" Okay just tell me one thing, is she safe?" Grandpa Li asked.

Singtan smiled and said," You get nothing until you tell me why did you help Mo Yulin for so many years. And don't give that ' I did it out of humanity' shit please."

Grandpa Li sighed and said," You are right. I did not help Mo Yulin only out of humanity. I helped her because I wanted to and I had to. I couldn't let her die just like that because-"

" Because What?" Singtan asked.

" Because I had promised my dying sister that I would save her daughter from Junjop no matter what." Grandpa Li said.

Singtan widened his eyes in shock and said," Sister? You had a sister?"

Grandpa Li nodded his head and said," She was the adopted daughter of my parents. Her name was Bella. Mother had bought home when she was five-years old. She had found her outside the market begging for food. When mother investigated further, we came to know that she was an orphan. You know that the Li family lacks daughters right? We have a very poor history with girls. Since I was the only son and they wanted a daughter, my parents did not hesitate to adopt her. I was twelve years old when Bella was legally adopted by my parents but to keep her safe from all the chaos and problems of the Li family and other outside factors, they decided to keep it a secret until Bella turned twenty."

Pausing for a while, Grandpa Li continued," Everything was good until one day when Bella turned eighteen, she decided to live by her own. Everyone tried to stop her but she did not listen. After she left the Li Mansion, she never returned. Later when I investigated, I found out that Bella was living with Mo Junjop in his apartment. I got so enraged that I immediately went over to bring her back. I knew what Junjop was trying to do. He knew how much I loved and doted on Bella and he was trying to advantage of that. But Bella failed to understand his real intentions and refused to come back saying that she loves Junjop and he also loved Bella. I tried to make her understand that he isn't a good man but she did not listen to me. Few weeks after that encounter, they got married. I still remember what Junjop told me when I had visited Bella after their wedding. He told me that Bella was going to suffer because of me."

Singtan helplessly shook his head and said," That man really deserves a very good beating."

Grandpa Li laughed and said," Well I gave him one but after that Bella broke all her ties with me. I used to check on her every now and then but after they left country S, I never heard of her. Few years later when I asked someone to go to country M and check on her, that person told me that she had given birth to a daughter. I was so happy and elated that i immediately decided to visit her. At first I thought she would send me back, but when she allowed me inside and accepted all my gifts I was a bit surprised. Later I noticed that there was something odd about her. My usually bubbly and cheerful sister seemed unusually quiet and scared. I tried to ask her what was wrong but she said it was nothing. Starting that day, I visited them every now and then until Yulin turned eleven."

Pausing for a while, Grandpa Li continued," After that for a whole year, I heard no news from her. Whenever I visited country M to meet her, the maids use to tell me that Bella wasn't at home. I tried to find out what was wrong but found nothing."

"After a year, I received a call from a hospital of country M saying that Bella was very serious and wanted to see me. Without wasting time, I flew back to country M. When I arrived at the hospital, the doctor told me that Bella doesn't have much time left in her hand. She was having severe internal bleeding and her organs were damaged too. It seemed like she had been facing domestic violence since a really long time. The doctors told me that few days back her husband dropped her outside the hospital and then left. The bills were unpaid and the patient was also in a very critical condition. So when they asked Bella what they should do, she gave them my number."

Grandpa Li closed his eyes and said," When I entered the room and sat beside Bella, she hugged me and told me that she was sorry for whatever she had done. She failed to notice how cruel and evil Junjop was. She told me that after they left country S, Junjops attitude towards her changed drastically. He became very violent. They even lost there first child when Junjop kicked her stomach just because she had added less salt in the food. She wanted to contact me but Junjop threatened her saying that if she did that he would have someone killed me. She thought things would change after she gives births to their baby. But things got worse. After she gave birth to a girl, Junjop became very angry and started using more violence in her. He even started bringing his business partners home and forced Bella to-" tears started rolling down Grandpa Li's eyes. His heart ached whenever he thought about this.

Placing his hand on Grandpa Li's shoulder, Singtan said," It's fine it wasn't your fault."

Wiping his tears away, Grandpa Li said," I wanted to kill him. I wanted to kill him right away and I did have the capacity to do that. Junjops death was just a phone call away but Bella stopped me saying that I cannot do that because Yulin was still with Junjop. She wanted me to save Yulin from that pathetic man's clutches. Bella told me that Junjop had plans of selling her off after she turns eighteen. She wanted to me save her. Bella told me that I shouldn't act recklessly as Junjop is a psychopath and could even get his own daughter killed. She asked me to keep this last meeting a secret and to watch over Yulin all the time. Soon after I promised her that I would save Yulin in very possible way I can, Bella gave me sweet smile and slowly closed her eyes."

Pausing for a while, Grandpa Li said," After that I asked the hospital department to keep my visit a secret and also donated a huge amount of money to the hospital trust. Before leaving country M, I assigned several people to watch over Yulin. I was planing to abduct Yulin as soon as she turned eighteen but I was surprised when she left home on her own and settled down in country S. What surprised me more was that Junjop let her go without creating any trouble. After she settled down in country S, it became more easy for me to check on her. She was living a very peaceful life with that Chen guy until one day when my men told me about Junjops arrival. I was out of town at that time so by the time I arrived, Junjop had already taken Yulin away. I felt very angry at myself for letting my guard down. After looking for her for quite sometime, I heard that Junjop had taken her back to country M."