Patting Zixins shoulder, Zian said, "Hey, it's alright okay? We will deal with this together. And we have our own gang for this. Liang, Huang, you, me and the other boys, there is nothing we cannot solve or deal with when we are together."

Zixin smiled and nodded his head. "Thanks man."

"So when are you planning to throw a welcome party?" Zian asked.

"What? Should you throw us one? You are the one who got engaged."

Zian thought for awhile and asked, "When are you getting discharged?"

"When your sister and fiancée will allow me to." Zixin was dying to get out of the hospital and meet everyone.

"I'll talk to Mian. I guess you can recuperate at home right?" Zian asked.

Zixin nodded his head and sighed. "I guess."


Chen mansion.

"Calm down Gabriel and tell me what happened." Patting Gabriel's shoulder, Linda tried to coax her. She had been crying since a really long time and Linda was tired asking her the reason behind it.

Taking out a tissue, Gabriel sniffed, "Aunty you had asked me to go for lunch with Huang right?"

When Linda nodded her head, Gabriel added, "But Huang said he doesn't want to go with me. He said he is busy but when that woman asked him to drop her, Huang readily left with her. I felt so bad and-"

Cutting her off, Linda frowned and asked, "Another woman? Who are you talking about?"

"There was a woman already present in his office when I arrived. She looked quite intimate with Huang and-"

"Wait." Taking out her phone, Linda scrolled through her gallery and took out a picture and asked, "Is she the one?"

Wiping her tears away, Gabriel vigorously nodded her head. "Yes it's her and-"

Linda gasped and excitedly squealed. "Oh my God, I knew it."

Gabriel frowned and was about to ask something when Linda quickly got up and said, "Gabriel, I am so sorry. I never thought Huang likes Huiling. In fact, I thought he treated Huiling as his sister but I am glad he doesn't. This is such great news and I cannot wait to share it with your uncle. Huiling is already like a daughter to me. In fact, Huiling and Huang grew up together. This is like a match made in heaven. You should sit and rest for a while, I'll go and discuss this with your uncle. And please don't mind Huang's behaviour, my son is in love so he obviously doesn't know what he is doing."

Without waiting for Gabriels reply, Linda rushed towards her room.

After Linda left, Gabriel clenched her hand into a fist and gritted her teeth. She had been shedding tears in front of Linda because she knew Linda was fond of her and wanted Huang to marry her.

Gabriel felt very angry and frustrated when Huang left with some other woman. She could see and feel Huang's fondness over Huiling.

Gabriel felt sour and insulted when Huang completely ignored her and rushed after Huiling.

She wanted to rant about what happened in front of Linda because she wanted her to talk to Huang and help her get rid of Huiling but who would've thought that even Linda would be so fond of Huiling.

Gabriel had fancied Huang since a very young age and there was no way she would let someone else take away something that was meant to hers.


Li Mansion.

"WHAT?" Mike shouted his lungs out.

Smacking his arm, Anna frowned. "Why the hell are you shouting? Are you trying to scare everyone away?"

"Oh my God, I am so happy for you both." Giving Mian and Zian a hug, Ming excitedly squealed. "Ahhh I am finally going to become a mother-in-law."

"Woah man this is huge, Singtan and Mike and official in-laws starting today." Yutang said.

Mike frowned deeper and asked, "Why didn't you tell us about this?"

Scratching his forehead, Zian awkwardly cleared his throat and explained, "I wasn't sure what she would've said so I wanted to keep it a secret so-"

"This is great Zian, don't listen to your uncle Mike. I am very happy that you and Mian are together and I know that you'll always keep Mian happy no matter what.

"Ahh too bad your dad isn't at home otherwise he would've been super happy. I'll go and call him."

After Ming left, Yixi gave Zian and Mian a hug and congratulated them. "Why don't you both encourage your friends to get married too? It's high time now and I want to become a mother-in-law too."

Yutang frowned and vigorously shook his head and snapped, "No honey, Linyang cannot get married now because she still so young and-"

"Your daughter is twenty five years old and you think she is still young?" Yixi asked.


Xie mansion.

"So this is why you've been so stressed for all these days?" Singtan asked.

When Father Xie sighed and nodded his head, Singtan helplessly shook his head. "You're so unbelievable at times father. Why do you still let her affect your mood like this? It's already been so many years and you know who she is."

Massaging his temples, Father Xie sighed. "I know I shouldn't but I am but getting a good feeling this time. Why did she suddenly call me after twenty-five years? And she even asked about Yumi and how she is doing."

"Firstly, Yumi is my daughter. I am her father and Ming is her mother. Yurin or Siquan, both of them have nothing to do with her." Pausing for a while, Singtan added, "I don't know what Yurin's intentions are and I don't give a damn about it. No one can take my daughter away from me and even Yumi is an adult now. She knows what is right and what is wrong so we don't have to worry about Yurin trying to manipulate her."

"I heard she got married to some high rank government official." Father Xie said.

"Hmm and she is coming to country S next week." Singtan added.