Li Singtan raised his eyebrows and asked," What do you mean?"

Grandpa Li sighed and said," I'll tell you everything but you are not allowed to judge me or pass any comment okay?"

Singtan chuckled and asked," What did you do grandpa?"

" I did not lie to you. Junjop was someone who used to work under me. But before that he was my friend." Grandpa Li said.

Singtan shook his head and said," let me correct that, best friend."

Grandpa Li frowned and asked," Who told you that?"

Singtan shrugged his shoulders and said," Well I have my ways."

" Did Quanci tell you this?" Grandpa Li asked.

Singtan chuckled and said," Well may be."

Grandpa Li helplessly shook his head and said," No wonder she scolded me so much."

" So-"

After taking a deep breath, Grandpa Li said," It all started several years back. Junjop and I were friends since high school. We were very close and shared everything with each other until we stepped into college."



" Mosen do you think I look good?" Eighteen year old Mo Junjop asked.

Fixing his tie, eighteen year old Li Mosen smiled and said," You look great Pal."

" Do you think girls will faint after seeing me?" Junjop asked.

Mosen chuckled and said," Yes they will. Now let's leave."

Checking himself out in the mirror, Junjop asked," Can I drive today? I want to look cool."

Mosen chuckled and said," Yes you can." before passing him the car keys.

After arriving outside the college gate, Junjop said," Man you go inside, I'll park the car and join you later."

Mosen nodded his head and jumped out of the car.

The eighteen year old Li Mosen was incredibly handsome and charming. Belonging to an influential family, Li Mosen knew how to carry himself quite well. His perfectly ironed shirt and pant, his perfectly polished shoes and his neatly combed hair made him look like a gentleman.

Girls couldn't help up stare and drool over his beauty.

Girls staring and drooling at him was not a new thing for him but when a particular someone looked at him even for a second, Li Mosens heart used to skip several beats. It's was none other than Tang Quanci, the epitome of beauty and Li Mosens childhood crush.

Li Mosen and Tang Quanci studied together since kindergarten. He knew her since years but never had the guts to utter a single word in front of her. Whenever Quanci used to come near him or even smile at him, Mosen used to run away and hide far away from her sight.

Mosen never told anyone about his huge crush on Quanci. Not even Junjop. It was his little secret that he had kept only to himself. Mosen knew that he would never be able to tell Quanci about his feelings. So he decided to keep it to himself.

Just then another car stopped in front of the gate.

The chauffeur quickly got down from the car and opened the back door and helped his young madam get down from the car.

" Thank you so much. You can leave now." Quanci said.

Mosen who was standing not too far away from her, almost had a heart attack after seeing her so close to him.

He was about to run away when he heard his sweet voice say," It's fine you can go. I have a friend standing there who will accompany me inside. His name is Li Mosen. I'll go inside with him."

Li Mosen felt suffocated and giddy after hearing her words.

Walking towards him when Quanci saw his pale expression, she panicked and asked," Oh my God Mosen what happened? Are you not feeling well? Should I take you to the doctor."

Mosen wanted to say something but his throat felt dry. Words like ' I am fine' ' I love you' ' Will you go out with me' got struck in his throat.

Just then Junjop arrived there and asked," Quanci?"

When Quanci saw who it was, she rolled her eyes and said," Junjop."

Junjop smiled and said," What a pleasant surprise. I did not know you were gonna join this college too."

Quanci faked a smile and said," Well if I had known you were joining this college too, I would've never enrolled my name here." before turning around and walking inside.

After Quanci left, Junjop smirked and said," Feisty I like it."

Placing his hands on Mosens shoulder, Junjop said," Did I ever tell you that I have this huge crush on her?"

Mosen almost choked at his words. Coughing vigorously, Mosen asked," You have what?"

" I have a crush on Quanci. I really like her. Hey man don't you know her since kindergarten?" Junjop asked.

Mosen slowly nodded his head.

Clapping his hands together, Junjop said," Can you talk to her about me?"

Mosen frowned and said," I am not gonna do that."

" Please man you can do that for your best friend right? I really like her since a really long time. Please." Junjop pleaded.

Thinking for a while, Mosen sighed and said," Fine I will."

" Thanks man." Junjop said.

During recess, Junjop shoved a blue colour envelope inside Mosens hand and said," Hey this is a letter that I wrote last year but I never had the guts to give it to her. So can you give it to her?"

Mosen reluctantly nodded his head and said," Okay."

" Well well well what are you two kids doing here?" Zhang Lingtian asked.

" Where were you since morning?" Mosen asked.

" Well I was busy." Lingtian said. Pointing towards the envelope in Mosens hand, Lingtian asked," What is that?"

" That's a letter. Mosen is going to give this Quanci on my behalf." Junjop said.

Lingtian raised his eyebrows and said," Mosen is going to give a love letter to Tang Quanci on Junjops behalf? Now this is interesting."

Mosen glared at Lingtian with bloodshot eyes.

Lingtian chuckled and said," Well don't glare at me and go and give Junjops love letter to TANG QUANCI."

Mosen pursed his lips and started looking for Quanci.

" She is sitting in the playground with her friends." Lingtian said.

Pushing him forward, Junjop said," Alright man all the best."

Mosen nodded his head and started walking towards the playground.