Linda was about to cross the road, when a red sports car stopped front of her.

When Linda saw Robbin getting down from the car, she quickly pounced into his embrace before bursting into tears.

" Oh my God thank God you came. You-" Linda said before clutching onto his shirt.

Finding her behaviour very strange, Robbin patted her back and asked," Hey what's wrong?"

Linda shook her head and said," T-They are here. They are everywhere what if they harm you Robbin. You should leave you-"

Wrapping his arms around her, Robbin said," Calm down honey and tell me what happened."

Clutching onto his shirt tighter, Linda said," Take me home please."

Patting her back, Robbin said," Yes let's go and get your things from your car and-"

Linda shook her head and said," No no don't go inside. He is still there please please."

Seeing Linda like that, Robbins heart ached for her. He could roughly guess what might have happened.

" Alright I won't go inside. Come let's go home." Robbin said before guiding her inside the car.

After Robbins car drove away, a man stepped outside and left the place along with his men.

Taking out his phone from his pocket and called someone.

" Boss before the lady could enter our black van, Young master arrived and took her away." The man said.

Junjop snorted and said," That brat sure knows how to spoil my plans."

" Boss I think Young master already got a hunch about what was about to happen. What if-"

Junjop frowned and said," So what if he got a hunch about this? Can I not meet my granddaughter-in-law? Anyway let it be for now. I got a news that the gang from US have sent the photograph. You come back fast and take it out for me."

" I'll be right there Boss." The man said before hanging up the call.


Robbins Villa.

After arriving at the villa, Robbin gave Linda some water and asked," Now tell me what exactly happened?"

" I was about to board the car when a man placed something sharp on my neck and told me not to make any noise and quietly board the black van that was standing across the street. He told me that if I try to act smart, you will receive my corpse. I was feeling so scared but then you arrived and-" Robbin hugged Linda and said," I am sorry you had face all this because of me."

Linda shook her head and said," It's not you fault but I am glad that you came."

Patting her back, Robbin sighed and nodded his head.

What would have happened if Robbin would've drove straight home? Would he be able to see Linda again?

Even the thought about losing Linda bought shivers down his spine.

" I'll assign few bodyguards for you starting tomorrow." Robbin said.

Linda nodded her head and said," And one more thing. He referred to you as Young master Yichan."

Robbins expression darkened when he heard that. Only people who were associated to his grandfather use to call him that.

Cupping her face, Robbin said," Go and freshen up okay. I'll go and prepare dinner for us."

Linda nodded her head and left.



" How could you do that?" Jarred shouted.

Harred smiled and said," I did not do anything. It was Smith and Sebastian who wanted this to happen."

Slamming his hands on the table, Jarred shouted," Do you take me as a fool? Do you think that I don't know how you joined hands with those two to push me out?"

Harred smirked and said," Well it's good that you know."

Jarred gritted his teeth and said," You are gonna regret this."

Harred helplessly shook his head and said," Dogs that bark do not bite."

Getting up from his seat, Jarred said," You and Smith both are going to regret this."

Harred chuckled and said," You really are tired of living."

Without saying anything further, Jarred Hui left.


Yufans apartment.

" What did dad tell you?" Ling asked.

Yufan chuckled and said," He told me not to tell you."

Pinching his waist, Ling said," You- when did you start hiding things from me?"

Rubbing his hands on her bare back, Yufan said," I cannot disobey my father-in-law."

Ling sighed and said," Fine. We have to drop them at the airport tomorrow."

" Hmm and after that we will go and watch a very good movie." Yufan said.

" Don't you have work tomorrow?" Ling asked.

Yufan shook his head and said," My work is done. From tomorrow onwards, I'll spend every second with you. I'll take you around and I'll also show you some of my favourite places."

Snuggling against his chest, Ling said," Hmm Okay."

" Do you want to go somewhere?" Yufan asked.

" I'll go wherever you take me." Ling said.

Kissing her forehead, Yufan said," I can see you are becoming more and more cheesy day by day honey."

" Why don't you like it?" Ling asked.

Yufan chuckled and said," Well I love it."


Li base.

When Han Zihao arrived at the base, Songpa was waiting for him outside.

As soon as Songpa saw Han Zihao, he quickly pounced towards him and said," Give me my phone."

Han Zihao smiled and said," So it was really for you."

Songpa frowned and said," Are you a tortoise? Give me my phone fast. I have been waiting since two hours thirty two minutes and sixteen seconds."

" But first tell me why do you want phone?" Han Zihao asked.

Songpa frowned and said," Why should I tell you? And you give it to me fast. It's already so late, what if she sleeps?"

Han Zihao widened his eyes in shock and asked," What did you say? She? Huh?"

Songpa narrowed his eyes and asked," For the last time. Give me my new phone otherwise I will cut all your fingers, store it in a refrigerator and then gift them back to you on your birthday."

Han Zihao frowned and said," You-"

" Don't mess with him today Han just give him his phone." Zechan said.