Inside the bedroom.

After carefully placing Linda on the bed, Robbin said," Stay here. I'll be back in a minute."

" Where are you going?" Linda asked.

Robbin chuckled and said," Well don't worry I am not leaving just like that. I'll be back." before walking out of the room.

Few minutes later Robbin entered the room again and quickly pinned Linda down.

Placing her hand in his shoulder, Linda said," Wait close the door atleast."

Robbin chuckled and said," There is no one in the house."

Linda frowned and asked," What? What about the maids and other helpers?"

Kissing her nape, Robbin said," They are all gone. They will come back tomorrow in the evening."

" Oh okay." Linda said.

Taking off his shirt, Robbin said," Let's begin now."

Linda chuckled and said," Look at you getting all impatient."

Helping her take off her t-shirt, Robbin said," You have no idea how long I have waited for you."

Robbin then started trailing kissing down her neck, sucking and biting everywhere he could.

He then unhooked her bra and attacked her right breast while swirling his tongue on the other.

Linda couldn't help but moan in pleasure. She had never felt like this before. This was completely new sensation. Last time when they had done it, she was heavily drunk but now she was completely sober. She could feel wetness in her neither region. She wanted him. She wanted him now.

Taking her hands near his belt, Linda quickly started unbuckling them.

Catching both her hands, Robbin smiled and said," What's the rush? Just sit back and enjoy."

He then pulled down her pjs and started kissing her inner thighs.

" Aaaaahhh." Linda moaned when Robbin touched her down there.

" Damn I can't take it anymore." Robbin said before taking off his pants.

Soon heavy moans and groans echoed throughout the room which did not stop till dawn. The two new couple in love made love to each other till their hearts content.


Xie Mansion.

As Robbin was having his best time with Linda, things were a bit stressed in the Xie Mansion.

" It's okay honey. He usually comes late." Uncle Chen said.

Pacing back and forth in the living area, Yulin said," I know he is not coming home because I am here. God Seini he hates me."

Uncle Chen shook his head and said," No he doesn't. Just give him sometime okay. He will be alright."

" But where did he go?" Yuling asked.

" He has a villa not too far away from here. Okay let's go something, you go and rest right now and I'll take you there early in the morning. Okay?" Uncle Chen said.

" What if he refuses to see me?" Yulin asked.

Pulling her into his embrace, Uncle Chen said," He won't. Don't overthink now. Let's go and sleep okay"

Yulin sighed and nodded her head.


Robbins Villa.

Next morning when Linda woke up, Robbin was still sleeping beside her, burying his face on her neck.

Linda smiled and kissed his forehead. Linda did not know whether her decision was right or not. She had no idea where this relationship would take her. She just wanted to enjoy each and every moment with him. Even if Robbin cheated on her or did something bad, would she regret giving him a chance? No, she won't. She would never regret being with him. She would never regret letting him touch her.

Snuggling against her neck, Robbin slowly opened his eyes and smiled," Good morning baby."

" Morning." Linda said.

Wrapping his hand around her waist, Robbin said," I love you."

Linda chuckled and said," I love you too but I am hungry too. So why don't you get up and make some breakfast for your girlfriend."

Robbin nodded his head and said," Sure why don't you go freshen up. I'll go down and make something for you." before getting down from the bed.

" Okay." Linda said.

Giving her a peck on her lips, Robbin said," After breakfast, we can go for few more rounds."

" I have work Robbin." Linda said.

" Today is Sunday." Robbin shouted before walking out of the room.



As Robbin was busy making breakfast for Linda, he received a call from the guard saying," Sir there is someone at the gates to see you."

" Who is it?" Robbin asked.

" It's Mr Chen Seini." The guard send.

" Alright send him in." Robbin said.

After few minutes, Uncle Chen and Yulin entered the villa.

" Mom dad you both are here?" Robbin asked.

" You did not want me to come?" Yulin asked.

" No no I just thought. Oh forget it. Sit down both of you." Robbin said.

" Why didn't you come home yesterday?" Uncle Chen asked.

Robbin widened his eyes in shock when he thought about Linda who would come down any minute now.

" I-Hmm I'll be back in a minute." Robbin said before rushing towards the stairs but it was too late.

Linda was already coming down only wearing his oversized shirt.

Robbin gulped when he saw her half exposed thighs and smooth legs.

Linda hooked her arms around his neck and asked," What are you staring at?"

Wrapping his arms around her waist, Robbin said," You look amazing."

*AHEM* *AHME* Uncle Chen, who was standing not to far away from them along with Yulin cleared his throat to remind the couple about their presence.

Linda quickly let Robbin go when she saw two other people standing not to far away from them.

Robbin helpless scratched his head and said," Mom dad this is Linda and Linda they are my mom and dad."

Linda widened her eyes in shock.

Yulin smiled and said," Ahh so she is the reason why you did not come home yesterday."

Uncle Chen chuckled and said," See I told you not to worry about him."

When Linda lowered her head, she realised what she was wearing. Meeting her in-laws for the first time wearing only an oversized men's shirt was very worst thing that could ever happen.

Without saying anything, Linda turned around and ran upstairs.

" Did I scare her?" Yulin asked.

Robbin sighed and said," She is just shy. She will come down in a minute or so. I am making breakfast. You people want some?"

Uncle Chen and Yulin nodded their head.


Flexi compound.

" This is all your fault." Ling shouted.

Taking out random clothes from the wardrobe, Yufan said," I am sorry okay."

" We are leaving in an hour Yufan and we haven't packed anything yet. And it's all your fault." Ling shouted.

" Ahh don't be angry. I am packing everything." Yufan said.

Pushing him away, Ling said," Go and take shower first. I'll take of it and you are sleeping on the couch tonight."

Yufan sighed and nodded his head. It was his fault after all. When they woke up in the morning today, Yufan quickly pinned Ling down for a morning make out session which ended up lasting for several hours. By the time they realised, it was almost noon. They had a flight at 4 and before leaving they had to visit the Li and Xie Mansion as well. Their packing was incomplete too.

" Now What are you waiting for? Do you want me to throw to out of the room now?" Ling shouted.

Yufan widened his eyes in shock and said," I am going going. Don't be angry please." before dashing into the washroom.