"Ahhhhhhh." Rumbas shouted when blood gushed out of his pinky.

Zechan widened his eyes in shock," Songpa you are not suppose to-"

Turning towards him, Songpa tilted his head and said," You wanna know how he is feeling right now?" before taking the cutter close to Zechan.

Taking few steps backwards, Zechan said," Y-you cannot threaten me like that Songpa. I will tell big boss."

" You can try taking this news outside and then face the consequences later." Songpa said.

When Zechan did say anything, Songpa smiled and said," I can see that you are becoming smarter day by day just like me. You should hang out with me more often so that I can pass my intelligence to you."

" You-"

" Alright fatty now since your pinky is gone and if you don't wanna lose your second pinky too, why don't you tell me something about Junjop?" Songpa said.

Supporting his wrist with his hand, Rumbas said," I don't know any Junjop."

Taking the cutter close to his other pinky, Songpa said," Lies." Before cutting it off.

" Eeaahhhhhhh." Rumbas shouted.

Songpa chuckled and said," You know people hate lies but I happen to like it because the more you lie the more I'll get to torture you. Now let me ask you one more time, why don't you tell me something about Junjop?"

" Mo Junjop is my master. I work under him." Rumbas said.

Songpa pouted his lips and said," I thought you'll lie again and then I'll cut your right thumb. Anyway now my second question. Why is Junjop helping Simon?"

Rumbas shook his head and said," I don't know."

Songpa chuckled and said," This is why I love you." before cutting his thumb.

Zechan who was standing right behind Songpa frowned and said," He is losing too much blood Songpa. He will die if you continue like this."

" Fatty is strong. Even if he loses three four litres of blood, he will be just fine. Am I right fatty?" Songpa asked

Rumbas, who was already covered in blood couldn't help but beg for his life," Please let me go please. I don't know anything please."

Songpa helplessly shook his head and said," Tch Tch already begging? This was just a warmup." Picking up his plier, Songpa said," Now why don't you show me your nails so that I can help you pull them out."

Soon Rumbas' scream and Songpa's chuckle echoed throughout the room.

After experiencing Songpa's special treatment for several hours, Rumbas finally gave up and said," I'll say I'll say. I'll tell you everything. Please stop." Before passing out.

Songpa chuckled and said," Hehe he will say everything now. That was fun."

Zechan helplessly shook his head and said," Songpa go and take bath. I'll inform big boss about it."

" Okay Okay. I have to thank that rat for this gift. Ahh I love fat people. We should bring more fat people here. It's so much fun." Songpa said.

Staying with Songpa for so many years, Zechan was well acquainted to his unusual strange behaviour. Helping him pack his things, Zechan guided him outside the cell.


Flexi compound

" Why are we going to US all of a sudden?" Ling asked.

Helping her take out a small bag from the wardrobe, Yufan said," We have to deal with something important there."

Ling nodded her head and said," Okay."

Yufan raised his eyebrows and asked," You don't wanna ask anything else?"

Ling shook her head and said," No." before folding their clothes.

Hugging her from back, Yufan said," Well if you skip the business part, we can treat this as a short pre-wedding honeymoon."

Ling chuckled and said," Why don't you tell brother about this pre-wedding honeymoon thing?"

Yufan rolled his eyes and said," I've already taken his permission Okay."

Ling raised her brows and asked," So you told him that you want to take me for a pre-wedding honeymoon?"

" Uh-huh." Yufan said.

" And he agreed?" Ling asked.

Yufan proudly nodded his head and said," Hah what choice did your brother have? He had to agree."

Ling smiled and said," That's great. Very good. Now let me call and thank him for approving our pre-wedding honeymoon." before picking up her phone from the bed.

Yufan widened his eyes in shock when he saw her dailing Yutangs number.

Snatching her phone, Yufan tossed it away and said," Are you mad? Do you want me to die? Do you want your brother to kill me?"

Ling chuckled and said," Didn't you say that you already told him about this?"

Burying his face on her neck, Yufan said," I told him that I am taking you for a vacation."

Turning around, Ling hooked her arms around his neck and said," Well I would also love to have a pre-wedding honeymoon."

Wrapping his arms around her waist, Yufan said," Why don't we start now?" before pushing her on the bed and then pinning her down.

When Yufan started taking off his t-shirt, Ling said," I have to pack our things."

Kissing her nape, Yufan said," I'll help you pack afterwards."


Somewhere in country S

" Sir we cannot find him anywhere." A subordinate said.

Mo Junjop spammed the table and said," This is too much. We have to find Rumbas before he spills out everything. What about my daughter?"

The subordinate shook his head and said," Still no sign of her."

Mo Junjop gritted his teeth and asked," When will Mr Whizley arrive?"

" After three days." The subordinate said.

" Any response from Go Jeffrey?" Junjop asked.

The subordinate shook his head and said," No sir."

Kicking the table, Junjop shouted," Ahhh what will I do now? I need funds. I cannot execute my plan without funds."

The subordinate gulped in fear and asked," Sir what now?"

" Contact Simon I want to talk to him." Junjop said.

" Okay Sir." The subordinate said before walking out of the room.

After the subordinate left, Junjop took a deep breath to calm himself down. Now that is daughter was no where to be found, Junjop knew that he couldn't extract any money from Mr Whizley. Now he needed to find another source from where he could get a huge amount of cash.