" Hey why are we not attacking him?" A man asked.

" Are you mad? You want to die?" another man asked

"But why? Aren't we here to take this girl with us? Then why aren't we doing that? Let's scare this man off and take the girl with us." The man said.

The second man laughed and said," You want to scare off the most scariest man of country S? Did you leave your brains at home? Don't you know who he is?"

The man shook his head.

The second man helplessly shook his head and said," Who in the underworld doesn't know him? He is Lui Songpa from the infamous Li clan. He is probably the heart of the Li clan. It is said that the head of the Li clan dotes on him."

" Why isn't he just a normal gang member?" The man asked.

" Normal? You call this man normal? He is far away from normal. He is a psychopath. A man who loves to torture people. His methods are so ruthless and merciless that you'll pee your pants if you hear his torture stories. There is no one in the underworld who doesn't fear him. He is one of the reason why people don't mess with the Li clan." The second man said.

" Then what do you we tell boss?" The man asked.

" If Boss comes to know that Lui Songpa is protecting that woman, he will never mess with her in the future." The second man said.

Wrapping his hand around Beth's waist, Songpa kept on glaring at them.

" We apologise Mr Lui but this woman we need to take her with us." A man said.

Songpa smirked and said," Oh okay why don't you step forward and try taking away from me."

When the man did not say anything, Songpa stepped forward and said," This is the last time I am tolerating this. Go and tell Simon that if he tries to even hurt a single hair of her body, I'll be his death."

When Songpa saw their shocked expression, he laughed and said," What you thought I would not know that you are Simon's men?"

The man lowered his head and said," We apologise Mr Lui. We will help you pass this message to our boss and we will never bother the lady."

" Good. Now get out of here." Songpa shouted.

After Simon's men left, Songpa's heart skipped several beats when Beth suddenly leaned against his body and said," Ahh I was so worried. You saved me again today. Thank you so much Songpa."

" Beth you remember me?" Songpa asked.

Beth chuckled and said," Stupid why wouldn't I remember I you."

The two guards widened their eyes in shock when they heard the lady call their Songpa boss ' Stupid'. Was she tired of living?

" Then why did you refuse to talk to me yesterday?" Songpa asked.

" Yesterday?" Beth asked.

Songpa nodded his head and said," Yes yesterday."

Beth thought for a while and said," Yesterday I was busy cleaning my apartment. So I did not go out. Ohh wait a second may be you saw my twin sister Julia."

" You have a twin sister?" Songpa asked.

Beth nodded her head and said," Yes I have an identical twin and her name is Julia. We have the same face but we are-"

" You both are different." Cutting her off Songpa said.

Beth smiled and said," Yes how did you know that?"

Songpa scratched his forehead and said," Well I when I met her yesterday, she felt different. I mean she wasn't like you- I mean she was like you but felt different-I-"

Beth giggled and said," Yes Yes I understood. I am glad you could differentiate between us. Most of the time people think that I am Julia and that is why I get into trouble."

" So you mean that night and today they were actually after your twin sister?" Songpa asked.

Beth nodded her head and said," Yes but everything will be fine now I guess because I not staying with her. I am staying with my brother and sister-in-law."

Songpa smiled and said," That's great."

" Thankyou so much once again Songpa. I owe you two favours and I don't know how will I repay you for saving me twice." Beth said.

Tucking a strand of hair behind her back, Songpa said," May be you can bake brownies for me. I heard you make them quite good and tasty."

Beth blushed and said," Thanks. I'll definitely bake brownies for you some day."

" So where are you going now?" Songpa asked.

" Oh I was actually suppose to reach work but now I am an hour late so there is no point going now. I think I'll go home." Beth said.

" Where do you work?" Songpa asked.

" I work at a hardware store till afternoon at fifth street. After that I work at a departmental store at 9th street." Beth said.

Songpa frowned and asked," Why do you work at two different places?"

Beth sighed and said," Because I have bills to pay and whatever I earn from the hardware store is not enough."

" You look so delicate and fragile. You shouldn't work so hard." Songpa said.

The two guards who were already shocked till death after hearing their conversation, almost died due to a heart attack after hearing Songpa's last sentence.

Just then Zechan arrived and said," Come on Songpa let's-" he stopped when he saw Songpa talking to a beautiful young girl.

" Hello." Zechan said.

Beth smiled and said," Hi."

" Zechan this is Beth." Songpa said.

Zechan smiled and said," Ahh the girl you met yesterday?"

Songpa shook his head and said," No that was her twin sister. She is the one whom I had saved that night."

" Ahh that's nice. It's a pleasure to meet you Ms Beth." Zechan said.

Giving Zechan a slight nod. Beth turned towards Songpa and said," I'll take my leave now. Thank you so much once again."

" Wait you are leaving? I mean how do you I contact you again? What if I want to meet you again? What-" Songpa asked.

Beth smiled and said," Why don't you give me your number then? We can talk to each other whenever we want."

Songpa froze when he heard. For the first time in his life Songpa could not help but curse himself for not having a cell phone.

" I-"

Beth shook her head and said," It's fine if you don't wanna give me your number. I was just- it was just a suggestion. I'll go now. Bye."

Songpa panicked when he saw Beth walking away from him.

" Beth wait. I don't have a phone so why don't you give me your number and I'll call you later?" Songpa's said.

Beth smiled and said," Ya sure. Do you have a paper? Wait I think I have one."

Taking out a paper from her bag, Beth wrote her number in it and gave it to him.

Taking the paper from her hand, Songpa said," I'll definitely call you."

Beth smiled and said," I'll be waiting for your call then." before leaving.

Walking towards Zechan, Songpa took a deep breath and asked," Isn't she breathtaking?"

" Yeah she is beautiful." Zechan said.

Songpa frowned and smacked his head.

" hey." Zechan shouted.

" Only I can call her beautiful." Songpa shouted.


Panting and trying to catch her breath, Julia stopped when she reached a dark alley.

She had just stepped out of her apartment when she saw a bunch of men chasing her. She ran will all her might until she reached a shop where luckily she saw Beth.

Hiding behind something, when Julia saw the men chasing Beth instead, she breathed a sigh of relief and ran away from that place.

Leaning against the wall, Julia was trying to calm herself down when she saw a man walking towards her.

Rolling her eyes at him, Julia said," Not now. I am tired."

Taking out a big bundle of cash of his pocket, the man threw it on her face before unbuckling his pants.

Picking up the cash from the floor, Julia placed it inside her bag before hooking her arms around the strangers neck.



" Boss we found that woman but-"

" But What?" Simon shouted.

" That woman seems to be very close to Lui Songpa." The man said.

Simon frowned and said," Forget about that woman for now. We have already offended the Wu clan and now it isn't the right time to offend the Li clan as well. I'll deal with that woman on my own later."