Inside Huang's office.

"Please call me if you want anything."

When Huiling smiled and nodded her head, the assistant left.

Looking around, Huiling started observing Huang's office carefully. Everything looked so neat and organised.

Huiling liked how neat and organised Huang was. Though she was very clumsy and messy, Huang wouldn't mind right?

Little did she know that Huang was already head over heels for her. He loved each and everything about her. From being clumsy and cute to being all badass, there was nothing about Huiling that Huang didn't like.

"Why can't you let me in?" A woman shouted her lungs out from outside.

Huiling raised her eyebrows and decided to check who it was.



A woman dressed in a very short mini-skirt and a top which hardly covered her breast, was arguing with Huang's assistant.

"Please understand madam, no one is allowed to enter the Big Boss' office with his permission. It's against the rules." The assistant hated how Gabriel made things different for him whenever she showed up. He knew how much his boss hated this over smart and always mini-dressed woman so there was no way he would let her enter Huang's office without his permission.

When Gabriel saw Huiling coming out of Huang's office, she frowned. Pointing at her, Gabriel shouted, "So you let anyone just enter Huang's office but not me."

Huiling was forced to raise her eyebrows when she noticed how intimately the woman called Huang out. It also made her wonder what kind of relationship she shared with Huang.

"Ms Lui is an exception and-"

Cutting the assistant off, Gabriel gritted her teeth. "The day I become Mrs Chen and the lady boss of this office, you are the first one I'll ask Huang to fire."

The assistant frowned and was about to say something when Huang arrived.

"What is happening here?" Huang asked.

Gabriel quickly fixed her clothes and rushed towards Huang. "Huang, I missed you so much."

Huang frowned and quickly dodge Gabriel's hug. "What are you doing here?"

"I am here to see you. Did you forget that we were supposed to go out for lunch today?" Garbriel asked.

When the assistant saw his boss talking to Gabriel, he widened his eyes in shock and quickly pointed towards Huang's office door to inform him about Huiling's presence.

Huang widened his eyes in shock when he saw Huiling staring at him and Gabriel. Taking a step back, Huang frowned and Gabriel. "I don't remember planning any lunch with you."

"Oh no, it's aunt Linda who asked me to take out for lunch."

"I am not free so you can take your leave first." Huang said before rushing towards Huiling.

Gabriel frowned and quickly followed him behind.

When Huiling saw Huang rushing towards her, she ignored him and entered the office.


Inside the office.

"Hey Huiling, what a pleasant surprise. I would've canceled my meeting if I knew you were coming and-"

Cutting him off, Huiling smiled, "It's alright, I just stopped by to say that you didn't have to ask them to call me back. I was late for the interview so it's basically my fault."

"No, it's not because it's you. I actually asked them to call back everyone who missed the interview. It's just a coincidence that you were also a part of that list." Huang explained.

"Ah is it so?" Huiling asked.

When Huang nodded his head, Huiling added, "It's alright then and-"

Just then Gabriel entered the office. "Huang, you will have to go with me."

"No I cannot, didn't you hear what I said? I am super busy today. I don't even have time to sit and relax for a minute." Huang was very angry at his mom for sending Gabriel to trouble him again.


Cutting Gabriel off, Huiling said, "I'll take my leave then."

"Wait, you are leaving? So soon?" Huang asked.

When Huiling nodded her head and left, Huang frowned. He was about to stop him when Huiling turned back and asked, "Huang, can you drop me home?"

Huang's heart almost leaped out his chest when she called him out and his name had never sounded so beautiful and soothing before. How long had he waited to hear her call him out with adding that stupid brother word?

Fishing out his car keys, Huang quickly rushed towards Huiling. "Ya sure, why not? I don't have anything important to do anyway."

Pouting her lips, Huiling asked, "Hmm but I thought you had a very busy day."

Huang vigorously shook his head and answered, "Not at all, I'll adjust everything. Come let's go, I'll take you out for lunch and then I'll drop you home too."

When Huiling smiled and nodded her head, Huang happily guided her out of the office.

After Huang and Huiling left, Garbriel clenched his hand into a fist and gritted her teeth.


Inside the car.

"So who was she? Your ex?" Huiling asked.

Huang frowned and vigorously shook his head, "No, she is just a childhood acquaintance."

"Oh but she didn't seem like just an acquaintance." Though Huiling could easily make out that Gabriel meant nothing to Huang, she still couldn't help but nag. She didn't like the appearance and the way the woman acted in front of Huang.

"No, there is nothing between us." Huang had no idea what Huiling was thinking but he didn't want her to think that there was something going on between him and Gabriel.

"Hmmm, where are we going for lunch?" Huiling asked.

"You choose, I am okay with wherever you want to go."



"Oh my God, congratulations." Yumi excitedly hugged Mian and squealed.

"Thank you so much and you have no idea how beautiful it was, Yumi. Ahhh your brother is the most romantic man in this whole world. He just stole my heart again."

Yumi chuckled and patted Mian's back, "I am so happy for you both."

"Oh and I wanted to talk to you about something. So I was thinking, why don't we get married together? What do you think?" Mian asked.