Yulin smiled and said," It's a pleasure to meet you too Singtan. You were very small when I last saw you and now just look at you. You've become so big and handsome."

Singtan smiled and asked," You saw me when I was small?"

Yulin nodded her head and said," Yes I saw you when you were small. Not only you I have also seen the other two handsome men sitting behind you."

" Yutang and Mike?" Singtan asked.

Yulin smiled and said," Yes."

Mike raised his eyebrows and said," So Robbin did study kindergarten with us."

" Yes he did." Yulin said.

Robbin grinned and said," I told you guys that we are kindergarten buddies."

" But didn't you leave country S before Robbin was born?" Singtan asked.

Yulin took a deep breath and said," Why don't we sit and talk."

After taking their seats, Yulin said," You all know who my father is right? He is the most ruthless and cruel person I have ever met. He only cares about profits. When I left country M, father did not stop me. Though I found it strange but I thought maybe he doesn't care about me because I don't bring him profits. After coming to country S, I met Seini. At first I felt reluctant to be with him because he was from a very clean background. I did not want him to suffer after being a part of my chaotic life. But even after multiple rejections when Seini did not give up on me, I decided to give it a shot."

Pausing for a while, Yulin continued," Everything was good. We were leading a very peaceful life but everything changed that day. That day I visited the hospital and the doctor told me that I was 8 weeks pregnant. I was so happy that I quickly rushed home to tell Seini about it but when I returned home, Father was waiting for me outside. He was there to take me back to country M. Initially I refused to go with him but later when he threatened me that he would kill Seini and my baby, I had no other choice but to follow him. Before leaving I left a note for Seini. I wanted to see him but father did not allow me to that."

" But why? Why did he force you to return back to country M with him?" Singtan asked.

Wiping her tears away, Yulin said," He wanted my heart."

" What?" Everyone shouted.

Yufan widened his eyes in shock and asked," He wanted you heart?"

Yulin nodded her head and said," Yes."

" For whom?" Yutang asked.

" There is man from the west. He is very rich and powerful too. His name is Mr Whizley. His wife is suffering from a very rare heart disease which has no cure. The doctor had said that without any transplant, she can only live for five years. His wife and I happened to share the same blood group. Mr Whizley told my father that if my heart would perfectly match with his wife, he would give him billions if I donate my heart to his wife."

" How can a father do that? How can he give away his daughters life for money?" Mike shouted in frustration.

" What happened after that?" Yufan asked

After taking a deep breath, Yulin continued," After returning to country M, father took me straight to the hospital. After running few tests, the doctor said that it was a perfect match. I remember the bright smile that was plastered on father's face after hearing that. When I asked him what the doctor was talking about, he told me that it was nothing. He then took me back to our mansion and started treating me quite well. I thought may be is excited to see his grandchild. I was elated to see such a drastic change in his character. I thought that maybe he was changing for good but one day when Mr Whizley visited our mansion , I accidentally overheard them. All my delusions about him turning into a better human being and father shattered into millions of pieces. I did not understand how I should react after hearing such a big thing. I did not want my baby to die because the baby was the only thing that I had which belonged to Seini. Scared for my babies life, I ran away from home."

" Did he not find you?" Sebastian asked.

" He kept on looking for me like a mad man for days. He did not leave any stone unturned. From country M to aboard, he had his men everyone to capture me." Yulin said.

" Then How did he not find you? Where did you hide?" Singtan asked.

Yulin smiled and said," I was saved by a very kind man. That man did everything he could to keep me away from my fathers reach. He kept me safe until I successfully gave birth to Yichan. He provided me with everything that I wanted. In fact he was the one who gave Yichan his name. He used to visit us almost every alternate day. He also gave me a new identity so that after would never be able to find me."

" Who was that man?" Singtan said.

Yulin smiled and said," It was uncle Mosen, your grandfather."

Everyone widened their eyes in shock.

" Okay now this is too much for me to handle." Yutnag said before getting up.

Mike laughed and said," Grandpa Li is really unpredictable."

" I know right he did not mention this to us even once." Yufan said.

Singtan helplessly shook his head and said," I knew he was hiding something but who knew it would be something so big."