Yushen thought for a while and asked, "Does it?"

When Jennifer nodded her head, Yushen chuckled. "My name isn't tough to pronounce. Come on, give it a shot."


"It won't sound awkward if you don't feel awkward. Or do you think that I am scary?" Yushen asked.

Jennifer vigorously shook her head and explained, "No, you aren't scary. Your brother is more scary than-ahh" covering the mouth, Jennifer again vigorously shook her head, "No No, I mean-"

Yushen chuckled and said, "It alright, I know big brother is scary. But he is also not actually scary. Okay maybe a little but I am the sweetest."

When Jennifer chuckled and helplessly shook her head, Yushen asked, "What? Why are you laughing?"

"Look at your praising yourself. I never thought my boss was so full of himself." Before meeting Yushen, Jennifer strongly believed the rumours about the cold and strict Li brothers but after meeting Yushen personally, Jennifer's perspective of him took a 180 degree turn. She didn't understand why he was behaving so differently with her but it still felt nice.

"Well since you did not bother to praise me, so I thought maybe I should praise myself."

Placing her hand on her chest, Jennifer faked a gasp, "Ahhh you are looking so handsome today."

Helplessly shaking his head, Yushen sighed, "You know, a small kid can fake praise better than that."

Passing him the paper bag, Jennifer said, "It's your shirt. Neatly dry cleaned and all ready to wear."

"Thank you very much." Tapping his fingers in the bag, Yushen asked, "Do you need to go somewhere after this?"

"I'll go home."

"Great, let's go for a movie." Yushen excitedly exclaimed.

Jennifer widened her eyes in shock and asked, "What? movie? Just the two of us?"

When Yushen nodded his head, Jennifer hesitated for a while. "I don't think that is a really nice idea I mean-what if someone sees us?"

"So? So what if they see us? Now don't tell me you are ashamed of my fantastic appearance and handsome face."

"No I am not but-"

Cutting her off, Yushen excitedly rubbed his hands together. "Perfect then let's go."


Urecon corporation.

"Ms Yang, this way." An employee guided Linyang towards the meeting room.

Grabbing all her things, Linyang slowly followed the employee.

"Please settle down, the boss will be here shortly."

Linyang smiled and nodded her head before settling down her things. She was there to present her idea on how she had planned to renovate the new headquarters of Urecon Corporation.

Just then a man entered the room and casually made his way towards the desk.

Glancing at him once, Linyang kept on doing her work.

Sitting down, the man raised his eyebrows when Linyang completely ignored his presence.

Running his fingers through his hair, the man chuckled. Linyang was indeed the first woman who had ignored his handsome face and appearance. Usually it would be him who would ignore women.

Just then another man entered the room and approached Linyang.

"Ms Yang, I am sorry for the delay."

Linyang got up and gave him a polite smile, "It's alright Mr Clarke, I did not wait for long."

"Please call me Jason."

Linyang smiled and nodded her head. "So shall we start?"

"Ya sure, please let me help you carry them." Grabbing a few random things, Jason made his way towards the desk.

Placing the things down, Jason sat down on his seat and waited for Linyang to settle down.

"So are you ready?" Jason asked.

Linyang nodded her head and started explaining her entire plan. From how the pantry would be renovated to the CEO's office, everything was perfectly planned and thought of.

"So these are the things that my team has come up with but if you want any changes then we can work on that. You just have to give me the details of your requirements and I'll get back to you with a new design in a few days." Linyang explained.

When the man sitting beside Jason nodded his head, Jason smiled and said, "This actually sounds perfect Ms Yang and you have been in this business for quite sometime now so you obviously know better than us."

Pausing for a while, Jason added, "But can you handle everything on your own? I mean you know how huge Urecon Corporation is right? Do you want us to hire some other company too and then-"

Cutting him off, Linyang asked, "Does Mr Clarke know what my first project was?" Without waiting for his reply, she added, "My first project after I started my company was to renovate the entire Yang Corporation followed by the Li Corporation. And if I am not wrong, the Li and Yang corporation is much bigger and huge than Urecon Corporation. But if Mr Clarke thinks that I don't have the capability to renovate his huge company, you can go look for someone else."

"Oh no, please don't get me wrong. Anyway just forget what I said and let's seal the deal."

"I'll send the contract through my assistant by today. Please go through them and sign it. We will start the work as soon as possible." Getting up, Linyang started gathering her things.

"It will be a pleasure working with you Ms Yang." Jasson said.

"It's a pleasure working with you too."

After Linyang left, Jason sat down and helplessly shook his head, "She has a sharp tongue."

Looking at the door, the man smiled and murmured, "Feisty."


Chen Enterprise.

"Did brother Huang ask them to call me back?" Huiling asked.

The assistant vigorously shook his head and denied. "No no Ms Lui, it wasn't the boss. Boss has nothing to do with this."

When Huiling raised her eyebrows, the assistant gulped in nervousness. For some odd reason, Huilings gaze was making him break into a cold sweat.

"I want to see brother Huang." Huiling demanded.

"Boss is in a meeting right now but Ms Lui can wait in his office." After witnessing how important Huiling is for Huang, the assistant didn't dare to treat her unfairly. He loved his job and more importantly, he loved his life.