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 Li Mansion.

After returning to room, Singtan received a call from Zechan," Sir Songpa is missing."

Singtan frowned and asked," What do you mean?"

" After dinner he had entered his room but now he is not there." Zechan said.

" Send someone to look for him." Singtan said.

Zechan nodded his head and said," Okay Sir."

" Keep updating me." Singtan said before hanging up the call.


In a dimly lit street

Playfully kicking an empty soda can, Songpa was trying to take a long refreshing walk.

As he was lazily walking through the pathway, he heard a shrill scream of a woman.

Songpa frowned and said," I cannot even take a peaceful walk in the street."

Just then he saw a girl running towards his direction.

Before Songpa could react, the girl crashed into his chest and hugged him tightly and said," Please save me."

Songpa was about to push her away but when he touched her body he noticed that she was shivering.

" Please please I don't want them to touch me. Please." The girl pleaded.

Wrapping his arms around her, Songpa said," It's alright don't cry. I-I am here." He had never done this. Calming someone was a very new thing for you and he knew he sucked at it. How can you expect a person who mercilessly tortures someone and likes playing with their blood know how to calm someone down?

Just then Songpa saw three men running towards them.

Songpa narrowed his eyes. Pulling her out of his embrace, Songpa pushed her behind him and said," Stay there."

Clutching onto Songpa's clothes the girl kept on sobbing.

One of the men, stormed his foot and said," You bitch after sleeping with all three of us and robbing our money, you are now trying to seduce another man."

Songpa raised his eyebrows and turned towards the weak and fragile girl standing behind him.

The girl vigorously shook her head and said," No I didn't. It was it not me."

When Songpa did not say anything for a really long time, the girl panicked. Clutching onto his sleeves, the girl burst into tears and said," Please please trust me. I-It wasn't me. Please."

Songpa widened his eyes in shock when he saw how beautiful the girl was. Fair skin, pink lips, rosy cheeks which was now stained with her tears. Here eyes were red and a little bit swollen because of all the crying. She looked very cute and beautiful.

Raising his hand, Songpa wiped her tears away and said," It's fine don't cry."

" Hey man don't fall for her tricks. She did the same with me." a man said.

" And yeah me too." The second man said.

Taking out a small gun from his pocket, Songpa pointed it towards them and said," Get lost right now or die. Choice is yours." without taking his eyes off the beautiful young lady standing in front of him.

The three men raised their hands and quickly ran alway.

After they left, Songpa placed the gun back and asked," Are you fine now?"

Wiping her tears away, the girl nodded her head and said," Yeah thank you so much."

Tilting his head, Songpa smiled and said," You are very beautiful."

Tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear, the girl smiled and said," Thanks."

" What is your name?" Songpa asked.

" My name is Beth." the girl said.

" Hmm and why were they after you?" Songpa asked but before Beth could answer, a black Mercedes stopped in front of them.

Just then two men dressed in black suit got down from the car and said," Boss we have been looking for you since a really long time. Big boss is really very angry with you and- she is?"

" One of you send her off." Songpa said.

Beth shook her head and said," No it's fine. I can go on my own."

" See Beth I don't want something like that to happen again. So let one of them escort you home." Songpa said.

The two men widened their eyes in shock when they saw the dangerous torturing psychopath talking to a woman in such a polite and gentle manner.

" Dude am I seeing things?" a man whispered.

The second man shook his head and said," I don't think so because I am seeing the same thing."

" Is this really Lui Songpa? Our Songpa?" The second man asked.

" I don't know man. I am having doubts too."

" Didn't you two hear what I just said?" Songpa asked.

The two men straightened their backs and said," Yes Boss we heard."

" Escort the lady home and I think for safety purpose both of you should go with her." Songpa said.

" But Boss you-"

" I'll be fine. I was going home anyway." Songpa said.

Beth smiled and said," Thank you so much. I will never forget this favour of yours."

" Same I'll also never forget you." Songpa said.

The two men almost choked when they heard Songpa's words.

Clearing his throat, Songpa said," I mean even I won't forget saving you."

Beth smiled and said," Thank you once again." before boarding the car.

" Escort her home safe and sound okay?" Songpa said.

The two men nodded the head and boarded the car.

After the car left, Songpa playfully ruffled his own hair and shouted," Ahh now I can sleep in peace."


Li clan.

Pacing back a forth in the corridor, Zechan was nervously biting his nails thinking about the different ways through which he would be punished by his big boss for not taking care of Songpa properly. Zechan knew who much Singtan treasures and loves Songpa.

As he was busy in his own thoughts, a man came rushing towards him and said," Boss he is here."

Zechan breathed a sigh of relief and collapsed in the floor," Ahh thank God."

" But Sir-"

Widened his eyes in shock, Zechna quickly got up and asked," B-But but what? Is he fine? Is he injured? Tell me what happened to him?"

The man shook his head and said," He is behaving weird."

" Weird?" Zechan asked.

The man nodded his head and said," Yes Boss weird. Why don't you go and see it yourself?"

Zechan pursed his lips and said," let's go."