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 Wu Base (US)

As Yufan and Sebastian stepped out of their car, several men dressed in black suit politely greeted them.

" Welcome back Sir." A man said.

Give him a slight nod, Yufan and Sebastian entered the base.

Harred Hui who was waiting outside the base for the duo to arrive quickly started walking towards him only to be stopped by the huge number of guards standing outside.

" You can enter only when our boss' allow you to." A man said.

Harred Hui nodded his head and quietly stepped aside. He knew his boundaries. He wasn't like Jarred, impulsive and reckless.


After Yufan and Sebastian entered their office, a man stepped inside and said," Sir Harred Hui is waiting for you both since day before yesterday."

Taking out his phone from his pocket, Sebastian said," Seems like this is your department Yufan. You deal with this while I coax my girlfriend."

" She is still angry?" Yufan asked.

Sebastian chuckled and said," Well I know she is not because she gave me two tiny smiles in the flight but she wants me to coax her and run after her. So I am doing it."

Yufan sighed and said," Thank God my Ling is not like that."

" Well your relationship is still new now. Why don't you wait for a year and then we will have this conversation again." Sebastian said before walking out of the room.

After Sebastian left, Yufan took out his favourite pistol from his drawer and said," Send Mr Hui in."

The man nodded his head and left.

After few minutes, Harred Hui stepped inside the room.

Harred gulped in fear when he saw the most feared man of the States sitting in front of him, elegantly cleaning his pistol with a white handkerchief.

Without lifting his head up, Yufan said," You haven't come here to stare at me when I am cleaning my pistol right?"

Harred shook his head and said," No Mr Smith."

" Then why don't you sit down?" Yufan said.

Harred nodded his head and took a seat.

" So What brings you here?" Yufan asked.

Harred cleared his throat and said," Well I think no one knows better than Mr Smith why I am here."

Placing the pistol on the table, Yufan unbuttoned his suit and said," Power is such a strong thing. Power forced you to wait for us outside our base for two consecutive days and isn't it for power that you are here sitting in front of me willing to go against your twin brother?"

Harred gulped in fear and slowly nodded his head.

" Are you aware of the consequences of leaving your brothers side and sitting in front of me?" Yufan asked

Harred nodded his head and said," I know."

" So What do you want Harred?" Yufan asked.

" I want to you to throw away Jarred and make me the incharge of Hui clan." Harred said.

Yufan smiled and asked," And?"

" The Hui clan will always stay under the Wu clan and will never step out of its boundaries. You have my word in this." Harred said.

Yufan smirked and said," This is why I like you. You are much more clever and calculative than your stupid brother who has indeed taken a very bad move this time. If not for you sitting in front of me right now, the Hui clan would have vanished by tonight."

Harred could feel shivers running down his spine. Though the man sitting in front of him did not have any dangerous weapon in his hand and was only talking, the dangerous and suffocating aura that Yufan was emitting was enough to make a person pee his pants.

" You'll get the Hui clan by tomorrow." Yufan said.

Harred smiled and nodded his head," Thankyou Mr Smith."

Yufan shook his head and said," I don't believe in verbal thank you's. I want you to show me through your actions that you are really thankful towards us."

" I won't disappoint you or Mr Wu." Harred said.

Picking up his pistol, Yufan said," You better don't."

Just then Sebastian entered the room and asked," All done?"

Harred quickly got up and politely greeted Sebastian.

Patting his shoulder, Sebastian said," You better behave Harred because even if I forgive you, my dear friend won't."

Harred nodded his head and said," I know Mr Wu. I'll never disappoint you both."

" Alright you can leave." Sebastian said.

Bowing down a little, Harred left.

After Harred left, Yufan called a subordinate inside and said," Ask each and every gang representative to be present tomorrow for a meeting in the evening. Tell them that whoever fails to attend the meeting can consider their gangs being swept out of US by tomorrow."

The subordinate nodded his head and left.

Sebastian chuckled and asked," When was the last time we did something like this?"

Yufan laughed and said," Really long time. Now let's go home. I am missing my girlfriend."

Sebastian sighed and said," Yes I also have to continue coaxing my finace."


Yufan's and Sebastian's place.

When Yufan and Sebastian arrived home, Dina was sitting in the living room reading a book.

" Dina where is Ling?" Yufan asked.

" Oh you people are back. Ling is inside her room. She was having a headache so she is resting now." Dina said.

" May be she is suffering from jet lag." Sebastian said.

" I'll go check on her." Yufan said before walking towards his room.

Placing her book down, Dina said," Dinner is already ready. Let her rest for a while and after that we can have dinner together."

" Thanks Dina." Yufan said before walking inside his room.


Li base.

After the meeting when Li Singtan arrived at the base, Mike, Yutang and Robbin were already present.

" Good evening boss." Zechan said.

" Where is he?" Singtan asked.

" Inside his room sir." Zechan said.

" Did he eat anything?" Singtan asked.

Zechan shook his head and said," He did not step out of his room since yesterday."

Singtan sighed and started walking towards Songpa's room.


Inside Songpa's room.

When Singtan switched on the lights, he raised his eyebrows when he Songpa sitting on a small couch upside down.

Walking towards him, Singtan asked," What is going on?"

When Songpa heard Singtans voice, he quickly changed his position and stood up.

" Why are you not eating anything? Will not eating solve your problem?" Singtan said.

Songpa lowered his head.

" Tell me what happened." Singtan asked.

" Heartbreak." Zechan murmured from behind.

When Singtan saw Songpa's gloomy expression, he said," It's fine if you don't wanna talk but remember one thing, locking yourself in the room or not eating is not going to help. If you really like her then go and find out what is wrong with her."

" But she refuses to recognise me." Songpa said in a very low voice.