" Isn't he suppose to torture this man?" Sebastian asked.

Mike nodded his head and said," Yes that is what Songpa is meant for."

" Then why freshen up? I mean he is going to be all bloody after that right?" Sebastian asked.

Yutang chuckled and asked," See when you go for a date, don't you take a bath and want to fresh in front of your date?"

Sebastian nodded his head.

" For Songpa, Rombus is his date. He wants to look great while doing something he loves." Yutang said

Yufan helplessly shook his head and asked," Seriously brother-in-law Where did you find someone like him?"

Singtan smiled and said," I'll tell you his story some other day. Now I have to go and look for grandpa."

" Oh yes we are leaving for US tomorrow. So if you need our help in anything you can call me." Yufan said.

" Why are you going there?" Singtan asked.

Yufan smirked and said," We are going to there to kill a bug who is irritating us."

" Hmm meet your sister before leaving. She was telling me that you don't love her anymore in the morning." Singtan said.

" I will." Yufan said.

Before leaving Singtan told Zechan," Watch over Songpa and don't allow him to cross the boarder line."

Zechan nodded his head and said," Yes Sir."


Xie mansion.

When Yulin entered the mansion, Father Xie and uncle Chen were sitting in the living room sipping tea.

When uncle Chen saw Yulin, he quickly rushed towards her and asked," Where did you and Robbin go?"

Yulin shook her head and said," We just had something to do. Nothing so important so just forget it."

Uncle Chen nodded his head and said,"Come inside. I want you to meet Chuang."

Grabbing Yulin's hand, uncle Chen dragged her towards father Xie and said," Yulin this is Chuang my best friend." Turning towards father Xie, Uncle Chen said," And Chuang this is Yulin."

Father Xie smiled and said," I never got a chance to meet you but I have heard many things about you from Seini. He used to talk about you all day. Let me tell you one thing, he is still head over heels for you."

Smacking Father Xies head, Uncle Chen said," Stop it."

Father Xie chuckled and said," What? Are you feeling shy now?"

" Yulin don't listen to him. He speaks rubbish most of the time." Uncle Chen said.

Father Xie rolled his eyes and said," You are rubbish. Now why don't you both go to your room and take some rest. I'll ask someone to send some snacks for you both."

" Yes I think Yulin is tired after the long flight." Uncle Chen said.

Father Xie chuckled and said," Hmm I can understand your desperation but I think you should let sister-in-law rest tonight."

" Chuang run away right now or I'll kill you." Uncle Chen said.

Father Xie sighed and said," Yeah yeah now that sister-in-law is back you don't need me."

" Drama queen." Uncle Chen said before guiding Yulin towards his room.


Inside his room.

" So this the room." Uncle Chen said.

Yulin smiled and said," It's beautiful."

Scratching his forehead, uncle Chen said," Ehh I'll be using the guest room so you can make yourself comfortable here. I know you did not get anytime to pack your stuff so I asked someone to get some clothes for you. I was not sure about the size but I can see that you are still slim as you were before so I bought the same size that you used before."

Pointing towards the washroom, Uncle Chen said," That is the washroom. I have arranged everything there too. The shampoo and body wash that you like are all inside."

" You remember everything?" Yulin asked.

Uncle Chen smiled and said," I still remember each and everything about you."

Pouncing into his embrace, Yulin burst into tears and said," I am sorry. I am very sorry for hiding everything from you. I am sorry for hurting you. I am really very sorry."

Hugging her back, Uncle Chen said," Ssshh don't cry. It isn't your fault and I never blamed you. I waited for you because I knew that one day you will return by my side. I have always loved you Yulin and I still do."

" I love you too. You don't know how much I use to miss you. I wanted to hug you, kiss you and be with you and Yichan forever but I knew that was not possible. I didn't want to put your life in danger." Yulin said.

Stroking her back, uncle Chen said," I understand. Let's not think about the past anymore. We are together now and that is what matters."

Wiping her tears away, Yulin tiptoed and planted a kiss on his lips.

Wrapping his arms around her waist, Uncle Chen pulled her closer and deepened the kiss.

Kicking the door shut, Uncle Chen lifted her up and started walking towards the bed.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, Yulin chuckled and said," You shouldn't lift me up like this. What if you hurt your back? You are not the young and strong Seini that you used to be. Remember that."

Placing her on the bed, Uncle Chen towered her down and asked," Are you trying to say that I am old?"

" You have a twenty-six year old son Seini. We both are old now." Yulin said.

Uncle Chen shook his head and said," No we are not old. How can you call such a handsome man like me old? Or are you scared that I won't be able to perform like before?"

Wrapping her arms around his neck, Yulin chuckled and said," May be."

Uncle Chen smirked and said," Let's talk about this after I finish my performance." before crashing their lips together.

Twenty-six years. They waited and craved each other for twenty-six long years. And now that they were finally in each other arms, there was nothing that could stop them for living together happily. Troubles were bound to come but this time they would fight back together.

The night was long. As their bodies intertwined together, they promised each other to stay in each other's arms till their last breath. They promised each other to make it up for the last twenty-six years that they had missed. Though they could never bring their youth back or change everything that had happened in the past but they still had a long way to go. They decided not to dwell in the past but to work hard and have a very blissful and happy future together.