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 Li Mansion.

By the time Grandpa Li arrived at the mansion, It was almost midnight.

Walking towards the kitchen, Grandpa Li opened the fridge and took a bottle of water.

" You are late." Switching on the lights, Grandma Li said.

" Hmm I was stuck in traffic." Grandpa Li said.

Glaring at him with bloodshot eyes, Grandma Li said," Mosen you suck at lying."

Scratching his forehead, Grandpa Li said," Ehh it's not what you are thinking."

Flicking his forehead, Grandma Li said," I know what you are planing to do and I do not support it. You are old now. Leave these things to Zhehan or Singtan now. Don't use your old brains anymore."

Grandpa Li nodded his head and said," Okay."

" Now go and sit in the dinning table. I'll heat up the food for you." Grandma Li said.

Grandpa Li obediently nodded his head and left.


Dinning area.

When grandpa Li came out, Singtan was sitting on the dinning table sipping wine.

" You brat what are you doing here?" Grandpa Li asked.

Singtan chuckled and said," Well I was waiting for you."

" Why?" Grandpa Li asked.

Placing the glass on the table, Singtan said," Why don't you eat your dinner first and then we talk."

Grandpa Li raised his eyebrows and asked ," Seriously boy what are you up to?"

Singtan chuckled and said," You know I should be the one who should ask you this. Seriously grandpa what are you up to?"

Grandpa Li narrowed his eyes and asked," Singtan do you know something?"

Singtan laughed and said," Well do you want me to know something?"

Grandpa Li scoffed and said," You don't know anything."

Singtan chuckled and said," Yeah because you don't want me to know anything."

" What are you both talking about?" Grandma Li asked.

Clearing this throat, Grandpa Li said," Nothing honey."

Placing the food on the table, Grandma Li said," Singtan what are you doing here? You should be with Ming right now."

" Ming is sleeping Grandma. I wanted to talk to grandpa about something important." Singtan said.

" It's already very late. Talk tomorrow. Now go to your room and sleep." Grandma Li said.

Singtan sighed and said," Alright. Goodnight."

After Singtan left, Grandma Li sat beside grandpa Li and asked," Mosen why does Singtan know Junjop?"

Grandpa Li cleared his throat and asked," Really he does?"

Grandma Li narrowed her eyes and said," Don't act all innocent in front of me. Keep my grandson away from that man. You know that I don't like him."

" Okay." Grandpa Li said.

" Why don't you just kill him? If you still love your best friend then I can do it on my own." Grandma Li said.

" I'll handle it." Grandpa Li said.

" Don't involve my grandson in this mess." Grandma Li said.

" I'll do as you want." Grandpa Li said.


Simon's villa.

After the vigorous activity, Simon flipped over and placed his hand on his chest to calm himself down.

" You were amazing." Simon said.

The maid quickly towered Simon down and ran her fingers on his bare chest and said," Let me show you what amazing really is." before holding his half errect manhood.

Simon gasped in pleasure and asked," What is your name?"

" Julia." The maid said.

Running his hands all over her naked body, Simon said," Oh Julia you are driving me crazy."

Leaning towards his ear, Julia whispered," This is just the beginning." before licking his earlobe.

After another vigorous exercise, Simon wrapped his arms around her waist and fell asleep.

After making sure that Simon was fast asleep, Julia slowly removed his hand from her waist and murmured," Sick old bastard." Before getting down from the bed.

Taking out a small phone from underneath the couch, Julia called someone.

" It's done I think he is totally into me." Julia said.

" Good. Now do as I say." a man said.

" Go on."

Pausing for a while the man said," Open the wardrobe and look for a greenish-blue file."

Julia frowned and asked," What wardrobe?"

" Girl there is a wardrobe in his ro-"

" Woah man take it easy. We are in the study room." Julia said.

The man frowned and said," You little head. Who sleeps with someone in the study room? You were suppose to fuck him in the bedroom."

Julia rolled her eyes and said," You never told me that."

" I never thought you were dumb." The man said.

Julia sighed and asked," Do I have to sleep with his douche bag gain?"

" I want the file." The man said.

Julia thought for a while and said," Double payment."

" He is giving me one million tonight. You can take that all." Junjop said.

Julia widened her eyes in shock and said," W-what? You will give me one million?"

Junjop frowned and said," Stop over reacting. I want the file as soon as possible."

Julia vigorously nodded her head and said," Alright alright. I'll get it for you."

" Call me after you complete the task." Junjop said before hanging up the call.

After hanging up the call, Julia sat beside Simon and said," Seems like I have to pleasure you few more times Mr Simon." before kicking him on his stomach.

Simon flinched in pain and quickly opened his eyes.

" You bitch what are doing?" Simon shouted.

Julia quickly turned herself into a fragile young woman and stared crying," I am so sorry master I did not do it on purpose."

Seeing her pale expression, Simon sighed and said," I'll forgive you because you gave me a really good time."

Julia blushed and lowered her head.

Pulling her closer, Simon said," Why don't you pleasure me one more time?"

Julia sighed and started looking around.

" What happened?" Simon asked.

" That master-I"

" Speak properly." Simon said.

Julia lowered her head and said," I am not comfortable doing it over here. Can we do it somewhere else?"

Simon thought for a while and said," No."

Julia inwardly rolled her eyes and said," Pretty please."

Pinning her down, Simon said," Tomorrow."

" We can do it in your bedroom tomorrow?" Julia asked.

Massaging her breast, Simon said," If you behave again, I'll take you there too."

Letting out a fake moan, Julia said," Oh master you are so good."

Spreading her legs, Simon quickly entered her and started thrusting inside her with all his might.