" How did you meet grandpa Li?" Mike asked.

" I knew uncle Mosen since a really long time. You all know that father used to work under uncle Mosen before right?" Yulin asked.

Singtan nodded his head," Yes grandpa told me this."

Yulin took a deep breath and said," When I ran away from home, I met uncle Mosen at country M's airport. I quickly recognised him and when I told him who I am and what my situation was, he quickly offered me a helping hand and bought me to country S along with him."

" Then what happened after that?" Yutang asked.

" Everything was good until Yichan started going to kindergarten. I had to go out regularly to pick him up from school because when the chauffeur or Uncle Mosens men would go to pick him up, he would throw tantrums and cry all night saying that he doesn't have a father while everyone at the kindergarten had one and even I don't love him. No matter how well I disguised myself, one of my father's subordinate saw me with Yichan. Next day uncle Mosen visited us early in the morning and told me about my father's arrival in country S. He told me not to worry about anything because he is going to support Yichan and me no matter what but to avoid any kind of fatal risk I have to return back to country M along with dad. I was scared at first but when uncle Mosen told me that he will take care of everything and will rescue us when the right time comes, I decided to trust him." Yulin said.

" Why did you fake your death?" Robbin who was silent for quite sometime asked.

" After returning back to country M I came to know that Mr Whizley got another heart donor for his wife. As uncle Mosen had said, father did not harm me or Yichan. In fact he started taking extra care of Yichan. But when Yichan turned nine, everything changed. Mr Whizley's wife's body stopped accepting the new heart properly and she again started facing cardiac problem. Taking advantage of the situation, father contacted Mr Whizley and tried to sell out my heart again." Yulin said.

" What happened after that?" Yufan asked.

After drinking some water, Yulin continued," I wanted to run away again but when I remembered what uncle Mosen had said, I decided not to act recklessly. The next day, early in the morning I received a call from uncle Mosen. He told me about his plan to which I readily agreed."

" You mean-" Singtan said.

Yulin nodded her head and said," Yes it was uncle Mosens idea to fake my death. He actually wanted to fake my death and then abduct Yichan and send us somewhere where father could never find us but the arrival of Seini in country M spoiled our plan. When father came to know about Seinis arrival, he told me that if I don't agree to donate my heart, he would kill him. When I told uncle Mosen about this he told me not to panic and ask father to let me meet Seini once along with Yichan before I die."

" So Elder Li told you to leave me alone with that monster?" Robbin asked.

" Uncle Mosen wanted you to stay with Seini that is the reason why I had pushed you towards you before Uncle Mosens men pretended to shoot me. After that I was taken straight to Canada. Uncle Mosen gave me a Canadian green card, driving license and a credit card. Few days later when I heard that you did not return back to country S with Seini, I panicked and wanted to return back but Uncle Mosen asked me not to worry because father would never harm you. He promised to keep me updated about each and every news about you and Seini which he did. From the day I left country M to the day you and Seini arrived at my alrtment, I knew everything about you." Yulin said.

Singtan raised his eyebrows and asked,"Didn't you ask grandpa why he was doing so much for you? I mean Mo Junjop and grandpa are enemies right? Then why would he help you?"

Yulin smiled and said," Your family is like that they never let an innocent soul to suffer. Uncle Mosen knew that I was innocent and my baby was innocent too. So he helped us without wanting anything in return."

Yes that was how the Li family was. Though they were a major part of the ruthless world too but they never harmed the innocent or supported any kind of grave illegal work.

" That makes sense." Mike said.

Singtan nodded his head and said," Hmm it does. Do you know why Mo Junjop wants you again?"

Yulin shook her head and said," I don't know."

" What else do you know about Mo Junjop?" Yutang asked.

" I think this piece of information is enough for today. Ms Yulin looks tired. I'll ask someone to take you back. Since Mo Junjop is still after you, you've to very careful. Don't act recklessly and do not go anywhere without some guards." Singtan said.

" I'll take care of everything." Robbin said.

Singtan nodded his head and said," Good. Now why don't you escort your mother outside and then come back so that we can discuss few other things."

Getting up from the seat, Robbin said," Let's go."

Before leaving, Yulin said," Singtan can you tell uncle Mosen that I am back? I couldn't inform him as we had rush back."

Singtan smiled and said," Of course I will."