Inside the guest room.

" How can you allow something like that? And why wasn't I informed about this? Just because I am out on a vacation that doesn't give you two brats to decide everything for yourself. Don't forget the I am still your father and my decision matters." Father Yang shouted.

Yutang, who was currently in a meeting could not help but sigh and say," I am in a meeting right now dad. I'll talk to you later and stop worrying about her. Yufan is a good boy he will take care of our Ling very well. Do you think I would ever let her go with just anyone? She is my sister and I love her more than you do okay. He is a Xie and you know who Xies are right? They are Singtans in-laws. The family is good and most importantly the boy is good. So why don't you stop bothering them and enjoy your vacation with mom and I'll call you after the meeting."

" You-" Before Father Yang could say anything, Mother Yang snatched the phone and said," Will you stop this."

" I was talking." Father Yang said.

Mother Yang frowned and said," Stop bothering our kids. They are no more small. One is already married and the other one is big enough to take her own decision. And the boy she has chosen for herself is handsome, hardworking and comes from a really good family. So what is your problem?"

" I did not approve that boy yet." Father Yang said.

Mother Yang sighed and said," Even if you don't approve him, Ling is still going to stay with him. She likes that boy okay. So it doesn't matter if you like him or not."

Pausing for a while, Mother Yang said," And I don't understand this behaviour of yours. We knew about this since a very long time. That time didn't you tell me that Xie Yufan is a very hardworking man who has already started to make a name in the business world? You looked quite happy that time and-"

" But I never knew that they had taken this relationship so far. They are vacationing together and also sharing the same room. My little princess-"

" Your little princess is not little anymore. She is an adult and I am happy she met Yufan. Don't see the change that Yufan has brought in her. She has started dressing up like a proper socialite. The girl who hated dresses and heels has started wearing them all the time. My daughter has become more mature and sensible after meeting Yufan and same goes with my son. After meeting Yixi I can see major good changes in him. Let's trust our daughters choice okay and just relax." Mother Yang said.

Father Yang sighed and said," Okay I'll listen to you. Let me go and hug my daughter for while." before walking out of the room.


Meanwhile outside.

Passing the takeouts to Dina, Sebastian said," I bought your favourite."

" Where is Ling?" Yufan asked.

" Ling is inside the kitchen making some coffee." Dina said.

Taking the takeouts from Dina's hand, Yufan said," I'll keep it in the kitchen."

" Cool I'll go and help Seb change." Dina said.



When Yufan entered the kitchen, Ling was busy making coffee.

After placing the takeouts on the counter, he hugged Ling from behind and kissed her nape and asked," Missed me?"

" Yufan you what are doing?" Ling asked.

Kissing her earlobe, Yufan said," I am loving my beautiful girlfriend."

" But-"

" Sssh don't say anything and let me hold you for a while Okay." Yufan said before burying his face on her neck.

" AHEM AHEM" Father Yang who was standing near the kitchen door had to clear his throat to mark his presence.

When Yufan turned around and saw who it was, he quickly let go Ling and straightened his back.

" Mr Yang you are here? I mean you are here and I am glad that you here. But when did you come? I mean it's good that you came but when and how- Ahh I'll go and change first." Yufan said before dashing out of the kitchen.

After Yufan left, Ling chuckled and said," Dad you scared him."

" It's good that he is scared. He should know that I am a very scary father-in-law." Father Yang said.

Passing him a cup of coffee, Ling said," Yes you can scare him as much as you want. He won't mind."

Patting her head, Father Yang asked," Are you happy with him?"

Wrapping her arms around his waist, Ling nodded her head and said," Yes I am."

" Is he good to you?" Father Yang asked.

" More than good. He treats me very well." Ling said.

Father Yang frowned and said," If he ever mistreats you then tell your father. I'll give him a good beating."

Ling chuckled and said," Yes I will."

Taking the other cup in his hand, Father Yand said," I'll go give this to your mom."

" I'll call you after spreading out everything." Ling said.


Yufans room.

When Ling entered the room, Yufan was anxiously pacing too and fro in the room.

" Ahh you Why didn't you tell me about this?" Yufan asked.

" About What?" Ling asked.

" Your parents at our place." Yufan said.

" I told Dina to tell you." Ling said.

Yufan frowned and said," Damn you Dina."

Ling chuckled and said," Why are you nervous? They won't eat you up. Now go and freshen up and then come out for dinner."


After having dinner, Ling and mother Yang entered the guest room to spend sometime together, Sebastian and Dina entered their room saying that Sebastian was not feeling well, awkwardly leaving Yufan and father Yang behind.

" So how is business?" Father Yang asked.

Yufan nodded his head and said," It's good sir."

" Hmm I heard how you successfully secured the deal winning against various big reputed companies. That was very impressive." Father Yang said.

Yufan smiled and said," Thank you Sir."

Pausing for a while, Father Yang asked," Does your family know about Ling?"

' The whole country S knows about Ling and me.' Yufan thought.

" Yes sir my father, sister, uncle Chen everyone knows. In fact my father and Ling have already met each other and are quite close." Yufan said.

Father Yang nodded his head and said," Good so are you serious about my daughter?"

Yufan smiled and said," I was never this serious about anything."

" So where do you see this relationship going?" Father Yang asked.

" I will definitely make her my wife in the future. It's either her or no one else." Yufan said.

" So you love her?" Father Yang asked.

Yufan nodded his head and said," Yes I do."

Patting Yufans shoulder, Father Yang said," Ling is our family's little princess. Whether Yutang or me, we both treasure her a lot. I don't know about Yutang but if you hurt my daughter I'll do something that I had actually stopped doing several years back."

Yufan gulped in nervousness and asked," And what is that?"

Father Yang smiled and said," Killing people."