The subordinate nodded his head and called Go Jeffrey immediately.

Passing the phone to Simon, the subordinate left the room.

" What is it?" Go Jeffrey asked.

After taking a deep breath, Simon said," Junjop took my blue folder."

Go Jeffrey frowned and shouted," I had told you destroy it."

" Yes I know but I forgot but it isn't my fault. He tricked me to get the folder." Simon said.

" If anyone from the Xie family is harmed because of this, I will kill you." Go Jeffrey said.

Simon sighed and said," I would never hurt the Xie family Jeffrey and you know that. I had not touched that folder since the day you had told me to stay away from them."

Go Jeffrey frowned and said," If he tries to even touch my family or Ming, I'll kill him and if you try to protect him, I'll not spare you too."

" I just wanted to warn to. Be cautious and trust me when I say I want to kill that man just like you do." Simon said before hanging up the call.


Several years back, when Go Jeffrey and Simon had joined hands to bring Li Singtan down, that time Simon had done a thorough investigation about everyone who was related to the Li Singtan. After Singtan got married, Simon had asked someone to gather all the details about the Xie family and had secured it in a blue folder just like he had done for the rest of them.

When Go Jeffrey heard about this, he warned Simon not to touch the Xie's and stay far away from them. He had also asked him to destroy the folder to which Simon had readily agreed.

After Go Jeffrey broke his alliance with Simon, Simon joined hands with Mo Junjop. When Mo Junjop told him that he had an old grudge with the Li's, Simon gave him all the details that he had about the Li's including Xie Ming's details but when Junjop asked him about the Xie's, Simon refused to give him anything and asked him to stay away from the Xie's.

One day when Simon was heavily drunk, he told Mo Junjop about his little blue file in which he had all the information about the Xie's. Next morning when Junjop asked him for the folder, Simon directly refused him saying ' Stay away from them. It's good for me and for you if we do not mess with the Xies.'

Simon didn't want to go against Go Jeffrey because the latter happened to know too much about his dark secrets and could destroy him easily but for Mo Junjop the Xie family was an easy target in order to make the Li family suffer. So he used his brains and decided to press on Simon's weakest point to get the folder, a beautiful seductress woman and that is how Julia came into the picture.

Now that Junjop had all the details about the people around the Li's, he could start his plan soon after he gets the funds that he needed.


Passing the phone to his subordinate, Simon said," Find her. Turn the whole country upside down but I want that woman on my feet by tomorrow."

How could he let that woman go who actually took advantage of him, made him weak, fed him with an overdose with something and then ran away with his things? She would have to pay for it.



Placing her head on Yufan shoulder, Ling asked," Where did you meet Aunt Yulin yesterday?"

Kissing her hand, Yufan said," In the super market."

Snuggling on his shoulder, Ling said," I saw how to stopped Aunt Yulin from saying anything that time."

" Ling I-"

" It's fine if you don't wanna tell me but Yufan I want you stay safe. I want you to return home everyday safe and sound and then cuddle me to sleep." Ling said.

Yufan chuckled and asked," Only cuddle?"

Ling nodded her head and said," Yes only cuddle."

Kissing her forehead, Yufan said," I promise I'll come back right beside you every night and then I won't allow you to sleep for the whole night."

Ling chuckled and said," You better keep your promise Mr Xie."

While the Xie couple were acting all lovey dovey, things were different on the other side.

" Dina I am sorry." Sebastian said.

" So you agree that you still talk to her and you still like her?" Dina asked.

Sebastian frowned and said," What no I don't like her."

Turning towards him, Dina asked," Then why do you still have her number? Why does she text you saying that she still misses you?"

Sebastian sighed and said," I don't know why she does that but I swear you are the only woman that I think about all day and you know that there is no one else in my heart because you my dear finace have occupies the entire space in my heart."

Dina frowned and asked," Sebastian Wu are you calling me fat?"

" What? No I am not. When did I call you fat?" Sebastian said.

" Just now. You said that I have occupied all the space and-"

Cupping her face, Sebastian said," Idiot What I mean is that I love you and only you."

" Sweet talking won't help this time. Do something about those messages or I'll stay at my home as soon as we land in US and I'll not return back to country S with you." Dina said before jerking off his hands.

Sebastian sighed and asked," Do you want me to do the hula-hula dance for you again?"