Beth sighed and nodded her head. Looking at Julia for quite sometime, Beth quietly left the apartment along with Peter.



After boarding the car, when Peter saw Beth's sad expression, he said," You have to make her understand that she can't carry on like this for the rest of her life. She has to learn to be responsible and you can't always stay with her and waste your life too. You also have to find someone and start a new family of your own."

Beth nodded her head," I'll listen to you brother."

Patting her head, Peter said," You know you are my favourite little sister right?"

Beth smiled and nodded her head.

" Honestly speaking Beth, I don't care about Julia anymore. If not for you getting anxious and worried about her, I would've let her stay like that on the road for the entire night." Peter said before heading towards his place.


Li Mansion.

Ming and Singtan woke up early in the morning because Singtan had a very important meeting to attend and Ming wanted him to drop her to the Xie Mansion so that she could spend sometime with father Xie and Aunt Yulin.

After applying her lipstick Ming was busy fixing her hair when Singtan walked inside the room all dressed up.

Xie Ming frowned and asked," Where are you going looking is sexy and handsome?"

Fixing his cufflinks, Singtan chuckled and said," I am going for a meeting. Didn't I tell you this earlier?"

The man standing in front of him dressed in a dark brown suit was looking exceptionally handsome and sexy at the same time. Though it was very common for him to wear a business suit but there was something different about him today.

Walking towards him, Ming helplessly shook her head and said," You can't go outside wearing this. Take them off."

Singtan raised his eyebrows and asked," Why?"

" You are looking very tempting. Hey I don't want other women to look at my husband with their lust filled eyes okay." Ming said.

Wrapping his arms around her waist, Singtan said," Look Mrs Li I know I am turning you on but I am really getting late for the meeting. So I'll fulfil all your lustful desires after I come back from work."

Hooking her arms around his neck, Ming said," There is something missing."

" What?" Singtan asked.

Kissing his right cheek, Ming chuckled and said," Now you look complete."

Kissing her lips, Singtan said," I'll be back soon okay."

Xie Ming proudly grinned and said," No rush take your time."

" Come let's leave." Singtan said.


Li Corporation.

After dropping Xie Ming to the Xie Mansion, Singtan arrived at Li Corporation five minutes before the board meeting.

As he entered the building, all the employees stared greeting him but when they saw the dark pink lipstick mark on their cold boss's face, the male employees blushed while the females could not help but giggle.

After Singtan entered the elevator, the employees burst into laughter.

" Seems like boss had a lovely morning today." A male employee said.

" Wait don't we have a board meeting today? Oh don't tell me Boss is gonna attend the meeting that way." another man said before bursting into laughter.


When Singtan stepped out of the elevator, Han Zihao was waiting for him outside the meeting room.

Taking the file from his hand, Singtan asked," Is everything ready?"

" Yes Sir ever-" Han Zihao widened his eyes in shock when he saw the lipstick mark on Singtans cheek.

Closing the holder, Singtan started walking towards the meeting room saying," Alright."

Han Zihao wanted to tell him but it was too late. Singtan had already entered the meeting room by then.


Meeting room.

It had already been more then ten minutes after Singtan entered the room but no one was willing to say speak.

Elegantly flipping the documents, Singtan said," If you all don't wanna talk, why did you all call for this board meeting?"

An old man awkwardly got up and said," Ahem we actually- we wanted to- we-" no matter how hard he tried, he could not take his eyes off Singtans face.

That exceptionally dark pink lipstick mark on the cold and aloof CEO's face was distracting everyone.

Closing the document, Singtan placed his hands on the table and asked," Why are you people staring at me? Is there something on my face?"

An old man cleared his throat and said," Ahem Yes Mr Li there happens to be little cute lipstick mark on her cheek which is distracting all of us."

Without changing his facial expression, Singtan took out a handkerchief from his pocket and started wiping his cheek.

Scratching his head, Han Zihao said," Ehh Boss that's the wrong side.

Giggles and murmurs echoed throughout the room.

" Is it gone?" Singtan asked.

Pointing towards his cheek, Han Zihao said," A little bit here."

Placing the handkerchief down, Singtan cleared his throat and said," Alright now my face has nothing so can we start now?"


New York.

By the time they arrived at Sebastian's and Yufan's place in the States, it was almost dark.

" Now this is our room." Yufan said.

" You used to stay here?" Ling asked.

Yufan nodded his head and said," Yes. Now take some rest okay I'll be back after sometime."

" Where are you going?" Ling asked.

" I am going out with Seb for sometime. Dina will be here. So if you need anything you can ask her." Yufan said.

Wrapping her arms around his waist, Ling said," Come back soon."

Kissing her lips, Yufan smiled and said," Be good and sleep now because after I comeback, I won't let you sleep."

Ling chuckled and said," I'll be waiting then."

Giving her a last goodbye kiss, Yufan left along with Sebastian.


The arrival of the two young men in the States again had already spread like a wildfire.

Some started cleaning the mess that they had created after they left while some were excitedly waiting for the grand show that was about to happen because they knew that these two young men never did anything without any ulterior motive.

Some were waiting to see who the idiot was who dared to play with fire while some couldn't help feel excitedly to know how the two of them would deal with the person who actually compelled them to take a flight back to US overnight.