Lying in each other's embrace, both of them did not say anything. They were just enjoying each others warmth just like they used to do several years ago.

Running his fingers through her hair, Uncle Chen said," Yu let's get married."

Yulin chuckled and said," We already have a son who is at a marriageable age."

" So? So what? I don't mind giving him a sister or a brother." Uncle Chen said.

Hitting his chest, Yulin said," Stop it."

Uncle Chen chuckled and said," You were not saying that few minutes ago."

" Seini." Yulin shouted before burying her face on his chest.

" I want to make you my wife Yulin. I wanted to marry you back then and I still want to. Let's give Yichan the family he wants. We both owe him a lot. Let's make it up to him. Let's give him the love and affection that he always wanted. We have miserably failed as parents Yulin. We failed to give him the happiness and peace that he deserves. Let's make it up to him." Uncle Chen said.

Burying her head in his chest, Yulin nodded her head.

Lifting her head up, Uncle Chen asked," Hey are you crying?"

" Do you think he will forgive me?" Yulin asked.

Uncle Chen smiled and said," Yes he will. We just have to give him sometime."


Flexi apartment.

When Yufan and Sebastian entered Dina's apartment, Dina was sitting on the reading a book.

" Dina where is Ling?" Yufan asked.

" She went back an hour ago." Dina said.

" Did she eat anything?" Yufan asked.

Dina nodded her head and said," Yes she did."

" Okay then I'll take my leave." Yufan said before walking out of the apartment.

After Yufan left, Sebastian said," Babe we are going to States tomorrow."

Closing the book, Dina asked," Why?"

Scratching his forehead, Sebastian said," Ehh we have some unfinished business there so-"

" Hmm I'll go pack our things then." Dina said.

Sebastian smiled and nodded his head.

" Go and freshen up. Dinner is ready." Dina said before walking inside their bedroom.

Taking off his suit, Sebastian took a deep breath. Sebastian knew that Dina knows everything about them but pretends as if she knows nothing.

After staying with Dina for so many years, he could easily tell that she was trying very hard to play dumb in front of them. Not to make things awkward for both of them, Sebastian decided to play along. He wanted to tell everything to her but he was scared. What if she leaves him after knowing the truth? The thought about living a life without her made him shiver in fear. She was his life, his everything.

Walking towards the bedroom, Sebastian hugged Dina from behind and said," You know that I love you right?"

Folding one of his shirt, Dina asked," What did you do Sebastian? Did you lose your handkerchief again?"

Sebastian frowned and said," No."

" Good." Dina said.

Kissing her nape, Sebastian said," I love you."

Dina chuckled and said," I know."

Biting her earlobe, Sebastian said," You can pack later you know."

Pushing the suitcases aside, Dina turned over and said," Okay."


Yufans apartment.

When Yufan entered the apartment, Ling was busy in the kitchen.

Standing near the kitchen door, Yufan smiled and asked," What are you doing?"

" Ah you are here. Go and freshen up first. Dinner is almost done." Ling said.

Walking towards her, Yufan asked," You cooked?"

" Uh huh." Ling said.

" You should leave the cooking part to me. What if you burn your hand or something?" Yufan said.

" Mr Xie I am not a kid. I know how to take care of myself. I wanted to cook something for you so I did." Ling said.

Yufan smiled and said," Alright I'll go freshen up." before planting a kiss on her cheek.

After Yufan left, the doorbell rang. Turning the stove off, Ling started walking towards the door.

After she opened the door, Ling widened her eyes in shock when she saw who it was.

" Oh even you are here." Father Xie said.

Giving him a weak smile, Ling welcomed him inside," I was just passing by so I decided to visit Yufan."

" You were passing by wearing your pjs?" Father Xie asked.

Ling lowered her head and said," Father I-"

Father Xie chuckled and said," You don't have to feel shy darling. Anyway I have told you both that I don't mind my grandchild comes a little early."

Awkwardly clearing her throaty, Ling said," Yufan is inside the bedroom. I'll go and call him." before running towards the room.


Inside the room.

Knocking at the door, Ling said," Yufan come out fast."

" Alright give me one second I am almost done." Yufan said.

When Yufan came out of the washroom, Ling pinched him and said," Father is waiting for you outside. Why didn't you tell that he is coming?"

Yufan widened his eyes in shock and shouted," What? Father is here?"

Ling nodded her head," Yes he is. Dress up and come out fast."

Biting his nails nervously, Yufan said," Why don't you tell him that I am not at home?"

" I already told him that you are inside." Ling said.

Pulling hair out of frustration, Yufan said," Ahhh he is going to kill me."

" What are you talking about Yufan?" Ling asked.

Holding Lings shoulder, Yufan said," Can please send him away?"

Smacking his head, Ling said," How can I do something like that? Stop all this and come out fast. I'll invite father for dinner too." before walking out of the room.

Taking out a boxer from his closet, Yufan murmured," Oh Yufan you are doomed."