Robbins Villa.

After quite sometime, Linda came downstairs properly dressed.

She did not feel like coming down after what had happened but she knew she couldn't hide there all day.

When Robbin saw Linda, he quickly approached her and said," I am sorry I did not know they were coming."

Glaring at him with bloodshot eyes, Linda said," It's all your fault."

Robbin gulped in nervousness and said," I am sorry Linda."

" Kids the food is turning cold." Uncle Chen said.

Placing his hand on her waist, Robbin said," Come let's go and eat breakfast."

Linda sighed and followed him.

When they were having breakfast, Yulin suddenly asked," When did you start dating each other?"

" Yesterday."" Six months." Linda and Robbin said at the same time.

Robbin cleared his throat and said," I mean I was trying to woo her since the last six months and she accepted my proposal yesterday."

Uncle Chen nodded his head and said," That nice. So you both are staying together?"

Robbin nodded his head and said," We were not staying together before but now I think we will."

" Great then why don't you both shift to the Chen Mansion. It's empty now and it's quite close to Chen enterprise so you will not have any problem." Uncle Chen said.

" Dad why don't you and mom shift there." Robbin said.

Yulin shook her head and said," We will be staying in the Xie Mansion with your uncle Chuang. We cannot leave him alone like that."

Robbin sighed and said," We will think-"

" We will shift there as soon as possible." Cutting Robbin off Linda said.

" Linda Chen Mansion is quite far from Yang Enterprise." Robbin said.

Linda smiled and said," It's just a thirty minutes drive. I'll manage."

" You work at Yang Enterprise?" Uncle Chen asked.

Linda nodded her head and said," Yes Sir."

" Which department?" Uncle Chen asked.

" I am the head of the finance department." Linda said.

Uncle Chen smiled and said," Now that is great and please don't call me sir. You can call me Father just like Yichan."

" And you can call me mother." Yulin said.

Linda smiled and nodded her head.


Simon's Villa.

By the time Simon woke up, It was almost noon.

Looking around the study room when Simon could not find Julia, he frowned and quickly got down from the mini bed.

After wearing his clothes, Simon went straight to the servants quarter.

Julia had just taken a bath and was trying to catch some sleep when Simon dashed into her room.

" Master." Julia murmured before getting down from the bed.

Walking towards her, Simon pulled he towards himself and asked," Why did you leave?"

Julia lowered her head and said," Master I was scared that-"

" Didn't I tell you that I will make you my mistress?" Simon said.

Julia slowly nodded her head.

Lifting her dress up, Simon brushed his hands against her inner thighs and said," Now you have to face the consequences of not listener to your master."

Hugging Simon tightly, Julia smirked and said," I want to be yours master take me to your room and then do whatever you want to do with me."

Grabbing her hand, Simon dragged her outside.


Inside Simon's room.

Before entering the room, Simon told one of subordinate not to disturb him at any cost.

After entering the room, Julia locked the door before pouncing into Simon's embrace and kissing his lips.

Pushing her on the bed, Simon quickly towered her but before she could do anything, Julia stopped him saying," Master you haven't eaten anything let me get some food for you first."

Simon shook his head and said," I am fine. I just want to eat you."

Pushing him away, Julia got up and said," I cannot compromise with your health. Let me go and bring something for you." before walking out of the room.

After sometime, Julia entered the room with a fresh glass of juice and a sandwich.

Simon quickly are the sandwich and said," Now let's start."

Julia shook her head and said," You have to finish the juice too."

Gulping down the whole content, Simon wiped his mouth and pounced upon her like a hungry wolf but what he failed to notice was the small smirk that escaped Julia's lips.

Rubbing her neither region with his knee, Simon smiled and said," Wet already." before pushing her on the bed.

Julia frowned when she saw Simon pulling down his boxers and taking off her undergarments without any change in his strength.

' Wasn't he suppose to faint by now?' Julia thought.

Positioning himself above Julia, Simon entered her in one thrust.

Julia could not help but moan in pleasure. Wrapping her legs around his waist, Julia shouted," Faster."

Placing his hand above her shoulder, Simon started trusting faster but soon his vision started turning blurry.

" Yeah right there faster." Julia shouted in pleasure.

As Julia was about to reach her climax, Simon collapsed on top of her.

Julia frowned. Shaking Simon's shoulder, Julia shouted," Hey you wake up. You can't faint now. You wake up."

Pushing him away, Julia groaned in frustration. She needed it. She needed someone to fuck her hard otherwise she would die.

Not being able to control her sexual frustration, Julia opened the door and called the guard who was standing outside the room inside saying that Simon wanted to talk to him.