When the two guards entered the car, they gulped in fear when they saw Songpa's dark and gloomy expression.

The man was sitting in the back seat folding his arms, staring God knows at what without blinking.

" Should we run?" The guard whispered.

The second guard gulped in fear and said," I think we should."

As they were about to jump out of the car and run for their life's , Songpa said in a very cold voice," Drive."

The two guards could feel goosebumps all over their body.

" Y-yes Boss." A guard finally managed to say.

Taking few deep breaths to calm himself down, the man started the engine and drove towards the clan.


Li clan.

Without waiting for the car to stop, Songpa hopped out of the car and started walking inside.

Zechan who was standing outside talking to Singtan over the phone gasped when he saw what Songpa did.

Grabbing Songpa's shoulder, Zechan said," Don't do that. It's dangerous."

Jerking his hands off, Songpa started walking towards his room.

" What- Songpa What happened?" Zechan shouted.

" What is it?" Singtan asked.

" Boss Songpa looks very upset." Zechan said.

Singtan raised his eyebrows and said," Go and comfort him. If things become worse, call me immediately."

Zechan nodded his head and said," Yes Boss."

After hanging up the call, Zechan asked the two guards what exactly had happened.

After hearing the story, Zechan could not help but chuckled," So that is how Songpa looks when he feels heartbroken."

The two guards helplessly shook their head and said," Boss don't laugh. The situation is very serious. Songpa Boss did not blink for several minutes."

Zechan raised his eyebrows and asked," Not even once?"

The two guards vigorously shook their head.

Zechan sighed and said," Okay let's go."


Inside Songpa's room.

When Zechan and the two guards entered the room, Songpa was sleeping on the floor with his arms and legs wide open.

Rushing towards him, Zechan frowned and said," You are you mad? Get up and sleep on the bed." But Songpa did not buzz.

Kneeling down on the floor, Zechan shook his shoulders and asked," Songpa are you fine." but Songpa was neither moving nor blinking. He was just staring at the ceiling with his eyes wide open.

" Can a person die because of heartbreak?" The guards asked.

The second guard nodded his head and said," Yes Yes I read somewhere that a person can die because of a heart break."

" So you mean Songpa Boss is-"

" Will you both shut up." Zechan shouted making the two jump in fear.

" Songpa atleast get up and talk to me. I'll help you with whatever it is but don't act like this. You are scaring me." Zechan said.

Taking a deep breath, Songpa said in a very low voice," She doesn't remember me and she was not looking sweet and cute anymore."

Zechan sighed and said," It's fine Songpa."

" She was looking so beautiful yesterday night. She was looking like an angel yesterday. Red cheeks, soft skin, beautiful eyes, pink lips. Everything about her was so lovely and refreshing but today-" Songpa frowned when he remembered what had happened today.

" Today What?" Zechan asked.

Getting up, Songpa crossed his legs and said," Zechan though I saw her today but she felt different. She did not have that innocence or you know that spark in her. She was looking the same but felt so different. You are understanding what I am trying to say right?"

The second guard nodded his head and said," Songpa Boss is right. That woman was different from the lady whom we had dropped home last night. That lady was so nice and she invited us inside and gave us fresh baked brownies which were- ouch."

The guard standing beside him, scratched his forehead and said," Ehhehe he is speaking non-sense."

When the second guard noticed Songpa's dark expression, he gulped in fear and said," Yes Yes I was speaking nonsense."

" Oh I think you have fever. Let's go I'll give you some medicine." The guard said before dragging the other guard along with him.

" Stop." Songpa shouted making the two already scared to death guards almost pee their pants.

Walking towards them, Songpa pointed them and said," You both entered her apartment yesterday night and also ate the delicious brownie that she made."

The second guard gulped in fear and said," May be."

Songpa's expression darkened as he said," I never entered her apartment and ate her brownies. I don't even know where she lives and you both did everything that I was suppose to do. I should have been the first one to enter her apartment and the first one to taste her brownies."

Grabbing the seconds guards shoulder, Songpa asked," So tell me how were the brownies? Were they tasty?"

The second guard shook his head and said," No no they were bland. Not tasty at all."

Songpa frowned deeper and shouted," You dare to call her brownies bland?" before digging his nails inside his flesh.

The second guard flinched in pain and shouted," No no they were very tasty. The most delicious brownie I had ever had."

Punching the wall beside him, Songpa shouted," How dare you taste her tasty brownies before me?"

The guards "-"

Zechan "-"



It had been few hours since Simon woke up but he refused to talk nor see anyone.

When he did not come out of his room for lunch, the guards were worried about him. When they crashed into his room, they were shocked to see their colleague lying on the floor covered with blood and Simon lying unconscious on the bed. When they checked their pulse, both of them were alive. So they quickly rushed them to the hospital.

Though Simon's condition was a bit critical when he was bought to the hospital but it stabilised after few hours. The guard on the other hand was still very serious.

Thinking for quite sometime, Simon's subordinate entered his hospital room.

" What did she take?" Simon asked.

" The blue folder sir." The subordinate said.

Simon's expression darkened. Curling his fingers into a fist, Simon said," Call Go Jeffrey now."