Li Singtan raised his eyebrows and asked," Mo Junjop worked under grandpa right?"

Grandma Li nodded her head and said," Yes he did but before that they were best friends."

" Grandma How well do you know Junjop?" Li Singtan asked.

Grandma Li shrugged her shoulders and said," Well not so well. I met him through your grandpa so I don't know much about him."

" Were Grandpa, Grandpa Zhang and Grandpa Go all friends with Mo Junjop?" Singtan asked.

" Well I saw them hanging out together few times." Grandma Li said.

Staring at the photo album for a while, Singtan stood up and said," Okay Grandma I'll go for now."

" Take care of Ming." Grandma Li said.


High Spirit Club house.

Inside a luxurious private room, three old men were happily sipping wine teasing each other just like old times.

" Those were fun days." Grandpa Zhang said.

Grandpa Go nodded his head and said," Yeah. It would've been more fun of Junjop would've been with us. Right Mosen?"

Grandpa Li rolled his eyes and said," Shut up."

Taking a sip from his wine, Grandpa Zhang said," Well someone told me that your grandson is already very close to the truth."

Grandpa Li frowned and said," Who is that someone? You?"

Grandpa Zhang laughed and said," Yes. I heard that they have joined hands with Junjops grandson, umm what was that brats name?"

" Robbin."" Yichan." Grandpa Go and Grandpa Li said simultaneously.

" Isn't his name Robbin?" Grandpa Go asked.

Grandpa Li shook his head and said," His real name is Chen Yichan."

" How do you know that?" Grandpa Go asked.

Grandpa Zhang chuckled and said," Well why wouldn't he know when he was the one who named him. Am I right Mosen?"

Grandpa Li narrowed his eyes and said," You should stop talking about this since you retired several years ago."

" See pal there is nothing that I don't know. Just because I don't involve myself in all of this anymore doesn't mean that I am not aware of certain things." Grandpa Zhang said.

Grandpa Go frowned and asked," Will you both tell me what are you both talking about?"

" Your short brains wont understand all this Jeffrey. So stay out of this." Grandpa Li said.

Grandpa Go puffed his cheeks and said," Well then fine even I won't tell you both that Mo Junjop contacted me."

Supporting his chin with his hand, Grandpa Zhang asked," Why am I not surprised after hearing this?"

" I was expecting this to happen but not so soon." Grandpa Li said.

" He told me that he needs funds." Grandpa Go said.

Grandpa Zhang raised his eyebrows and asked," Is he really lacking funds? I mean he ruled country M for quite sometime right? Then how is he suddenly lacking funds?"

" I think he needs funds to maintain Oska." Grandpa Go said.

Grandpa Zhang nodded his head and asked," Wasn't he looking for his daughter who had died several years ago? What happened? Did he find her?"

" He can never find her." Grandpa Li said.

Grandpa Go raised his eyebrows and asked," And how are you so sure about that? I think that he will not leave any stone unturned this time. I heard that Mr Whizley will be visiting country S soon. Mo Junjop called him and I hope you both know why."

Grandpa Zhang slapped his forehead and said," Than man's wife is still alive. Oh my God I thought she was long dead."

" What do you mean by he called Mr Whizley to country S?" Grandpa Li asked.

" Junjop called him to country S and I think he had already captured his daughter." Grandpa Go said.

Grandpa Zhang frowned. Turning towards Grandpa Li, he asked," When was the last time you contacted her?"

" Few days back." Grandpa Li said.

" Call her now and find out if she is okay or not." Grandpa Zhang said.

Grandpa Go widened his eyes and shock and asked," You both know where Junjops daughter is?"

Grandpa Zhang rolled his eyes and said," Why wouldn't Mosen know when he was the one who saved her that time?"

" B-but how? When? I mean why?" Grandpa Go asked.

" Well only Mosen can answer those questions." Grandpa Zhang said.

" How do you know about this?" Grandpa Go asked.

" Well you can say that I got involved in this much later but Mosen was there from the very beginning." Grandpa Zhang said.

Just then grandpa Li entered the room with very dark expression," She is gone. My men cannot find her."

Grandpa Zhang narrowed his eyes and asked," Do you think-"

" Jeffrey I want you to capture that Whizley fellow as soon as he steps into country S. Call me after you do that." Grandpa Li said.

Grandpa Go nodded his head.

" But why Whizley?" Grandpa Zhang asked.

Grandpa Li smirked and said," He wants funds right? Now I will make sure he gets nothing."


Li base.

Inside a dark cell, a man was sleeping on the cold floor completely naked.

Just then Songpa and Zechan entered the cell along with other men.

Songpa was wearing a perfectly ironed suit and had his hair neatly combed which was making him look extremely smart and handsome.

Walking towards his target, Songpa smirked and said," Ohh hello my love." before poking his naked big tummy.

Zechan rolled his eyes and said," Songpa will stop this and do what you are suppose to."

" Will you stop disturbing me? Now if you say another word, I'll pull out your pinky." Songpa said.

Zechan laughed and said," You are not gonna do that right?"

Picking up his favourite plier, Songpa said," Disturb me one more time and then you'll know whether I will really do it or not."

Zechan gulped in nervousness and started looking here and there in order to avoid Songpa's devilish stares. Zechan knew that Songpa wasn't joking. Peeling someone's skin, pulling out their nails, cutting their fingers and toes was something that Songpa loved to do.

Seeing that Zechan wasn't saying anything, Songpa pulled a chair and sat in front of Rumbas.

" Wake my fat toy up." Songpa shouted.

The men quickly bought two bucket of water. One cold and the other one was hot.

They first poured a bucket full of hot water on him followed by some cold water.

When the boiling hot water touched his skin, Rumbas flinched in pain and quickly got up and screamed.

Songpa helplessly shook his head and said," Tch Tch what a weak toy."

" W-who are you?" Rumbas asked in trembling voice.

Opening his tool box, Songpa said," My name is Songpa and I am here to torture you. Well since you are very fat and fluffy and I really like your kind, so I won't lie to you."

Pausing for a while, Songpa continued," This is gonna hurt very bad. You are not going to like what I will be doing after I finish talking. You are going to beg for me to stop but I won't. I will torture you until you open your mouth and tell me everything about that Junjop guy. Well I will also tell you that I'll let you go if you tell me everything but that will never happen because I'll never let you go. Even after knowing everything that I want to, I will continue to torture you till you die."

Rumbas widened his eyes and shock and said," Y-you are crazy. Let me go and I don't know anything."

Songpa helplessly shook his head and said," Seriously you had to say this just when I thought that I like you and you are different? You broke my heart fatty. Now face the consequences." before chopping his pinky off.