Flexi compound.

When Yufan stepped out of the washroom, Ling was already done with the packing.

" This is done. I have already taken out your clothes. Wear them and quickly get ready." Ling said before walking towards the washroom.

Just then Yufan grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him. Hugging her from behind, Yufan kissed her nape and said," I love you"

Ling shook her head and said," I love you too but you are still sleeping on the couch after we reach there."

Letting her go, Yufan puffed his cheeks and said," Fine."

After poking his cheeks for sometime, Ling chuckled and entered the washroom.


Robbins Villa.

" Okay then we will take our leave now." Uncle Chen said.

Yulin smiled and asked," Linda can I talk to you for a second?"

Linda smiled and nodded her head and said," We can go to the garden."

Yulin nodded her head and followed her


Yulin smiled and said," I am happy that you accepted Yichan even after knowing everything about him."

" You know?" Linda asked.

Yulin nodded her head and said," Though I was not there with him when he needed me the most but I always kept a close eye on his activities. When I heard about him turning into a womaniser, I was enraged but there was nothing I could do. I was helpless."

Grabbing Linda's hand, Yulin said," I know I don't have any right to lecture you like this but I want you to keep Yichan happy. I want you to give him all the happiness that he deserves. That boy had a really tough childhood and it's all because of me. I know I don't deserve to be a mother-"

Linda shook her head and said," You are Robbins mother and nobody can change that. Yes I know many things happened in the past which forced you to take some harsh decisions, but everything is over now and you all are together. So why should we dwell in the past and spoil our future? Robbin loves you and he stills respects you."

" He does?" Yulin asked.

Linda smiled and said," Yes he does. He is willing to accept you again. All you have to do this shower him with the motherly love and affection that he is craving for."

" I am so glad that you are with Yichan now." Yulin said before giving Linda a hug.

After uncle Chen and Yulin left, Robbin hugged Linda and asked," So what did you both talk about?"

Linda chuckled and said," It's a woman thing. You won't understand."


Li Mansion

Li Singtan helping Xie Ming find a suitable movie when he received a call from Mike.

" Go and take it." Ming said.

Giving her a quick peck on her cheek, Singtan said," I'll be right back." before walking out of the room.

" What happened?" Singtan asked.

Mike smiled and said," You know people usually say Hello when they receive a call but you- ah forget it. I called you to tell you something important."

" What is it?" Singtan asked.

" Simon has been admitted in the my hospital. Someone gave him an overdose of some kind of a sleeping pill. His condition was very serious but now it has stabilised. They had also brought a man whose throat has been slitted. That man lost too much blood and is currently in a very critical state." Mike said.

Singtan frowned and said," You mean-"

Mike nodded his head bad said," Yes. Who else can it be?"

Singtan helplessly shook his head and said," This Junjop is really something. I don't know what should I do with him."

Mike chuckled and said," When time comes, we kill him."

" Did he send someone to do that?" Singtan asked.

Mike shrugged his shoulders and said," May be. We have to find out what exactly happened."

Singtan smirked and said," Forget it. Simon is never letting that person go. I won't be shocked if Junjop used a woman to distract Simon."

" But why? Why would Junjop do that? Isn't he and Simon partners?" Mike said.

" I'll try to find out the details. So how is Anna?" Singtan asked.

Mike sighed and said," She has become very moody and keeps shouting at me every now and then without any reason. I am already feeling tired."

Singtan chuckled and said," Things will get worse after few months."

" Don't scare me. Oh have to heard from Yutang?" Mike asked.

Singtan shook his head and said," Not a word."

Mike laughed and said," May be he is busy making babies."


Yang Mansion.

" Why can't we have one? Ming is pregnant. Anna is pregnant too. Even I want to fall pregnant." Yixi said.

Yutang helplessly sighed and said," Yixi what is the rush. We just got married."

Yixi narrowed her eyes and said," We started having sex before Mike and Anna. Anna is already pregnant and look at me. Are you impotent?"

Yutang who almost choked at her words, coughed vigorously and said," You know that my tools are fine and this is not some kind of a competition."

" Then why are we not falling pregnant?" Yixi asked.

" We are using protection Yixi. And why are you even stressing over this? We will have one later in the future." Yutang said.

Yixi narrowed her eyes and said," I am throwing away all your condoms in the bin. We have to start making babies starting today. I need one. Even I want my baby to grow up with Ming's baby just like we did. Don't you want your baby to grow up with Mike and Mr Li's baby?"

Yutang sighed and nodded his head," Okay fine but just one. Not more than that"

Yixi nodded her head and said," Let's start trying from today."

" Do you really want one?" Yutang asked.

Yixi vigorously nodded her head and said," Yes."

" Are you willing to bear all the pain that you'll feel while giving birth?" Yutang asked.

" Yes."

" Are you Okay with waking up in the middle of the night to change the dirty diapers?"

" Yes."

" Are you-"

Yixi frowned and shouted," Okay stop. If you don't wanna give me one, there is other ways through which I can fall pregnant."