Mosen sighed when he saw Quanci sitting in a corner along with her friends.She was laughing and giggling from time to time which made her look more beautiful and angelic.

Looking at the blue envelope in his hand, Mosen sighed and started walking towards her but after taking two or three steps he froze when he saw Quanci coming towards him.

By the time he decided to run away, it was too late. Quanci was standing right in front of him, smiling at him and saying something which he could not hear because of his mind and vision were clouded.

Seeing him in daze, Quanci placed her hand on his shoulder and asked," Mosen are you listening to me?"

Staring at her hand which was perfectly placed on his shoulder, Mosen felt elephants and lions wildly running inside his stomach.

Clearing his throat, Mosen someone managed to escape a ' Hmm' from his mouth.

" So were you looking for me?" Quanci asked.

Mosen nodded his head.

" Why?" Quanci asked.

Why? Why was he looking for her? To tell her about his feeling? No but to tell her about his best friends feelings and pass her the love letter written by him.

Stretching his hands forward, Mosen gave Quanci the blue envelope.

" What is this?" Quanci asked.

Mosen did not say anything. What would he tell her? He would definitely not want to tell her that he was there, standing in front of her not to confess the unconditional feelings that he had for her but to tell her about his best friends feelings for her.

Without thinking about anything else, Mosen shoved the letter into Quanci's hand and ran away with all his might. He stopped only after reaching a not so crowded place.

Leaning against the wall, Mosen closed his eyes and could not help but curse himself for being such a coward but now there was nothing he could do. He had already given his lady love a love letter which was not written by him. Everything was over.

As he was busy cursing himself, he heard a deep voice say," We saw what you did there Li guy."

Opening his eyes when Mosen saw who it was, he rolled his eyes and said," What the hell are you two doing here?"

Lingtian sighed and said," I never thought you would do this."

Jeffrey chuckled and said," I knew he was dumb from the very beginning."

Mosen frowned and said," You are the one who is dumb."

" There is still time. Go and tell Quanci everything. How long are you going to hide the truth?" Lingtian said.

" I don't know what you are talking about." Mosen said.

Jeffrey laughed and said," Everyone in high school knew that you are head over heels for Quanci. I don't know why your dear best friend never saw it."

Lingtian chuckled and said," Jef and I aren't that close to you. I mean we are close but not as close as your dear best friend but still we know about your-"

" Shut up you two." Mosen shouted before walking away.

After that day, Junjop started giving Mosen a love letter everyday and Mosen would go and quietly give it to Quanci.

At first, Mosen hoped that Quanci would reject the letter but when she happily started accepting it, Mosen left dejected.

Everything was going good until one day, Junjop have him a big red envelope and said," Mosen I wrote something in the letter yesterday. If she takes this from you today then it means that she is willing to be my girlfriend. If she takes this today, you don't have to take all the trouble because I'll see her myself after that."

Mosen nodded his head and left.

Tightening the grip around the envelope, Mosen gave it to Quanci hoping that the latter would reject it. But when she accepted the envelope with a big bright smile on her face, Mosen's heart ached. It felt like someone had ripped off his heart straight from his chest with his bare hands and the set his soul on fire.

Not being able to control his emotions, Mosen turned around and was ready to leave when he felt a soft hand on his.

" Can we go somewhere else?" Quanci asked.

Mosen who was currently at shock could not help but nod his head in agreement.

Dragging him towards a secluded place, Quanci said," I read the letter and I really liked them. They were beautifully written and I liked everything about it.

Giving her a forced weak smile, Mosen said," I am glad you like it."

Clutching onto his sleeves, Quanci blushed and said," Mosen I love you too."

Mosen widened his eyes in shock. He could not believe his ears.

" W-what do you-"

Pulling him closer, Quanci started fixing his tie and said," I never told you this before, I have had feelings for since a really long time but I never told you this because you used to run away and ignore me whenever I tried to approach you. I thought that you don't like me but after reading your letters, you don't know how happy I am. I really really like you a lot Mosen."

After hearing her confession Mosen was floating in the clouds. He knew this wasn't right. He knew he shouldn't do this but he could not help but feel happy and overjoyed.

As Mosen was busy clearing his mind, Quanci suddenly hooked her arms around his neck and said," You wanted me to kiss you tomorrow when you take me for our first date right? But I want to seal my confession with a kiss today. So that you don't run away from me again."

Before Mosen could say anything, Quanci pulled him closer and crashed her lips against his.

Mosen widened his eyes in shock. He wanted to stop this and tell her the truth but when he felt her sweet lips on his, he lost all his reasonings. This was something he wanted to do since a really long time. Hold her in his embrace and never let her go.

Wrapping his hand around her waist, Mosen pulled her closer and deepened the kiss.

After kissing each other for quite sometime, they both finally let each other go.

Burying her face on his chest, Quanci breathed heavily and said," It felt exactly like Tina had told me it would."

Lifting her chin up, Mosen kissed her forehead and said," You are beautiful." before brushing their lips together.


When Mosen and Quanci heard a loud sound, they quickly let each other go.

Turning towards the direction of the sound when Mosen saw who it was, he widened his eyes in shock and murmured," Junjop." before running after him.