As the two young men dressed in a dark blue and grey suit respectively entered the hall, the chatters and murmurs immediately stopped.

The lively air of the conference hall suddenly became very dense and suffocating. The dangerous and suffocating aura that the two of them were emitting was enough to make all the men present in the hall loosen their ties.

" They both look so-"

" Handsome?" The other man said.

" Yes. They are so young but still how did they manage to grasp everything in their hand?" A man asked.

Just then Sebastian sat on a chair while Yufan stood in the middle with a wide yet very creepy smile on his face.

" Goodevening everyone. It's good to see you all here. Though I was expecting you all to reject my humble invitation but you people were so kind to come all the way here and I am glad that you people did not disappoint me." Yufan said.

Pausing for a while, Yufan smiled and continued," After we left US Ah wait let me correct that. After we shifted our main base to country S, many of you- Ah not many all of you thought that we were gone." Helplessly shaking his head for a while, Yufan said," How wrong were you people? We said that we are shifting our main base to country S and we never said that we are leaving US forever. Before leaving we strictly told everyone not to cross the tinie tiny boundaries that we had set for each and everyone but some of you were generous enough not to listen to us. So now because of that we are here standing in front of you again."

Just then Jarred Hui entered the hall along with his two most trusted men.

When Yufan saw him, he smiled and said," The star of tonight's meeting is late. How interesting is that?"

Jarred gritted his teeth and said," I am


" Never mind. Please take your seat." Yufan said.

As Jarred Hui was about to settle down, Harred Hui entered the meeting room.

Jarred smiled when he saw his brother. Just as he was about to greet him, he saw Harred walk past him towards Sebastian Wu and sit down beside him.

The whole crowd gasped in surprise. They knew what was happening.

Unbuttoning his suit, Yufan said," Now that both stars of tonight's show are here, why don't we start the meeting."

Holding another mic in his hand, Sebastian Wu stepped forward and said," I don't like beating around the bush so I'll come straight to the point. The Hui clan not only stepped out of their boundaries but also violated the rules. The incharge of the Hui clan, Mr Jarred Hui tried to smuggle ammunition's from another country to US without taking any permission. He also tried to attack several small bases which are under the Wu clan. Jarred Hui was also daring enough to try to provoke many other clans against us. He also brutally murdered some of our spies and men. All these things that Jarred Hui has done is enough for us to kill him and take down the Hui clan within a second but my friend here has a different plan and as you all know, Smith is the boss. So whatever he will say now has my complete support and approval."

Taking his seat back, Sebastian have Yufan a nod.

" So now as Sebastian said we can take down the Hui clan within a second but there is no fun in doing that." Yufan said with a mischievous smile on his face.

Jarred Hui could not help but glare at Yufan with bloodshot eyes.

Yufan chuckled and said," Woah don't give me that look Mr Jarred. You are already lucky enough that I am not in a mood to kill anyone today."

When Jarred lowered his head, Yufan smiled and said," Since the current head of the Hui clan, Mr Jarred failed to abide by the rules and purposely crossed his boundaries and of course tried to plot against the Wu clan, as a punishment for disobeying us and breaking the rules, we dismiss him from his current position. From today onwards Mr Jarred Hui will no more have any involvement with the Hui clan. If any clan present over here, tries to help him or keeps any kind of relationship with him will have to face consequences."

Jarred widened his eyes in shock and shouted," You cannot do that."

Narrowing his eyes, Yufan said," Keep your voice and eyes low please. I said I am not in a mood to kill today that doesn't mean that my mood cannot change."

Yufans voice was calm and much lower than that of Jarred's but the amount of weight and threat that Yufan's voice carried was much more greater than his.

When Jarred lowered his head and did not say anything for a really long time, Yufan said," You know Mr Jarred I am a very nice and kind person. So to keep things clean let's allow the audience to decide. So my dear audience how many of you don't want Mr Jarred Hui to leave the Hui clan raise your hands."

When not a single hand went up, Yufan smiled and said," And how many of you want Mr Jarred Hui to leave the Hui clan?"

All hands went up in unison. The audience did not think even for a second before stretching their hands upwards.

Pointing towards the audience, Yufan said," You see no body wants you to stay."

Jarred curled his fingers into a fist and said," So now what? Are you gonna take over Hui clan?"

Yufan chuckled and said," Ah I wish I could but I don't want to. Now that Hui clan doesn't have any leader, it is my responsibility to give the Hui clan a responsible and clever leader. So from today onwards Mr Harred Hui will take over Mr Jarred's position. Harred Hui is the new leader of the Hui clan and I hope he will abide by his duties and will not repeat what  his brother did."

Harred stood up and gave Yufan a nod.

" Now lastly I would like you say that all of you should know that we were, we are and will always remain the most powerful clan in the whole of US and there is nothing that you people can do. Anybody who tries to act smart or tries to scheme against us will end up like Jarred Hui. Trust me when I say that if another meeting is called, no one will return back in a single piece." Yufan said.

The audience nodded their heads in agreement.

" That's all I had to say. Have a good day everyone and pray to God that we never meet like this again in the future." Yufan said before switching off the microphone.

Walking towards Sebastian, Yufan said," Lets leave."

Sebastian nodded his head and followed him.

As Yufan was passing through Jarred, Jarred said," You'll regret this."

Yufan chuckled and said," Please I would love to regret and did I tell you that if you touch Harred Hui, I'll kill you? No right? Yes so if something happens to Harred Hui, you can consider yourself dead. Now matter of I am physically present here or not, I have my eyes everywhere and specially you." before walking out of the hall along with Sebastian.