" Harred is sensible. He knows what is good for me and what is not." Sebastian said.

" It's good that he is sensible." Yufan said.

Sebastian smiled and asked," Are you thinking what I am thinking?"

Yufan nodded his head and said," It's time to make some major changes."

Sebastian smirked and said," Let's do it bro."


In a remote area.

Getting down from the cab, Julia fixed her clothes and started walking towards a man who was standing not to far away from her.

The man was fairly built and had a slightly tanned skin. He was six feet tall and was wearing dark shades.

Julia smiled as she knew what was going to happen now. There was no way she would let him go without tasting him.

Pulling down her dress, Julia adjusted her bra perfectly exposing her deep cleavage.

" Are you Julia?" The man asked in a very husky tone.

Giving him a seductive smile, Julia said," Yes I am."

Stretching his hand, the man said," Folder."

Taking few steps towards him, Julia said," What's the rush?"

Understanding what she wanted, the man smirked. Lifting her over his shoulder, he took her inside a dark lane and did what she wanted him to do.

Buckling his pants, the man said," Give me the folder now."

" Give me my money first." Julia said.

Taking out the huge bundle of cash from his pocket, the gave it the Julia.

Taking out four blue folders from her bag, Julia said," There were four blue folders. I did not know which one you people wanted so I brought all the four with me."

Checking each and every folder, the man smirked when he finally found what he wanted.

Throwing the other three folders away, the man said," Don't show your face around for few days. He will definitely look for you."

Dusting her clothes, Julia said," Alright."

Staring at her for a very long time, the man turned around and left.

Julia laughed and said," If you want to do it one more time, I don't mind."

Without even looking at her, the man said," You were not that special."

Julia rolled her eyes and shouted," I was giving you a kind offer but if you don't want it then fine."


Somewhere in country S.

" Sir here is the folder." The man said.

Taking the folder from his hand, Junjop laughed and said," This is it. I knew that only a woman could trick that bastard."

Opening the folder, Junjop eyes brightened when he read all everything that was written on the folder.

" This is it. Now I can easily execute my plan." Junjop said.

" Sir there are some people from US who want some information about a person who is in country S. They are willing to pay a huge amount of money for that." The man said.

Junjops eyes brightened. Wasn't this wonderful? He just had to pass on some information about a man and he would get money for that. Junjop needed funds and this was a wonderful opportunity that God had given him.

" Take it right away." Junjop said.

The man nodded his head and left.

After the man left, Junjop laughed and said," The Li families end is near."


It was very difficult was Julia to get a cab from that place. After waiting for almost half an hour, she finally got a cab.

Walking towards the soda machine, Julia took out some coins from Beth's purse and was about to put it inside the soda machine when she noticed someone staring at him.

" Hey." The man said.

Julia rolled her eyes and ignored him.

The man cleared his throat and said," How you feeling today?"

Turning towards the man, Julia asked," What the hell is you problem?"

The man raised his eyebrows when he felt something different about the woman standing in front of him.

Scratching his forehead, he said," May be you did not recognise me but I am the man who saved you yesterday. My name is Songpa. You remember now right?"

Finding him very irritating, Julia screamed and said," I don't know you so stay away."

Songpa frowned and asked," How can you forget me so fast?"

Julia rolled her eyes and said," May be because you are not handsome. Now get the hell out of here kid."

Songpa frowned deeper and said," What do you mean by I am not handsome? You were acting so sweet yesterday when you needed my help and now why are you behaving so rudely?"

Julia rolled her eyes and said," I don't know you okay. So get lost."

Songpa could feel his blood boiling in his veins. Last night he could not sleep thinking about the sweet little woman who was clutching into his shirt looking all cute and beautiful and now she was bluntly refusing to recognise him and also trying to chase him away. This was too much for Songpa to handle.

Storming his foot on the ground, Songpa made his way towards the car.

The two guards who were with them could not help but pity him. They were the same guards who had dropped the woman whom Songpa had fancied, home. Even the two guards found her behaviour quite odd.

Yesterday after dropping her home, the lady had thanked them several times and also forced them to accompany her inside for some coffee and snacks.

After rejecting her kind offer several times when the lady kept on insisting them, they reluctantly agreed and entered her apartment.

The lady always had a sweet and innocent smile on her face which made her look very beautiful and now when they saw the same woman acting very rudely and in a very indecent manner, the two guards were also in a very serious dilemma.

" Do you think she is the same woman?" A guard asked.

The second guard shrugged his shoulders and said," She is the same woman but I don't know though it is the same face but I think something is fishy."

The guard nodded his head and said," Yes even in feel that same. There was no way she that sweet woman whom we dropped home yesterday."

" Yes how can someone so arrogant like her make such delicious brownie." The second guard said.

" Ahh those brownies. They were the best I have ever had." The guard said.