Han Zihao frowned and said," You don't have to threaten me. You know how difficult it was to get this for you?"

Songpa narrowed his eyes and said," Big boss bought it for me so what difficulty did you face?"

" Hey your big boss said that I should get the latest model for you. So it was time consuming okay. You should thank me for this but you want to cut my fingers?" Han Zihao shouted.

" Okay Thankyou. Now will you give me my cell phone or not?" Songpa asked.

Han Zihao nodded his head and said," Now that is much better." before giving him his new phone.

" I have already inserted the sim and also taken care of all the settings and now it's ready to use." Han Zihao said.

Songpa jumped in excitement and said," Wuhhuu thanks Zihao."

" Songpa let me teach you how to use it." Zechan said.

Songpa frowned and said," Hey what do you think I am? Just because I don't have a cell phone that doesn't mean I don't know how to use it okay. I am not so old fashioned."

" No I just thought-"

" Don't think and stop disturbing me." Songpa said before rushing towards room.


Inside his room.

As soon as Songoa entered his room, he took out the paper from his pocket and quickly called Beth.

First ring, second ring, third ring *tut* *tut* *tut*

Beth rejected his call.

Songpa frowned and tried calling her one more time.

*Tut* *Tut* *Tut*

This time the call did not go through. Songpa gulped in nervousness and shouted," Zechan." Before rushing out of the room.



" Zechan Zechan." Songpa shouted.

Han Zihao and Zechan who were busy talking amongst themselves, were startled when they heard Songpa's yelling.

" What happaned?" Zechan asked.

Passing him his brand new phone, Songpa said," The call isn't going through. I mean it rang two or three times and then...tut...tut....tut. And then second time when I called it was only...tut...tut...tut."

Han Zihao who was trying to suppress his laugh, cleared his throat and said," Ohh I think she blocked you."

Songpa froze when he heard that," B-Beth blocked me? But why? Why would she do that?"

Zechan shrugged and said," May be she did not like you or-"

Songpa shook his head and said," That is not possible. Didn't you see how sweetly she was talking to me today? How can she block me? She also gave me her number and told me to call her."

Han Zihao shook his head and said," Well you know little guy girls are unpredictable. Their actions and their reactions are always different."

Songpa frowned and said," Who are you calling little you potato head?"

Touching his forehead, Han Zihao asked," Hey who are you calling potato head?"

" You-" As Songpa was about to say something, his phone buzzed.

Songpa widened his eyes in shock and shouted," Oh my God Beth is calling." Before rushing towards his room.

" Is he really into a woman now?" Han Zihao said.

Zechan nodded his head and said," All the things that you have heard are true. Songpa does seem to be very interested in a woman whose name is Beth by the way."

" God who would've thought that one day my ears would get the honour of hearing something like this. Lui Songpa in love." Han Zihao said.

Zechan chuckled and said," Yeah. Hey I wonder what Songpa will gift Beth when they start dating."

" Pffftt May be a set of new pliers or pluckers." Han Zihao said before bursting into laughter but little did Han Zihao and Zechan know that Lui Songpa would turn out to be the most romantic, loveable and cute boyfriend in the near future.


Songpa's room.

After taking few deep breaths, Songpa finally gathered all his guts to receive the call.

" Hello." When Songpa heard Beth's sweet and refreshing voice, he cheekily smiled.

" Hey it's me." Songpa said.

" Songpa I thought you wouldn't call." Beth said.

Songpa chuckled and said," Silly why wouldn't I?"

Beth smiled and asked," So did you get a new phone?"

Songpa nodded his head and said," You had given me your number so sweetly, why wouldn't I?"

Beth blushed and asked," So did you have dinner?"

Songpa nodded his head and said," Yes I did. What about you?"

" Yes. Actually when you had called earlier, I was having dinner and my nephew was playing games in my phone. So when I saw your miscall, I called you back." Beth said.

" Ohh and here I thought you blocked me." Songpa said.

" What? Why would I do that? I would never block you. You are my saviour." Beth said.

Songpa started feeling giddy after hearing her words.

After talking for almost an hour, Beth asked," So Songpa What do you for a living?"

After hearing her question, Songpa froze. He definitely couldn't tell her that he tortured people for a living.

When Songpa did not say anything for quite sometime, Beth said," It's fine if you don't wanna say but when I saw those guards protecting you and also you are always neatly dressed in a business suit so I thought may be you do something big."

Songpa nodded his head and said," Yes I work for a that-ummm-I-"

Beth chuckled and said," It's fine you don't have to explain."

" Don't you have work tomorrow?" Songpa asked.

Beth nodded her head and said," Yes I do have work tomorrow."

" Hmm you should take rest then. Other wise you will eye bags and that will not look good on your beautiful face." Songpa said.

Beth blushed and said," Thanks. I'll get some sleep now. It was nice talking to you Songpa. Hope to meet you soon bye."

Songpa smiled and said," Goodnight bye."

After hanging up the call, Songpa jumped into his bed and breathed a sigh of relief.

This feeling was something he couldn't express. Her sweet voice was like a feature tickling his heart. He could still feel her touch in his body and couldn't wait to feel it again. He couldn't wait to embrace her again.

Picking up his phone again, Songpa took out a small diary from his bedside table.

Taking out Singtans phone number from the dairy, he called his big boss.

" Boss." Songpa said.

Singtan chuckled and asked," Happy?"

Songpa grinned and said," Very. This is my new number so please save it."

" Alright alright." Singtan said.

" Ehh and Boss I just realised that we have to go for some hardware shopping. Our tool box is empty. The hammer is also rusted. So can I go and buy everything tomorrow morning?" Songpa asked.

Singtan smiled and said," Alright take the card from Zechan and buy everything from there. He will tell you the pin. After buying everything come to my office. There is something I have to give you."

" Okay Boss." Songpa said before hanging up the call.

After hanging up the call, Songpa called each and everyone he knows and asked them to save his number.

" Mike Boss this is my new number so please save it."

" Yutang Boss this is my new number so please save it."

" Zechan save my number."

" Zihao this is my new number."

" Oh rat this is my new number. Save it."


Li Mansion.

After thinking for quite sometime, Singtan called Han Zihao and said," I want each and every information about the woman whom Songpa is seeing these days. She seems to have a twin. Find out if it's true or not. Right from her birth till date, I want everything. Did you understand?"

Han Zihao nodded his head and said," Yes Sir."

" Do not let Songpa know about this and also are the documents and other things ready?" Singtan asked.

" Yes Sir." Zihao said.

" Good I want everything on my table tomorrow morning including the details." Singtan said before hanging up the call.

Singtan didn't want to do this but he couldn't let Songpa fall into some trap and hurt himself. He had to make sure that Songpa is in safe hands.

Songpa having feelings for someone was a big thing and Singtan was very happy about it but he had to make sure that Songpa wouldn't end up getting hurt or feel heartbroken.