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 New York.

" Sir they are coming to States tomorrow." A man said.

Jarred kicked the table and cursed," Damn."

" Sir What now?" The man asked.

Jarred thought for a while and said," Contact Harred."

The man lowered his head and said," We called him yesterday but he said that he doesn't want to get involved in your stupidity."

Jarred frowned and asked," Did you get any information about Smith in country S? Like what is does? His family or friends?"

The man shook his head and said," Nothing Sir. We used all our sources but we got nothing. There is no information about Smith in country S."

Jarred raised his eyebrows and said," Now that is strange."

The man nodded his head and said," Yes Sir it is strange."

" May be that isn't his real name." Jarred said.

The man nodded his head and said," Sir why don't we give Smiths photo to a well knowing gang of country S? May be we can get some information from there."

" Do that. Find someone trustworthy and dig out some information about Smith as soon as possible." Jarred said.

" Sir What about tomo-"

" Don't stress over it. I'll handle everything and start digging." Jarred said.

The subordinate nodded his head and left.


Li Mansion.

After talking to Grandma Li, Singtan called grandpa Li to ask him his whereabouts.

" What happened brat? Missing your grandpa?" Grandpa Li asked.

Li Singtan chuckled and said," Yes I am missing you a lot today. When are you coming home?"

" I am on the way." Grandpa Li said.

" Okay I'll see you then." Li Singtan said.

" Listen brat, did you find Junjops daughter?" Grandpa Li asked.

Singtan smiled and said," No we didn't. Before we could find her, Junjops men captured her and took her away."

Grandpa Li frowned and shouted," What?"

" Yeah I was shocked too. We needed her but it's alright. There is nothing we can do about it." Singtan said.

Grandpa Li pursed his lips and ended the call without saying anything.

Putting the phone inside his pocket, Singtan laughed," You lied to me right, now face the consequences." Before entering the room.


Inside the room.

Xie Ming was fast asleep when Singtan entered the room.

Walking towards the bed, he took off his shoes and slept beside Xie Ming.

Pulling her into his embrace, Li Singtan caressed her stomach and said," Little princess come out fast and don't trouble my wife anymore. Daddy is waiting for you." before planting a kiss on Xie Ming lips.


Simon's villa.

Surrounded with different kinds of flies, Simon was busy reading them all.

" What? One hundred thousand dollars? What is this for?" Simon shouted.

Taking the file from Simon's hand, the subordinate read the documents and said," Sir this is the unpaid electricity bill of two months."

" Electricity bill? One hundred thousand dollars for electricity bill? What nonsense is this?" Simon shouted.

The subordinate sighed and said," Sir there is also water bill, CCTV maintenance, phone bill and-"

Kicking off the flies, Simon got up and shouted," Take up away. I don't wanna look at them. It is giving me a headache."

" But sir the due date-"

" Take it away otherwise I'll burn them all." Simon shouted.

The subordinate slowly picked up all the flies and left.

After Simon's businesse in US stopped running, he was very worried and stressed. Though he had businesses in country S but that wasn't enough to maintain his status. The business in US bought him huge profits but now because of the Wu clan, no one wanted to to have any kind of link with his company whether legal or illegal. Simon still has no idea how and when he had offended the Wu clan specially Smith.

" If this continues like this, I'll be doomed." Simon shouted.

Just then a young maid entered this study with a phone in her hand.

" Master there is someone who wants to talk to you." The young maid said.

Staring at the young maid for a really long time, Simon asked," Are you new?"

The young maid nodded her head and said," Yes Sir I am."

Waking towards her, Simon ran his fingers down her arm and asked," When did you join?"

The maids face turned pale as she took two or three steps backwards," Two days."

Taking the phone from her hand, Simon said," Close the door from inside and take off your clothes."

The maid widened her eyes in shock," Master I-"

" Do as I say or die. Choice is yours." Simon said.

The young maid gulped in fear and slowly nodded her head.

Cupping her right breast, Simon smirked and said," Perfect. Close the door from inside and then started stripping."

Placing the phone in his ear, Simon asked," Who is it?"

" You Shameless man it's me Junjop. Why didn't you call me when I asked you to?" Junjop shouted.

Simon frowned and said," I am already very stressed. So stop shouting."

" How dare you talk to me like that? Did you forget who I am?" Junjop yelled.

" What do you want?" Simon asked.

" I want money." Junjop said.

Simon sighed and asked," How much?"

" Hundred million." Junjop said.

Simon who almost choked at his words, coughed vigorously," Are you nuts? How will I have so much money? Don't you know what happened to my business?"

Junjop frowned and said," I don't care. I want money."

" Listen to me. I don't have that much but I can give you little bit." Simon said.

" How much?" Junjop asked.

" One million." Simon said.

Junjop thought for a while and said," Okay send the money fast."

" One of my men will get it by the end of the day." Simon said before hanging up the call.

Tossing the phone on the couch, when Simon turned around, the maid was still standing in the same position.

Simon frowned and said," Didn't I tell you to lock the door and strip? Are you trying to disobey your master?"

The maid shook her head and pleaded," Please master please spare me. I will never come in front of you. Please."

Simon smirked and said," Now I really have to show you what happens when you disobey your master." Before walking towards her and started tearing off her clothes.

The maid quickly tried to cover herself with the tiny piece of clothing that was left in her body.

Simon licked his lips when he saw her milky white skin. Pointing towards the door, Simon said," Close the door."

Not wanting anyone to see her like this, the maid quickly ran and locked the door from inside.

" Come here." Simon said.

Left with no other choice, the maid started walking towards Simon.

Stroking her cheeks, Simon said," You remind me of my first wife Elsa. She was just like you shy, timid and beautiful."

" You still miss her?" The young maid asked.

Simon nodded his head and said," Yes I do. If you impress me today with your performance, I'll make you my mistress."

" What if you are lying?" The maid asked.

Simon shook his head and said," No I am not." Taking his hands near her pubic region, Simon said," But it depends upon how you impress me tonight."