When the guard entered the room, Julia pounced into his embrace and started kissing him with all her might.

The guard pushed her away and said," You are you crazy? What are you trying to do? And what did you do to master?"

Spreading her legs in front of him, Julia moaned and said," Please."

The guard gulped in nervousness when he saw her wet and sweet opening.

When Julia saw his lust filled eyes and dry lips, she moaned louder and started playing with her clit.

Not being able to control himself, the guard quickly unbuckled his pants. Lifting her up from the floor, he pressed her against the wall before thrusting his hard member inside her.

Julia gasped in pleasure. Wrapping her legs around his waist, Julia moaned in pleasure.

After thrusting inside her in very position he could, the guard sat down on the floor to calm himself down.

Wearing his pants, the guard said," Don't mention about this to anyone."

Seductively walking towards him, Julia sat on his stomach and said," Don't worry no one will ever know about this."

The guard smirked and said," You are still not satisfied aren't you?"

Leaning towards him, Julia placed her hand on his mouth before slitting throat with a small sharp object.

Patting his cheeks, Julia said," I really enjoyed it but too bad you had to die."

Getting down from his body, Julia wore her undergarments and started looking for the blue folder inside Simon's wardrobe.

After looking for it for quite sometime, Julia decided to take all the four blue folders that she could see.

After waiting for quite sometime, she opened the door and left.


After coming back to the servants quarter, Julia took a quick bath before calling Junjop.

" I got the folder." Julia said.

" Good. Now leave the place before Simon gets up. I'll send someone to fetch you at your place later." Junjop said before hanging up the call.


Inside a shabby apartment.

As it was Sunday, Beth decided to clean her apartment.

As she was busy with the utensils, the door bell rang.

" Coming." Beth shouted but when she opened the door, she frowned and shouted," Where were you for so many days? You know how worried I was? And your so called clients chased me yesterday night and-"

" God woman stop shouting. I am very tired and hungry too. So cook something for me." a woman shouted.

Stopping her, Beth said," You have to stop all this Julia. I am not tolerating this anymore."

Julia rolled her eyes and said," Will you shut up and let me rest." Before walking towards her room.

Beth Hembron and Julia Hembron were identical twins. The only difference between them were their personality and character.

Beth Hembron was a very sweet and lovely girl who lived her life with certain principles and rules. She worked very hard to earn a living. She used to work in a hardware store till afternoon and after that in a departmental store. She used to earn very little but she was happy with whatever she had.

On the other hand, Julia Hembron was a characterless slutty woman who believed in easy money. She did not believe in hard work and often mocked Bella for being stupid. For her money was money Whether you earn it through fair means or unfair means. She was also a sex addict. Initially she used to sleep with random people for pleasure but later she started seducing different kind of men. After sleeping with them, she used to rob them and run away. Julia did not care about the age and face of the person. If the person had money and could give her pleasure, she would do anything for him.

Beth refused to use her filthy money and paid the rent and other bills with her own hard earned money.

Beth was very frustrated with her twin sister. Because they had the same face men used to think that she was Julia. She had to face a really tough time dealing with the mess that Julia had created.

From the mail man to the security guard of their building. Julia had slept with everyone. So it was very difficult for her to face them everyday. Having the same face was no piece of cake.

Helplessly shaking her head, Beth sighed and started washing the utensils again.

After she was done with the utensils, Beth entered Julia's room.

Picking up her dirty clothes, Beth said," Julia get up and wash your clothes."

Julia groaned and said," Don't behave like an old lady and don't disturb me. I had a really rough day today."

Beth helplessly shook her head and sighed. She wanted to leave Julia alone and live a peaceful life all by herself but she couldn't do that as she and promised her dying mother that she would always take care of Julia.

After Beth was done cleaning, she entered her room planning to get some sleep.

Yesterday night was already very hectic and traumatic for her. If not for Songpa, God knows what would've happened.

Lying down on the bed, Beth flipped over and murmured," Songpa." before falling asleep.


Beth woke up when she heard a loud bang.

" Beth open the damn door." Julia shouted.

Beth frowned and slowly got down from the bed.

" What do you want?" Beth asked.

" I want money." Julia said.

Beth shook her head and said," I don't have any."

" Please I need it. I need to go somewhere urgently." Julia said.

Walking inside the room, Beth took out her purse and said," Let me check."

Snatching her purse from her, Julia ran outside shouting," I'll return it to you."

Chasing her, Beth shouted," No Julia that is for the house rent. Stop."