Dina narrowed her eyes and said," Why don't you do your creepy hula hula dance for your beloved ex."

" What is a hula hula dance?" Ling asked who was now standing in front of them along with Yufan.

" It's a funny and creepy thing that this idiot does when I am angry. It's a dance well only he calls it's a dance. It's a naked dance in which he twerks and then shakes his waist too and fro until I laugh and laugh and then forgive him." Dina said.

Ling chuckled and said," Now this is interesting." Turning towards Yufan, Ling said," Why don't you do the hula hula dance for me someday."

Yufan awkwardly cleared his throat and said," Emmm we have to go."

Ling chuckled and said," Alright let's leave."

Dina got up from her seat and left along with Ling.

" Dude do you really do that?" Yufan asked.

Sebastian nodded his head and said," I can't let her stay angry for a really long time. I need her okay."

Yufan helplessly shook his head and followed Ling and Dina along with Sebastian.


Li Clan.

Zechan slapped his forehead when he saw Songpa sleeping on the floor again.

Depressed and heart broken Songpa was worse than the psycho and funny Songpa.

" Songpa get up and have dinner." Zechan said.

" I am not hungry Zechan." Songpa said.

Zechan sighed and said," You haven't eaten anything since morning. You'll fall sick." When Songpa did not say anything, Zechan helplessly shook his head and left Songpa's room.

After coming out of Songpa's room, Zechan received a call from Singtan.

" Yes Boss." Zechan said.

" What happened to him?" Singtan asked.

Zechan sighed and said," He is heartbroken."

" What do you mean?" Singtan asked.

" Ah boss forget it. He will be okay by tomorrow morning. By the way sir Rumbas is ready is spill everything. You can interrogate him tomorrow." Zechan said.

" Alright. I have a very important meeting tomorrow in the morning. I'll be there after I finish the meeting. Call Mike, Yutang and Robbin tomorrow." Singtan said.

" Okay Sir." Zechan said before hanging up the call.


Li Mansion.

It was almost past twelve at night when Xie Ming woke up and released that her husband was not sleeping beside her.

Getting out of the room when Xie Ming saw the study room brightly lit, she frowned.

When Xie Ming entered the study room, Singtan was busy reading something.

" Do you know what time is it?" Ming asked.

Singtan frowned and asked," Why are you not sleeping?"

" I am here to ask you the same question. Why are you not sleeping?" Ming asked.

Singtan sighed and said," I have an important board meeting tomorrow. So I was just going through everything."

" It's midnight Singtan. You are not following rules." Ming said.

" Ming why don't you go to the room and warm yourself up and then sleep. I'll be there after sometime." Singtan said.

Ming frowned and said," Okay even I will stay here without any warmer and its cold too. I'll sit here on the couch and wait for you. Who cares if I fall sick? Baby and I will sit here and wait for the stubborn father to finish his work." before walking towards the couch.

Placing the documents down, Singtan sighed and said," Ming don't be stubborn."

Ignoring him, Ming quietly sat on the couch caressing her stomach.

After few seconds, Singtan got up from his seat. Walking towards her, he scooped her into his arms and started walking towards their room.

" Its already autumn. Will you please start wearing warmer clothes now otherwise you will fall sick." Singtan said.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, Ming said," I have to go winter shopping."

" hmm I'll take you to the mall tomorrow." Singtan said.

Placing her on the bed, Singtan quickly wrapped his arms around her to make her warm.

Snuggling against his chest, Ming chuckled and said," You know I don't really need warm clothes if you stay with me like this all day."

" Didn't you ask me to stay away from you?" Singtan asked.

" When did I say that? Is asking you to go to work wrong? We are going to have a new member with us after few months. We are about to start a new family and now if you don't work how are we going to survive?" Xie Ming said.

Singtan chuckled and said," So I am a money earning machine for you?"

Ming shook her head and said," Yes you are. You are my sexy handsome money earning machine."

Pinning her down, Singtan brushed their lips together and said," Seems like Mrs Li is not feeling sleepy. Is it because I am not working hard to tire you?"

Ming laughed and said," May be."

Singtan smiled and said," Then let me do what I am suppose to."


Shabby apartment.

Pacing too and fro in the living room, Beth was feeling very anxious. It was past midnight and there was no news about Julia yet.

Just then the doorbell and rang and when Beth opened the door, she widened her eyes in shock.

A man was carrying the half naked Julia in his arms.

" Brother this-" Beth lowered her head and could not say anything else.

" You know where I found her? I found her in a dark alley, lying on the ground naked. She was also heavily drunk." Peter said before walking inside the apartment.

" Brother actually she-"

" Don't try to defend her. She is done for Beth and you are wasting your time looking after her. Don't waste your time and tarnish your reputation for someone like her." Peter said before throwing Julia on the couch.

" That's it you are not staying with her anymore. Pack your things you are moving in with me and your sister-in-law. Your sister-in-law keeps nagging me to keep you away from Julia everyday. It is you who never listens to me. This isn't the first time something like this has happened. Now I want you pack you things right now and leave her and this place with me." Peter said in a very strict tone.

Beth nodded her head and said," I'll listen to you."

" Good go and start packing." Peter said.

Peter Hembron was Beth's and Julia's paternal first cousin. Peter doted on Beth and liked her a lot but he despised Julia not only for her loose character but also for her rude and carefree kind of a behaviour.

This wasn't the first time Peter had brought Julia home like that. It had happened several times in the past. Peter was highly educated and earned quite well. He lived in a very reputed society with his wife Sarah and his five year old son Judah. Peter and his wife had asked Beth to move in with them several times but Beth would politely reject them saying that she has to take care of Julia.

Peter knew about the problems that Beth had to face because of Julia. So he was determined to take Beth away for Julia this time and put an end to everything.

After packing her things, Beth dragged her luggage out of her room.

Taking the suitcase from her hand, Peter said," You have done enough and endured enough for this woman. Now you have live a peaceful life and you must not let her affect you anymore."