Shopping mall

" This is too much." Ling gasped as she dragged the shopping bags out of the store.

Dina chuckled and said," We still have so much more to shop. You are tried already?"

Ling shook her head and said," I can't use all his money."

" What? My finace and your boyfriend gave us their card to shop till we drop. When they gave us their card then it is our right to empty it. And it's Xie Yufans and Sebastian's Wu's card we are talking about. There bank accounts are fat." Dina said.

Ling helplessly shook her head and said," But Dina-"

" Ling." A woman said.

Turning around when Ling saw who it was she let go all the bags and pounced into the woman's embrace.

" Oh my God mom." Ling shouted.

Wrapping her arms around her, Mother Yang said," Ahh my darling I was missing you since morning today."

Patting Lings head, Father Yang asked," How are you my princess?"

Hugging her father, Ling said," I am good but what are you both doing here?"

" We are flying to Italy tomorrow so we are here for a night." Mother Yang said.

" What are doing here darling? Is Yutang with you too?" Father Yang asked.

" No I am here with-" Ling widened her eyes in shock. What was she suppose to tell her father? She couldn't tell him that she was here with Yufan to celebrate their pre-wedding honeymoon.

" You are with?" Father Yang asked.

Ling lowered her head and said," I am here with Yufan."

Father Yang narrowed his eyes and asked," Yufan and?"

" Yufan and his friend Sebastian and Dina." Ling said.

Mother Yang smiled and said," Oh that's nice. Where is Yufan? Last time we could not meet him properly."

" Nice? You think this is nice? Does Yutang know about this?" Father Yang asked.

Ling nodded her head and said," Yufan brought me here after getting his permission."

" What? Yutang allowed you to come to US with your whatever he is alone?" Father Yang shouted.

" Oh will you stop shouting." Mother Yang glared at husband.

Ignoring her father's rant, Ling asked," Where are you both staying?"

" We were about to check in to a nearby hotel after buying some toiletries." Mother Yang said.

Dina, who was standing quietly smiled and said," Aunty and uncle can stay at our place. I mean isn't it just for a night?"

" Dina is right. You can stay at our place. It's much more comfortable than the hotel and I can spend sometime with you both." Ling said.

" Ya sure." Mother Yang said.

Father Yang frowned and said," You and Yutang are really going to-"

" Will you stop nagging like an old man?" Mother Yang said.

" Liza how could he allow my little princess to come here alone with a stranger?" Father Yang said.

" We knew about Ling and Yufan since a really long time didn't we? Then why are you overreacting?" Mother Yang asked.

" Because I did not approve that boy till now and I did not even approve this vacation." Father Yang said.

Ling sighed and said," Dad Yufan is really every sweet and you are going to love him."

" We will see that." Father Yang said.

" Dina we should take mom and dad home first. Can you please tell Seb and Yufan about the change in plan please?" Ling said.

" Yeah Okay. I'll book a cab and inform them." Dina said.

Ling nodded her head and said," I'll take them outside."

After Ling left, Ding called Sebastian and said," Honey we are going back to the apartment."

" Why?" Sebastian asked.

Dina smirked and said," Ling wanted to go home. She wasn't feeling well or may be she was missing Yufan. I don't know."

" Okay we will bring takeouts. What do you want to have?" Sebastian asked.

" Bring some extra food okay. I am very hungry and so is Ling." Dina said.

" Hmm Okay but what do you wanna have?" Sebastian asked.

" Anything will do." Dina said before hanging up the call.

Helplessly shaking her head, Dina murmured," Why am I like this?" Before walking out of the mall.



" Aunty Uncle please feel at home." Dina said before guiding them towards the couch.

Mother Yang smiled and said," It's beautiful."

Father Yang frowned and asked," Why are there only two bedrooms in this apartment?"

" Oh no uncle there is a guest room in that corner and don't worry the sheets are new because I changed them yesterday." Dina said.

Father Yang widened his eyes in shock and shouted," You and Yufan are staying in the same room?"

" Father I-"

" Are you out of your mind? What is wrong with you Ling? How can you stay in the same room like that?" Father Yang shouted.

Ling lowered her head and poked mother Yangs waist.

Mother Yang sighed and said," Will you stop overreacting and let the kids enjoy."

" How can you act so cool? Your daughter is staying with a man in the same room without getting married. How- oh forget it I'll go and call Yutang now. That brat deserves a good beating and you young lady deserve the same." Before walking towards the guest room.

" Mother-"

" Don't worry you know how protective your father is towards you and Yutang. I'll go and talk to him. Don't worry Okay." Mother Yang said.

" I'll call you for dinner later." Ling said.

Mother Yang nodded her head before rushing towards the guest room.

After they left, Dina chuckled and said," It's gonna be fun when Yufan arrives."

Ling sighed and said," Father is like that. He is very impulsive and has a really bad temper."

" Hmm I am sure Yufan will handle him well." Dina said.

" Well I hope so." Ling said.