Yutang asked.

" I wanted to give him something. Anyway since you all are already here, let's order some lunch." Singtan said.

" Junjop called me yesterday." Robbin said.

Singtan raised his eyebrows and asked," For what good reason?"

" He tried to abduct Linda yesterday." Robbin said.

" Where?" Mike asked.

" Outside Yang Enterprise." Robbin said.

Yutang widened his eyes in shock and said," Y-You are you dating the head of my accounts department?"

Robbin nodded his head.

" Head of the accounts department?" Mike asked.

Singtan chuckled and said," How did someone so capable fall for someone like you?"

" She is really very good and capable at work but her taste in men is bland." Yutang said.

Robbin rolled his eyes and said," They wanted to abduct her but fortunately I arrived there and took her home. Later at night I received a call from a really weird number. It was from Junjop."

" Hmm I knew he would contact you but I never thought it would happen so fast." Singtan said.

" Now What do we do?" Mike asked.

" Grandpa has asked me to activate Yunos. So I am already at it." Singtan said.

Robbin sighed and said," I think Junjop is getting funds from somewhere. I feel like he purposely called me yesterday to mark his presence."

Singtan nodded his head and said," Yes you are right. Now let's not stress over this. Assign guards for Linda as well. Do not let your guard down."

" Big Boss." Songpa shouted Before rushing towards him."

Mike chuckled and said," Someone is really very happy."

" He saw his angel early in the morning." Zechan said.

" Did you all save my number?" Songpa asked.

" Yes we did."

Singtan smiled and said," Zihao get the envelope."

Taking the envelope from Han Zihaos hand, Singtan took out two bank passbooks, two cards and said," This is yours."

Staring at the card and passbook for a while, Songpa asked," Boss this-"

Singtan smiled and said," Since now your are trying to pursue a woman, you will need money won't you?"

Songpa shook his head and said," No Boss I don't need money."

Shoving the passbook and card in his hand, Singtan said," This is your money. This is actually your hard earned money. I had just kept it safe with me but now since you have someone who can take care of it and you will also start a family of your own soon, you should start being responsible."

" My money?" Songpa asked.

Singtan nodded his head and said," Yes your money. You can spend it as you want."

Taking the passbook from Songpa's hand when Zechan saw the numbers, he widened his eyes in shock," This- Oh God."

" Pass it to me." Mike said.

Mike widened his eyes in shock and shouted," Holy God what's with this number."

" Wohoo Songpa you are rich. This is a huge number." Yutang said.

Robbin raised his eyebrows and asked," How did he earn so much?"

Singtan helplessly shook his head and said," What? Did you think that Songpa tortured people only for pleasure?"

" He didn't?" Everyone asked.

" I didn't?" Songpa asked.

Flicking Songpa's forehead, Singtan said," No silly you didn't. You were getting paid for each and every torture and mission you took part in."

Pausing for a while, Singtan said," Well the figure in your bank account would've been more but I invested some of your money and bought few lands and properties in your name. For now I'll keep the papers with me and after you settle down things with Beth, I'll give it to her and she will keep it safely for you."

Pouncing into Singtans embrace, Songpa said," I love you boss. You are the best."

Patting Songpa's back, Singtan smiled and said," Now why don't you tell me how did today's meeting go?"

As Songpa started telling Singtan and the rest about his morning meeting, two people who were standing in the corner couldn't help but feel jealous.

" Hey Zechan did boss ever buy properties for you." Zihao asked.

Zechan shook his head and said," No he didn't. Han don't you think this is unfair?"

Han Zihao nodded his head and said," Yes it is but Boss has always been bias towards Songpa."

Zechan sighed and said," Yes it has always been like this but Songpa deserves it."