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 As Mosen was about to chase Junjop, Quanci caught his hand and asked," You are leaving? Just like that."

" I-" Cupping her face, Mosen said," Listen to me Quanci. There is something that I have to solve first. I'll come back to you as soon as solve it. I'll meet you at the usual place okay."

Quanci smiled and nodded her head.

Kissing her hand, Mosen said," I love you."

Quanci chuckled and said," I love you too."

After sending Quanci off, Mosen started looking for Junjop. He knew he was wrong but he couldn't help him. When Quanci told him that she likes him too, he couldn't control his emotions anymore.

After looking for Junjop for the entire day, Mosen felt exhausted. He tried to look for him everywhere he could but there was no trace of him.

Feeling sad and tired, Mosen entered the cafeteria to eat something.

" Oh Li guy where is your best friend and why are you alone today?" Jeffrey asked.

" Did both see him today?" Mosen asked.

Lingtian shook his head and said," No we didn't. What happened? Something serious?"

" That-" Mosen stooped when someone grabbed his shoulder and threw a punch right on his face.

" You bastard how dare you do that?" Junjop shouted before throwing one more punch towards him but before the punch could land anywhere near Mosens face, Mosen grabbed his fist and said," Listen to me Jinjop this is all a misunderstanding."

Junjop mockingly laughed and said," Misunderstanding? Do you think I'll fall for that?" before kneeing Mosen.

" Woah waoh Junjop stop this." Lingtian said before walking towards them.

" Stay out of this Lingtian. This is none of your business." Junjop shouted.

Just then Jeffrey came forward and said," Whatever the reason is you are not allowed to use violence. He is your best friend who can you-"

Junjop smirked and said," Best friends? What best friend? After what he did today, do think I'll consider him as one?"

" What did he do?" Jeff asked.

" Why don't you ask him?" Junjop said.

Turning towards Mosen, Jeff asked," Man what did you do?"

Ignoring Jeff, Mosen turned towards Junjop and said," Listen to me Junjop. I did what you had asked me to. I gave Quanci all the love letters. I swear but-"

Junjop mockingly laughed and said," Yes but you also told her that you were the one wrote all those letters."

Lingtian chuckled and said," I am sorry to interrupt but Mosen did you really do that?"

" I never expected you to be so sly Li guy." Jeff said.

Mosen shook his head and said," I did not say that. I never told Quanci that I wrote the letters."

" Are you trying to say that she just assumed that it was you who wrote them?" Junjop asked.

Mosen nodded his head and said," Yes. I did not know that you didn't write your name in those letters. This is all a misunderstanding."

" Okay fine all this is a misunderstanding but what was that I saw today? Why didn't you clear the misunderstanding? Why the fuck were you kissing the girl that I have this huge crush on? Why?" Junjop shouted.

Jeff widened his eyes in shock and asked," You kissed Quanci?"

Lingtian chuckled and said," Now this is interesting."

" Quanci likes me okay. She told me this. She likes me since high school. I never told anyone this but I like her too. I like her since kindergarten okay. And today when she told me this, I- I couldn't control my emotions. I am sorry for everything but this is how is it. Quanci doesn't see you that way. She doesn't have feelings for you and you have to accept that" Mosen said.

Junior frowned and said," Liar. You manipulated her. You took her away from me. You are a bastard. I'll kill you today." before throwing another punch on Mosens face.

" Man should we stop them?" Jeff whispered.

Lingtian shook his head and said," Can't you see Mosen is purposely letting Junjop hit him. Do you think Mosen can't knock him down? One punch from Mosen and this guy will faint."

Just as Junjop was ready to throw another punch at Mosens face, a very threatening and shrill voice echoed throughout the cafeteria," What is going on here?"

" Quanci." Mosen murmured.

Quanci narrowed her eyes when she saw Junjop holding Mosens collar.

Walking towards them, Quanci glared at Junjop with bloodshot eyes and said," Leave."

" You-"

" I said leave." Quanci shouted.

Letting go his collar, Junjop took few steps backwards.

Wiping the blood oozing out from Mosens lips, Quanci's expression darkened.

Seeing Quanci and Mosen so close to each other, Junjop clenched his hands into a fist and said," Quanci he-"


But before he could complete his sentence, a loud slap echoed throughout the cafeteria.

" How dare you touch him?" Quanci shouted.


" How dare you hurt him?" Quanci shouted.

" Quanci he-"

" Shut up. I never liked you Junjop but now I hate you even more. How dare you touch my man?" Quanci shouted.

Junjop frowned and said," Do you even know what he did? He-"

Interrupting him, Quanci said," I don't care what he did. He is my man and I don't want anyone to touch or hurt him. So what you are his so called best friend? That doesn't give to the right to hurt him like that."

Junjop mockingly laughed and said," He did this you didn't he? You hate me because of him don't you? Did he manipulate you against me? Did he-"

Quanci smirked and said," Nobody manipulated me against you. I don't like you since the very beginning. I have always liked Mosen. Do you get that?"

Junjop pursed his lips and chose not to say anything. The woman he had feelings for was successfully taken away by his best friend. No matter what the reason was, Junjop couldn't digest the truth. He could not help but blame Mosen for everything.

When Junjop did not say anything, Quancio turned towards Mosen and *THASH*. Another slapping sound echoed throughout the room.

Jeff and Lingtian who were enjoying the whole drama as spectators, could not help but chuckled.

Ignoring their irritating chuckled, Quanci said," You deserve a slap too. How can you let him hit you so easily? Are you that weak? Don't you know how to protect yourself? If you are this weak, how are you going to protect me for the rest of our life's? You cannot expect me to come for your rescue each and everytime."

Mosen still hadn't recovered from the 'My man' that she had referred him as and now this. Mosen could feel his legs turned weak. He couldn't believe what was happening. 'Was Quanci really his now?' was the only question floating in his mind.

Grabbing his hand, Quanci said," Let's go and treat your wound." But before leaving, Quanci stopped in front of the two useless spectators and *THASH* *THASH*.

" This is for not saving my man when he was being brutally hit but that pig." Quanci said before walking out along with Mosen.

Lingtian and Jeff couldn't help but hold their swollen cheek and sigh.

" She is so damn strong." Jeff said.

" I think she broke my tooth." Lingtian said.



Grandpa Li took a deep breath and said," After that day, I never saw Junjop again. I tried looking for him everywhere but the college management told me that Junjop left college without any prior notice."

Singtan couldn't help but burst into laughter.

Holding his stomach, Singtan sat on the ground and said," I am sorry. I am sorry. Hahahah but this is- hahahahh."